10 Things You Should NEVER Do in Thailand 🇹🇭 Don’ts of Thai Culture

In today’s video we’re going to talk about
10 things you should never do in Thailand. What is going on YouTube!
I’ve been traveling most of my life and one of the places I keep going back to
and one of my favorite places is Thailand. I reached out to my Thai
friends Miao and Ton and asked them if they’d help me put together a list of 10
things you should never do in Thailand. So if you don’t mind join me in thanking
Ton and Miao and type down below thanks Miao out and thanks Ton. Ok so the first
thing you should never do in Thailand is never eat with a fork one of the best
things about Thailand is the food and when you go to a restaurant or you go to
a street vendor stall they’ll give you both a knife and a fork however you
don’t use the fork to eat your food you use the fork to push food onto the spoon
the second thing you should never do in Thailand is never touch someone’s head
the head is considered the cleanest and holiest part of the body in Thailand so
touching someone’s head is considered a sign of disrespect
so never touch someone’s head in Thailand the third thing you should
never do in Thailand is never use your feet for anything but walking in
Thailand the feet are considered the lowest and dirtiest point of the body
pointing your toes or the bottoms of your feet at someone or something is
considered very impolite in Thailand you should also never have your feet
facing a Buddha a temple or a monk the fourth thing you should never do in
Thailand is never disrespect the royal family the king and the royal family are
very highly regarded in Thai society it’s considered very disrespectful to
say anything negative or act in a negative way towards the royal family
even if you drop a Thai coin on the ground and it starts to roll away from
you you should never step on it because it contains images of either the king or
someone from the royal family and remember what I said before Thai find
the feet dirty and offensive so if you step on the coin you’re essentially
stepping on the king so make sure you remember this and just be respectful to
the royal family the bit thing should never do in Thailand is never
take pictures with captured animals we’ve all seen the pictures of people
laying next to a tiger those Tigers have a horrible life if you’re laying next to
that tiger odds are that tiger has been drugged you’ll also see people walking
around with small cute little animals like the loris the loris is super cute
and cuddly and you’re gonna want to go up and hold it and take a picture with
it but don’t do that their teeth and their claws have been
ripped out so they don’t hurt tourists when tourists are holding them it’s very
cruel just whatever you do don’t take a picture with a loris the sixth thing you
should never do in Thailand is never overstate your visa Thailand is an
amazing place and you’re probably going to want to stay longer but don’t do it
every day you stay longer than your visa permits you get a $500 bond fine and
once you’re caught you could be banned from Thailand forever so don’t take that
risk just going to reset extended or leave the country for a day and come
back in and you can get your visa reset the 7 thing you should never do in
Thailand is never wear your shoes indoors this is a common rule in
Southeast Asia and it’s been in a lot of my other videos but in addition to a
Thai person’s home you should never wear your shoes in a temple and even
sometimes in some restaurants and shops a good rule of thumb is if you see a
bunch of shoes outside the door of a place then you should probably take your
shoes off too before you enter the eighth thing you should never do in
Thailand is never whistle at night things like this are why I love doing
these never do this videos you find all kinds of crazy traditions and
superstitions Thai people believe that if you whistle at night you’ll summon
evil spirits so don’t be surprised if you start whistling at night if a Thai
person gets up and runs away from you the ninth thing you should never do in
Thailand is never try to shake somebody’s hand Thais are not big on
physical contact with strangers so consequently they don’t like to shake
hands instead Thais place their hands and a praying motion against their chest
and they bow slightly a little side note do not bow to children or people much
younger you this will just embarrass them ties
have great respect for their elders the tenth thing you should never do in
Thailand comes up a lot in my videos never take taxis just like other places
where there are a lot of tourists sometimes taxi cab drivers take
advantage of those tourists luckily technology has provided a workaround
there’s an app called grab which is very similar to a burger grab actually bought
out uber in most of Southeast Asia just download that app and you can call taxis
you can call motorbikes you can call almost anything and it’ll be super cheap
and you don’t have to worry about somebody overcharging you ok so those
are the ten things to never do in Thailand
thanks again Thanh and Miao for helping out if you have anything to add make
sure you comment below if you enjoyed this video hit the thumbs up button and
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