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10 classic and toy store games that dont suck

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Kia Ora Kotou and welcome to ten
classic board games that don’t suck now
the idea behind this video isn’t that
these are the only classic board games
that don’t suck it’s more about how
there are plenty of classic board games
that are still fun to play one thing I
see an awful lot of people doing this
hobby is is punch down on toy store
games to rip on people because they like
monopoly or Scrabble or whatever the
gamers is an arrogance a level of
dismissiveness involved in this process
treating people who haven’t converted to
the wonders of Hobby board gaming as
though there’s some kind of inferior or
muggles if you would but I don’t want to
get too negative on this I’m not here to
bury people because they’re critical of
classic games so instead I’m here to
shine a light on some classic games I
think a worthy of a second look so if
someone says I really like board games
one of these is my favorite you know you
can always consider playing it with them
and then maybe sharing a game you like
with them will kick off with some
honorable mentions that don’t quite make
the top 10 the first honorable mention
is the most obvious game and that’s
monopoly and monopoly isn’t that bad if
you’re playing with the auction rules
and you’re not putting money in free
parking still not great but it’s nowhere
near as bad as many people make it out
to be the next one is backgammon and the
reason it’s not on my top 10 is I’ve
never actually played backgammon but
Steph my partner absolutely adores
backgammon and has been suggesting we
buy a very expensive set for sometime
now so this one gets an honorable
mention because of her and then finally
and this is stretching the definition of
what a board game is because it does
have a board its darts it darts is a
dexterity game but at most including
darts here because if you’ve seen the
television coverage of it it is an
amazing example of how you can take a
basic game and turn it into a television
alright so let’s head into the list the
first game I’m going to mention is
bridge now I’ve only played bridge a few
times and it was very much in a teaching
situation so a lot of the complex
interactions of contract bridge are
completely and utterly lost on me but
the main reason I’m bringing it up is
not so much about the game being
fantastic although from my limited
players I can see there’s some excellent
skill and expertise required to play
this game well it’s about bridges
infrastructure now here’s a curious
thing bridge as a game is kind of dying
out most
it’s fanbase are quite old and not a lot
of new players are coming into the hobby
but what bridge has is unparalleled
infrastructure in my city alone there
are seven trust protected bridge clubs
and I know this is true across an awful
lot of the first world as well there’s
this massive protected infrastructure
here to support the play of one board
game but what of that infrastructure
didn’t exist just for that one game what
have all these bridge halls at some
point became board gaming halls so the
main reason I’m bringing bridge Up is
to kind of suggest to people that maybe
you should join your local bridge club
maybe you should get on the committee
maybe if you worried about places to
organize events and stuff there’s a
great place to start and maybe over time
they might not just be bridge clubs
hashtag occupy bridge number nine on my
list is a game that simply makes more
money than any other game and people
were talking about Magic the Gathering
sale Magic the Gathering suspect money
make it yeah magic makes nothing
compared to what poker does poker in
many ways is the default board game
evening activity for an awful lot of
people around the world as many of us
are sitting down to play Catan or
terraforming Mars there’ll be another
table playing poker somewhere else
and while the downsides of poker are the
horrific gambling associated with it
which ruins lives and generally causes a
lot of social problems poker night with
your friends can be an awful lot of fun
it’s just a game it’s not great for
people with addictive personalities but
what it has going for it
is it only takes this deck of cards you
don’t have to play with money you can
play with chores or buttons or skittles
and M&Ms Next games night consider
playing a poker night with a rule that
the winner has to spin their winnings on
a board game of their choice but they
have to bring to the next gathering
number eight is a game that gets
overlooked quite a bit when people are
talking about classic games and it’s one
that people disappear but as well but
it’s been a disturbingly influential
game and that’s yatzee yatzee taking
five dice rolling them making sense
really simple idea a lot of people enjoy
and play this game but there are an
awful lot of hobby games highly
influenced by it
straight up about elder sign and the
Doctor Who time of the Daleks game
heavily borrow from Yahtzee for their
core gameplay I mean it’s not an
accurate to call Elder Sign Cthulhu
Yahtzee and yet if someone says
yahtzee’s their favorite game taking
gamer elder sign or Doctor Who time with
the Daleks or any of those dice
manipulation games like
raka will roll for the galaxy those
could be good games for someone who
likes the arts even considered trying
you could consider showing them one of
those games and seeing if they like it
as well or you could just play Yahtzee
it’s perfectly fine notice if it was
while I contemplated not putting on the
list because I don’t know whether it
counts as a classic game even though it
came out the 60s and I saw it in toy
shops growing up and I know an awful lot
of people who wouldn’t consider
themselves board gamers played it and
that’s diplomacy now the problem with
diplomacy is that it’s evil it’s an evil
evil game it destroys relationships like
very few other games and fact that a
boss at work years ago who after
fighting out I like the board games said
to me j. I want you to organize the
diplomacy game for the rest of the
leadership team we’ll all play in and
you can be the judge and personal
updates the board what do you think of
that and my response was chief you do
want your team to like each other at the
end of this don’t you upon realizing
that introducing diplomacy into his
leadership team would probably destroy
his team rather than build it he decided
to back down on that idea but diplomacy
is a unique experience and its
influences can be found in games like a
game of Thrones the great thing about
diplomacy is its core idea is so refined
and so simple within the game that you
can’t distill the concept really any
further so all its imitators and games
that have been influenced later have
simply been diplomacy and this
mechanic’s diplomacy with this extra
added thing and that’s a sign of a
really well-designed game speaking of
games that destroy relationships
here’s risk now risk is one of those
games gets maligned an awful lot by
people and with good reason
yeah the person to fortify as
Australia normally wins yes the game
can drag on for an insane amount of time
that people have stockpiled enough
resources but it did create a genre
almost by itself and that’s the dudes on
a map genre successive games have taken
risk added bells and whistles to it but
risk has been just hugely influential
throughout all board gaming from games
like access and allies through to modern
takes like blood rage or Lords of Hellas
all of them grandfather back to risk and
of course I’ve mentioned spheres of
influence which i think is just better
risk in another video but you know what
if someone said I want to play risk
that’s the one game I know how
to play I’d be okay with that the next
game is the first game I ever read a
book about it’s also the only game I’ve
been in a musical about those two things
alone should tell you exactly what I’m
talking about and that’s chess I don’t
feel the need to say too much about
chess it’s ubiquitous it’s a global
phenomenon it’s been played for a
thousand years or more and there are
clubs all over the place there was a
Chess Club at our school I imagine
there’s a Chess Club and an awful lot of
schools now I’m not the greatest chess
player I’m okay I do have a friend who
was one of those people who used to play
16 people at the same time in a park and
I never stood a chance against that guy
and it was playing out some that made me
go I don’t think I’ve got the commitment
to this game to get good enough to
really really want to play it a lot and
I’ll tell you about its popularity as
there are numerous chess channels on
YouTube with over 500 thousand
subscribers and worldwide there are
millions and millions of players and for
good reason it’s almost the definition
of easy to learn and a lifetime to
master it is a lifestyle game and you
can play for 20 years every day and
still not master the game and that’s
amazing in a way next up is one of my
favorite games when I was about five six
or seven
and that’s Stratego Stratego came out in
the 1940s and if you’re not familiar
with it it’s a two-player game with
hidden information a little bit like
chess if you’re not too sure where your
opponent’s pieces work
Stratego is a capture the flag game so
it is kind of like chess we’re trying to
take the king but as pieces are only
revealed when they’re used for the first
time and then they go back to being
hidden there’s an element of
misdirection and memorization involved
in the game as well so she goes not as
deep as chess but it’s just as easy to
teach and I think a bit more fun as well
and another game that’s influenced a
fair few games down the years
for example Lord of the Rings –
confrontation and a lot of hidden
information war games like Europe aflame
and Europe and golfed unlike some others
on this list
Stratego is what I actually want to play
again like right now if someone had a
copy of it I’d love to give it a go
again I don’t think I’ve played it in 25
30 years number three is the king of
word games and that’s Scrabble Scrabble
has an amazing following around
the world it’s another lifestyle game
that people really seriously get into
there’s a New Zealand guy who won the
French Scrabble championship despite not
speaking French he just memorized their
dictionary and somehow still managed to
win that is an amazing intellectual feat
a terrifying intellectual feat but got
an example of the depth of mastery that
can happen in the world of Scrabble
Scrabble is one of those games I
legitimately think is better than not
just most classic board games but most
hobby board games as long as you’re
agreeing on the same set of words it’s
deep it’s intellectually challenging
it’s simple to learn but really hard to
master I legitimately enjoy Scrabble and
if people are doing that at a games day
I’ll be more than happy to play again
number two is the toy store game I think
is the most amazing toy store game that
has ever been published the term toy
store games thrown around a bit make
light of some games like Candyland or
the game of life games are the high luck
and in some cases nothing but luck this
toy store game came out in the 80s and
it still holds up well today against a
large number of Hobby games if that game
is Scotland Yard to my knowledge
Scotland Yard is the genre defining game
for hidden movement in this game one
person is mr. X a fugitive on the run
and the other players are various police
trying to capture them and mr. X has
hidden movement and can move all around
the board later games like fury of
Dracula last Friday and led us from
Whitechapel have evolved this idea and
used this idea but they all use the same
core concepts when I played this as a
kid it was head and shoulders above the
other toy store games it was a real
Mindbender and after over 35 years in
publication there are hidden movement
games I think do it better and then I
prefer more but it’s not by much all of
the core ideas are in this game and
that’s why I think Scotland Yard is the
best toy store game that has ever been
published and one that’s got a profound
legacy and hobby board gaming and
finally a game I have only played a few
times and that’s just enough to make me
know how utterly ignorant I am of this
game and that is go the things I said
about chess and
about big easy to learn yet taking a
lifetime to master their absolutely true
of go as well if not more so and even
commenting on the game I feel like a
tourist describing a country based on
what they’ve seen at the airport goes
also the oldest game on this list I
believe and probably has the biggest
player base out of any board game and
although its home is very much in China
it has become a global phenomenon and
for all the other games in the list if I
was offered a chance to play them I
would and I’d be happy to but if someone
offered to play go with me
I’d really respect that because I know
it’s a game there’s a hell of a lot more
I can learn about and if anyone came to
me and said let’s play go I wouldn’t
dismiss them as a casual game Oh a
tourist or someone who hasn’t been
enlightened to Hobby gaming I’d probably
just look at it as an opportunity to
learn something more so that’s my list
and I just finish off by reiterating
what I said at the start if someone’s
favorite game is monopoly don’t rip on
them don’t try to flex about your
superior knowledge of board games you
just end up sounding like a dick and if
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