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Селекция Дьяволов в PES 2020 Mobile | Легальные ИМБЫ

Селекция Дьяволов в PES 2020 Mobile | Легальные ИМБЫ

hi hi hi pesers with you
walrus continues to do holidays I do not want anything and nothing to my mom
does why should i thank god but monday at least something in our game
I wanted to be delivered, of course, start with 4 rounds awards were hopes that they will
more serious entry rewards this time but unfortunately we are not fed again
very valuable things extension of the contract 10 pieces and scout
Bavaria well pretty good pyaterochka can someone craft 310 special
training amplifier position 50 thousand hp Well, you know, sort of like a reward, but
there is no special joy from the gift this is how to get a pancake in 12 years from
parents new year jeans well, or something like that, that is, she
sort of like it’s necessary but kind of like something like on another for example playstation
and of course, 2 breeding which have long been we were promised us today manchester
United and Arsenal have someone to catch and there and there as usual I do a freeze frame let’s
let’s look at the maximum rating well and I will say a few words about all brands
ikea 94 Rashford 95 Linda lay down 94
Fred 92 Mag Tamino and 93 you without a to 94 bright 90 and james 90 what
generally wants to say on this selection is probably worth paying attention to
on fast players of course Rashford of course without Tamino batteries and can
turn out to be nice but how and what are we not will give konami of course it’s random
it doesn’t influence and I cannot therefore hope only for luck though
Of course you understand me luck hope difficult supplies I leaked four
and a half thousand gold and never caught french backenbauer after that
there is still a hundred drip I, too, if luck turned away from me in my opinion
Rashford is really very good looking on obama yango they have the same height
skills are similar the speed of that one simply
class at the expendable gum will be a little less skill attack on stone 193
centimeter for the center of the field this the main thing is what I see in it
well, lambie sako already recognized without tiara in our game is just gorgeous stats
in defense for the right defender plus good growth + good speed plus
good body overall guy really worth the attention well of course
appeared with us more powerful which I still did not try
but I think today I’ll try to write it down and I’ll post my opinion about him tomorrow
I fall in the first leave quite a good goalkeeper but I have it
I have it I have assilex he too download to 94
therefore therefore unfortunately this tannins and my luck continues me
throw through japanese place okay i hope all the same i
still at rushford you scribbler I have so I would probably like Rashford to them
Acts on me, but what will wait let’s look like a field player the second number
and who we have 2 and this is linda lion rather Total
somehow I suspect a Swede from Manchester United
I used to be a Swede and with Manchester United sounded cooler
By the way, we are waiting for this, the Swedes Manchester of course in Milan but
let’s see we’ll look like in the near future time already promise
database update and actually Ibrahimov should appear in our game
3 bye so a field player is not a double dark 18
number who is 18 york probably given ashley young drops me with third pack 90
he only has a rating of maximum pumping but what to do
if york is not that much and i’m not him already long straight not yang at all 34 years
naturally move into my teams of course now I’ll throw these guys
immediately for a full pumping of trainers enough and let’s look at their feet
already at the maximum but here the guys are already fully pumped rating those
which I called well while I scroll I want to say stats, of course, we are waiting
now dropbox ending on thursday about Finally, the one that was with the legends
pray for the next dropbox legends to us at least in the same
option issued perhaps on Thursday I I guess the team may appear
here is an option in our vote if you remember we voted in each league for
players see because teams weeks now there is no urine eat it all or
their leagues so teams wait a week it is pointless well, and a match with squabbles so far
what is put off by Andrew still I don’t unsubscribed well it can be understood he is a star
he is a busy man now he lupanul hypa and you need to use it while he
it’s clear that mother is not with me right now in priority at least asked him not
emphasizing well and tomorrow begins england champions with prize pool in
12,000 rubles for which I am already starting to play I haven’t decided the first matches yet
purple composition or normal to this league champions
but I hope the matches will be interesting I’ll probably say goodbye to this
now you are the floor fell exactly those players which you wanted with you was a little bit more
later today will be an arsenal tomorrow let’s talk about matchday
well, quietly getting ready for the league champions
see you guys bye bye

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  1. Посмотреть фул статы всех можно тут

  2. Блин,мне выпал Де Хеа,Йонг и Золотой Чел…
    Но хоть в Арсенале мне Ауба упал,уже радостно.

  3. Мне выпал ван бистякя. Открывал чисто ради него паки МЮ

  4. Морж можно попросить тебя записывать ещё гемплей игры, очень хотелось бы на это посмотреть, спасибо)))

  5. Извините, конечно, игроки в Пес Мобаил, Как вы в это Играете? Это же не футбол…
    Такое чувство что я управляю деревянными игроками, из-за тупого медленного геймплея, в этой игре просто огромное количество минусов. Ладно бы они были незначительные, так они портят игру, Салаха спокойно догоняет Пике, пасы противник постоянно читает из-за тупо одного удерживания кнопки вверх для прессинга, и так можно минут 10 рассказывать.
    В общем, судить конечно не мне, но не стоит тратить на неё время.Советую тебе, Морж, лучше пойти в старшую Песку, она хороша, а эту помойку забрось. Всего хорошего.

  6. Покажи состав, которым ты будешь выступать на ЛЧ.
    Может в инсту ее кинешь?

  7. Привет Морж как дела наверное в лиги чемпионов ты будешь всех разгромит.

  8. Привет морж мне был нужен только Ван бисака и он мне с первого пака выпал дальше даже не крутил очень рад

  9. Привет! У меня на ПРЗ стоит Занетти. Кто лучше Занетти или Ван Бисака? Удачи в ЛЧ!

  10. У меня ван бистяка.пока что это надеюсь на рэшфорда и линделёфа

  11. Морж, в PES 19 были паки с командой года? И будут такие паки в этом году?

  12. Морж мне выпали те же самый игроки кроме одного мне выпал Шотландец а не Швед. Спасибо за видео

  13. Я очень рад мне выпал Рэшфорд ! 🎇 И знаете я говорил 3 раза Рэшфорд и он выпал незнаю работает ли это или нет?👏

  14. Свои минусы в PES. В отличие от ФИФА. Я обновился в этом сезоне на ноль, спустя несколько игр, условно несколько недель. Я собрал топ состав). Теперь создаю команды…

  15. Удачи в ЛЧ !).Выпал Джеймс , Линделёф , Де Хеа . Всёже моя попитка поймать Бисаку откладиваеться

  16. Мені випав Mc tominay і Джеймс лпз арсенал я не крутив збираю золото

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