– And suddenly a wild baldo appears.
So growing up I was
pretty big into Nintendo
but then again who wasn’t.
I mean Mario and Zelda.
And as time went on,
games became more sophisticated
but so did the players and because of that
some people began to wonder whether or not
the games that we once
thought were straightforward
might actually have a
hidden meaning behind them.
So if you’ve never considered this before,
keep watching because
I’m about to give you
10 mind-blowing video game theories.
Also, this may destroy
your childhood so sorry.
Number one is Super Mario Bros. is a play.
This theory says that Super Mario Bros. 3
was all a stage play and
that we are the audience.
At the beginning of the game,
the red curtains open then
during multiple levels,
blocks appear to be bolted to a backdrop
and then at the end of every level,
Mario exits stage right.
This suggests that Mario and
his friends are just actors
which makes a lot of sense
considering the lack of
continuity between games
and the fact that there’s a Lakitu
that follows you around with a camera
during Super Mario 64 and
every version of Mario Kart.
Wait a minute.
If Super Mario was all an act
then did I ever really play it?
In which case, was my childhood even real?
I don’t have to,
sorry, I almost broke my brain there.
I’m okay.
Let’s continue.
Number two is Earthbound’s
Final boss is a fetus.
At the end of the game Earthbound,
there’s a very memorable boss battle
that’s extremely bizarre.
The theory is that the final boss, Giygas,
is actually a fetus.
And since you have to kill him,
well you can kind of
put two and two together
about what’s going on here.
Unfortunately this makes a lot of sense
because in order to face him,
you have to go back in time
to his most vulnerable form
and then in order to get to him,
you have to go through an opening
that looks like a cervix.
As if that wasn’t disturbing enough,
once you’re through you see this.
Can you see it?
I’ll give you a second.
How about now?
Now believe it or not,
there’s actually an even
darker theory out there
about how the fetus got
there in the first place
but I’m not getting
into that in this video.
Now excuse me while I call my therapist.
Number three is Metal Gear Solid
is just a training simulation.
Metal Gear Solid 3 is a popular game
that follows the hero, Solid Snake,
into various stealth adventures.
Except according to this theory,
it was all just a training simulation.
The idea is that any time
you screw something up
in the game or simulation,
it ends and you are yanked out of it
only to try all over again.
There’s various pieces of
evidence to support this
including at the beginning of the game
when one of the characters
mishears some dialogue
and asks, “Virtual mission?”
I think it’s funny that some gamers
are actually against this theory
like they’re angry that if it
turned out to be a simulation
that all their hard work to
save the world was for nothing.
Sorry to tell you, chief,
but it’s a video game.
They’re sort of all simulations.
Number four is Nazism
in The Legend of Zelda.
In The Legend of Zelda for NES,
there’s multiple dungeons
with various shapes
such as a lion, an eagle, a snake
and a swastika.
Childhood ruined.
This theory has been under a lot of debate
for a while for two important reasons.
One is that the shape is not
title like a Nazi swastika
and the second is that it matches a manji
which is the Japanese
symbol for good fortune
but even if this is a manji,
it’s usually a good idea as a company
to steer away from anything
that might even be
misinterpreted as Nazism.
Just as a general good rule of practice.
Number five is the hero in
Mass Effect 3 is possessed.
The idea behind this theory
is that the hero of the game, Shepard,
that’s been fighting the aliens
was actually being
possessed by them all along.
This theory is based on a couple things.
The first is that the longer
that you’re around the aliens in the game,
the more likely you are
to be possessed by them
and Shepard was around
them for three games.
The second is that during the game
he gets blasted by Reaper energy
which suddenly makes some of the rules
and visuals of the game change.
There’s even a two hour
fan made video on YouTube
that picks apart every
clue to support this theory
which is awesome except being possessed,
come on that’s a little far fetched.
(wicked laughing)
So far fetched.
Number six is that in Final Fantasy VIII
Squall is dead.
This fan theory says that in
the game, Final Fantasy VIII,
the main character
Squall is actually dead.
The idea came from the end
of disc one of the game
when Squall is impaled with an ice shard
while fighting a boss and
everything fades to black.
Some players believe he’s dead
because at the beginning of the next disc
or the second half of the game,
he mysteriously wakes
up without any injury.
There’s also alternative
theories out there.
One of them being that he’s
actually in a playable coma.
Speaking of playable coma,
I can’t play games like this
because I’m a completionist
and I would end up vegetating on the couch
for the 90 hours that it takes to find
everything in this game.
Same thing happened during Super Metroid.
It’s kind of a problem.
Number seven is The Great Pokemon War.
This theory says that
there was a great war
in which a lot of people died
and you get to play as
Ash, one of the survivors.
It actually kind of makes sense.
Ash’s father isn’t around
because he died in the war.
His rival, Gary, is an
orphan for the same reason.
And there’s training centers
and hospitals everywhere.
And at one point during the game,
Lieutenant Surge tells you
that an electric pokemon
saved his life during the war.
Now as convincing as this one is,
I don’t buy it.
Mostly because a war?
They’re pokemon.
How dangerous can they be?
Half of them look like a damn marshmallow
and the most harmful thing they can do
is burp or fart at you.
Number eight is Fallout
3 predicts the future.
This theory is about how
in the third installment
of the Fallout game series,
there’s a radio that was
able to predict the future
with eerie accuracy.
It says that if you kill
a certain DJ in the game,
there’s a radio station
that will begin broadcasting
from the radio various strings
of numbers in Morse code.
The creepy part is that apparently
the radio was able to accurately predict
the death of actor, Gary Coleman
as well as the exact
date of the BP oil spill.
Now some people believe this to be a hoax
and I should say so.
I mean, nobody could predict the future.
Look at my parents.
They always said I would
grow up to do great things
and now I make videos on YouTube
so yeah.
Number nine is Majora’s mask
represents the five stages of grief.
The Legend of Zelda: Majora’s Mask
is about how Link loses
his fairy friend, Navi,
and he goes looking for her.
The theory is that the whole game
takes place within Link’s mind
after he gets knocked out
at the beginning of the game
and that everything that happens
is based on the five stages of grief.
Interestingly, not only
are all five stages
represented within the story line
but they occur in the exact
same sequence as real life.
Denial, Anger, Bargaining,
Depression and Acceptance.
Honestly, I think this theory is brilliant
especially since the
full explanation online
makes even more sense.
The only problem is I was
never able to play it.
Mostly because I was
freaked the (bleep) out
by the face on the moon in the game.
Look at that.
Who designed this game?
Freddy Krueger?
And number ten,
Animal Crossing is about
a child abducting cult.
If you’ve never heard of
this game, that’s okay.
I didn’t either.
And I kind of wish I hadn’t.
This game is about a kid
that moves into a village
full of talking animals
and has to work off his debt
by doing chores for them.
The theory is that the animals
actually abducted the kid
and our making him their slave.
Disturbingly, this bizarre theory
actually makes sense
for a couple of reasons.
The first is that the animals
never let the kid leave the city
and the second is that
you’re perpetually in debt
because even when you pay it off,
they just up it again.
Did I mention that the game has
no overall objectives or missions?
Yeah, weird.
I suggest if you don’t
want to teach your kid
about cult activity,
you don’t let them play this game.
Unless of course you’re a Scientologist
in which case it’s par for the course.
Anyways, that’s all for this video, guys.
I hope you enjoyed it
and I hope your childhood wasn’t ruined
because mine surely was.
If you want to add me
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I will see you guys next Saturday
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because I think that’s the only game left
that hasn’t been ruined from my childhood
so goodbye now.

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