(swooshing and metal scrape) – Now we are coming to the end of 2018 it’s probably a good time to
start thinking about 2019. And there’s no better
way to start the new year than having some goals or challenges. So in this video I’m
gonna walk you through 10 cycling challenges, some you may have achieved and some maybe way out your comfort zone. But hopefully there’ll be a few in there that’ll give you a good
idea for your next goal in 2019. (upbeat music) Completing your first 100
miles is no mean feat. And it is a great goal if you’re getting in cycling and you wanted to take
it that bit further. And as you saw it may
seem incredibly daunting, but with some consistent training and well, some pit stops, you’ll be amazed at what you can achieve. So when you do your first century, pit stops are highly recommended. Especially as there’s no rules
to the amount of pit stops you can have. (upbeat music) Point to point are not only fun but they also give you the ability to travel further afield than well, your local loop around your local area. I mean, actually one of
Ollie’s favorite tactics, is to wake up in the morning, see which way the wind is going and well, go the opposite direction. And then get the train back. But it is actually a great
challenge to start in the city and then end up in another city. So for example, have a coffee in one town and a beer in the next. (slurping) Something great to tell
your cycling friends and also a really good
sense of achievement. (upbeat music) So you’ve ridden from city to city. But why not push the boat
out a little bit more? And travel across an entire
country or state by bike? Perhaps choose well, a small country or
state for your first one or plan a multi day route
across a country or state that you’ve never
imagined you’d go across. There’s no better way to
see a country or state than by bike. Actually, Sy did do a route across Whales in one day, so could this be
the perfect challenge for you? (upbeat music) So you’ve ridden a few sportives and you enjoy riding with
a club on the weekends. And you’ve even watched the pros race up these iconic mountains. Mountains that have shaped
the sport of cycling. And well, you’ve never made the commitment to do it yourself. Well this is your year. Why not sign up for an events
like Le Mont Mot, L’Etape or even The Maratona. These events will take
you over these picturesque and the most beautiful roads in the world. It will be a fantastic
personal achievement and also when you’re watching
the pros ride the grand tours, well you’ll know exactly
what it feels like. (upbeat music) The Taiwan KOM Challenge. One that we here at GCN love, but also a challenge not
for the faint hearted. At 100 kilometers long
and with an elevation gain of 3,275 meters up a mountain,
called the Hilayan Pass, this takes climbing to whole new level. I mean, literally. And it’s definitely a
challenge for the climbers. So is this a challenge
that fits you for 2019? (upbeat music) while we are on the subject of climbing, we have got to include an Everesting. I mean Everest is a mountain that stands a staggering 8,814 meters high
and is the tallest mountain in the world. And an Everesting is about doing the
equivalent elevation gain on a mountain or hill of your choice. I mean going up the mountain
or hill and back down as many times as it takes to, well, get to the amount of
elevation gain as it would if you climbed Everest. I mean it sounds horrific
and incredibly painful, but how much sweeter
would the achievement be when you achieve it. And I guess if we think about it if Ollie can do it, we all can. (upbeat music) doing a multi stage event
could be the cherry on the top for you if you’ve been
riding for a few years. I mean it’s one thing
doing one day events, but it’s a whole different ball game when you chuck in three,
five, or even seven days of riding back to back. I mean if you’re looking
for a really tough multi stage event, then well
the Haute Route is one for you. And as it happens, actually, we’re doing the Haute Route
Oman in March next year. And if you want to push
the boat out even more, then why not choose a
multi stage event off road like the Cape Epic for example. An event I would actually love to do, I mean it sounds tough,
gruesome, terrible, painful, sounds perfect I guess. (upbeat music) Now we’re on the subject
of back to back riding, what about bike packing? I mean, exploring the outdoors, sleeping under the stars and forgetting about
the heart race straps, power meters and other metrics. I mean, really rekindle
that feeling of freedom when you first learned to ride a bike. I mean, everyone should do it and everyone should experience it and trust me, you will not regret it. (upbeat bluegrass music) This is an epic race spanning the entire breadth of America with seven days nonstop riding. This will test both your physical
and your mental strength. And this is an event
definitely on my bucket list. I mean for me it’s an amateur’s version of the Tour de France or
arguably even harder. That one is fully supported,
but why not a bike packing one. For example the Transcontinental. Or even Brittany to Bulgaria in 2019. I mean that would be an epic adventure and a challenge of a lifetime. (mysterious music) Yes, before you say it, it’s a triathlon, but it’s one of the ultimate
endurance challenges. And I’ve been told you can wear socks for two of the disciplines within it. It’s three marathons in
three different sports consecutively with no rest. Starting off with a 2.4
mile swim, and then 112 mile solo time and to finish
off a 26 mil marathon. This is an event that has
aways been on my bucket list and one that’ll push the limits
no matter how fit you are (exhales). It’s a tough one. There you have it, cycling challenges. So I hope that gives you a good idea of a challenge to tackle in the new year. And if there is one there that you like, then do let us know what one you choose in the comments section below. And if you’d like to see a video of Emma tackling her challenge, then check out her video
on Cyclocross just there and as ever if you did like this video, then give it a big thumbs up.

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