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🃏 Kards: The WW2 Card Game – Review / Test & Gameplay

Have you ever watched Harry Potter playing magical chess and thought “Damn, this would be a great World War 2 card game”? Yes? Awesome! Then you might work at 1939 Games now, because these are the guys that brought “Kards” to life. “Kards” is a virtual collectible card game, set in World War 2 and it’s free to play. It comes with really nice graphics and animations, beautiful hand-drawn card pictures and great music. It’s a simple card game, where you have to defend your headquarter by playing cards, like infantry, tanks, planes or special abilities at the right time and push the frontline into the direction of your opponent to destroy its base. The game can be played in single-player, against AI enemies or against other players, in ranked multiplayer matches. It starts with a simple tutorial, that explains the basics. Then you can claim your first deck. You can choose between five factions of World War 2: Germany, Britain, Soviet, USA and Japan. Each deck comes with the cards they all have in common, like infantry battalions, tanks and planes, but also with special cards, that are different for each faction. It doesn’t really matter, with which deck you start, as you will unlock all of them during the short single-player intro. If you chose the German deck for example, you have to play a match against a British AI opponent, to unlock the British deck and so on. The first matches are always against AI players and no real opponents. They are not very hard and you will most likely win, but they help you to get used to the different decks and the mechanics of the game. After completing the intro, the full game is open to you and you can get into battle against real players. The matchmaking is rank-based, so you will never play against a high-level player as a beginner and the other way around. Another part of the game is the card collection. After each match you receive gold as a currency, with which you can buy card packs. These packs contain more cards for all five factions in different rarities. With these additional cards you can freely arrange your card decks, depending on your play style. If you want to go with more planes, go with more planes. If you want more special cards, go with them. If you don’t need some of the cards at all, just kick them out of your deck. The only problem I see, is the pay to win potential that comes with the card packs, as they work like the former loot boxes in Battlefront 2. But “Kards” is free to play, so it has to be financed by something and I have to admit, that I haven’t had any problems without additional cards yet. I played the game for quite a bit already and I really enjoyed it. I like the hand-drawn cards, the animations for shooting, bombing and explosions, the music and mechanics of the game, and I haven’t had any problems with toxic players so far. So if you like World War 2 games and need something relaxing here and there, you should definitely try “Kards”. And that’s all for today. I hope you liked the video and if you did, don’t forget to give it a thumb up and subscribe to the channel. Until then. Thanks for watching everyone! I am TheCadWoman and I see you in the next video.

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