20 Games That Will Blow Your Mind In 2018

While 2017 was a banner year for video games,
and 2018 could be even better.
Unless you’re an absolute curmudgeon, you’re
sure to find a game or two — or ten — to
add to your pre-order list.
Here are the games that will probably blow
your mind in 2018.
Shadow of the Colossus
Sony’s 2018 Shadow of the Colossus remaster
is much more in-depth than the one it released
in 2011.
The entire game, including every single graphical
asset, has been rebuilt from scratch to take
full advantage of the PlayStation 4’s technology,
with a new and modern control scheme, too
— although purists can play with the original
setup if they prefer.
Even with those small changes, this is still
the game that you fell in love with way back
in 2005.
If you’ve already mastered Shadow of the Colossus,
you might get limited mileage out of the upcoming
If you haven’t, wait for this version: it’ll
look and play better than ever when it comes
out on February 6th.
Metal Gear Survive
The multiplayer-focused Metal Gear Survive
is set between Metal Gear Solid 5: Ground
Zeroes and The Phantom Pain, and it fuses
the series’ signature stealth-based challenges
with elements lifted from survival games—stuff
like resource gathering, weapon crafting,
and base fortification.
While there’s a single-player mode, it sounds
like Metal Gear Survive’s bread and butter
is going to be the cooperative multiplayer,
which puts players in teams and asks them
to fight off increasingly tough zombie hordes.
That’s right: Metal Gear has zombies now.
If you’ve played Metal Gear Solid 5, you should
feel right at home.
Survive uses the same engine and the same
control scheme.
However, if you’re not caught up on the franchise’s
twisty, impenetrable storyline, don’t worry.
Metal Gear Survive conveniently takes place
in an alternate universe.
Start slaughtering zombies on February 20th.
Far Cry 5
At the bloody heart of Far Cry 5 is a cult
of unhinged believers, hell bent on seizing
a chunk of the American midwest and transforming
its residents into God-loving — and maybe
even God-fearing — faithfuls, making it
deeply unsettling in all the right ways.
Critics say it seems to be building its horror
through an “uncanny ability to anticipate
modern cultural and political trends.”
But if the whole American gothic vibe gives
you the creeps, you can bring a friend along
to keep you sane.
For the first time in franchise history, the
entire campaign is playable via multiplayer
co-op from the start.
And if you don’t have any real friends ready
to play, you can also hire computer-controlled
allies to take their place.
There’s strength in numbers, and Far Cry 5’s
doomsday cult has plenty of members.
Even the odds by bringing along some teammates
of your own on March 27th.
Bloodstained: Ritual of the Night
The monster-filled Bloodstained: Ritual of
the Night is currently in development with
former Castlevania head honcho Koji Igarashi.
Unsurprisingly, this trippy side-scrolling
platformer has been marketed as a spiritual
successor to Castlevania, but without all
that Belmont baggage.
Traverse monster-mucked ruins, climb through
crumbling castles, and hunt down a sinister
summoner as Miriam, a young orphan plagued
by an alchemist’s curse that slowly turns
her skin to crystal.
Surpassing its initial crowdfunding goal with
flying colors, Bloodstained: Ritual of the
Night looks like it’ll knock gamers’ socks
off when it comes to PC, Mac, Linux, and all
home consoles — and also PS Vita for good
measure in March.
We Happy Few
In this 1960s-styled dystopian survival-horror
game, players are trapped in a city called
Wellington Wells, where most residents keep
themselves in a haze with the help a drug
known as Joy.
Your goal is to escape the disturbing utopia,
and to do so you’ll need to keep your character
fed and rested, complete subquests, make sure
you blend in with your ultra-stoned neighbors,
and stave off withdrawal symptoms.
In another interesting twist, Wellington Wells
itself is procedurally generated, meaning
it’s different every time that you play.
All together, you’ve got one of 2018’s most
potentially interesting titles.
Get happy on April 13th.
God of War
Kratos is back in early 2018, but this isn’t
your father’s God of War.
Instead of the sun-drenched Mediterranean,
this new God of War takes the action to snowy
Scandinavia, where Kratos will face off with
figures from Norse mythology.
This time, our violent hero is joined by his
son, Atreus.
That changes everything.
But before you start worrying that God of
War trades action for introspection, rest
assured that underneath the mature storyline
is a brutal and exciting adventure in the
classic franchise style, albeit with a more
modern flavor.
The tone might be new, but at its core God
of War will still be the god-smashing simulator
we’ve all come to know and love.
Like its hero, it’s just grown up a little.
Marvel’s Spider-Man
Does the world need Spider-Man?
That seems to be the central question behind
Insomniac Games’ upcoming PlayStation adventure.
With the arrest of Wilson Fisk, better known
as the Kingpin, New York’s crime rate is at
an all-time low.
Can Peter Parker to scale back his superheroism
and enjoy life?
Thankfully for us, the answer’s no.
Marvel’s Spider-Man looks like it’ll borrow
a few combat moves from the Batman Arkham
series, all set in a gigantic re-creation
of New York City filled with villains and
allies ripped from the comics.
Sorry, Pete—it looks like you’re not getting
that vacation quite yet.
The city still needs you.
Crawl some walls in 2018.
System Shock
The remake of this 1994 classic centers around
a keenly resourceful hacker, the “most notorious
cyberspace thief in the corporate world,”
who’s taken prisoner by a money-hungry TriOptimum
executive — basically a scarier, cyberpunk
version of a Wall Street Banker.
This new System Shock, due out in the second
quarter of 2018, grips players tight, catapulting
them into the post-apocalyptic landscape of
Citadel Station — which is inhabited by
brainless robots, corrupt cyborgs, and grotesquely
mutilated creatures, all engineered to obey
the merciless A.I.
And if that wasn’t enough, the developer promises
the world of System Shock has “never been
more immersive or terrifying” than in the
upcoming reboot.
Crackdown 3
An Xbox One exclusive for Spring 2018, Crackdown
3 lets you control a super-powered agent who
hunts down criminals.
But the game’s real draw is that you can destroy
anything and everything.
By offloading some of the game’s processing
into the cloud, Crackdown 3 features massively
destructible environments — at least in
multiplayer — setting the stage for some
truly epic battles.
If you can see it, you should be able to wreck
Red Dead Redemption 2
This long-awaited sequel follows in its predecessor’s
dusty footsteps by returning players to a
grimy, crime-ridden version of the American
west, giving them a horse, a gun, and letting
them do whatever they damn well please.
Instead of playing as the noble outlaw John
Marston, players will assume control of the
out-and-out criminal Arthur Morgan, a member
of the notorious Van der Linde gang.
While Marston had his own rugged moral code,
Morgan looks like he’s a bit more…ethically
“Maybe when your mother is done mourning your
father, I’ll keep her in black… on your
As such, Morgan’s appearance in the western
territories probably isn’t great news for
homesteaders, but should be a lot of fun for
Expect bar fights, trains heists, bank robberies,
and more in Spring 2018.
While Red Dead Redemption 2 is technically
a prequel, expect its story to be just as
compelling as the original’s.
In this BioWare-developed, open-world multiplayer
shooter, gamers will join the ranks of the
Freelancers, intrepid explorers who fight
vicious beasts and gather loot.
Players can team up to tackle particularly
tough challenges in Anthem’s sprawling shared
world, assuming different classes like the
all-purpose Ranger or the tank-like Colossus,
each of which plays a different role in battle.
Best of all, Drew Karpyshyn — lead writer
on the first two Mass Effect games — is
penning Anthem’s story.
Hunting for loot is great, but having a good
reason to hunt for it is even better.
Start exploring in Fall 2018.
Detroit: Become Human
Detroit: Become Human lets players guide multiple
characters through a branching storyline that
changes based on the user’s decisions.
But if one character bites the dust, the story
continues and adapts to that person’s absence.
Three androids — Kara, Connor, and Markus
— serve as our guides into a near-future
setting where artificial lifeforms struggle
to find their place in the world.
With the player’s help, they’ll find a way
to settle peacefully alongside humanity, take
to the streets in a full-fledged revolution
in 2018.
Kingdom Hearts 3
Kingdom Hearts 2 came out way back in 2005,
and fans have been waiting for a proper follow-up
ever since.
In 2018, we’re finally getting it.
As in previous installments, Sora, Goofy,
Donald, and other pals will travel to lands
based on popular Disney properties while fighting
the evil Heartless.
Kingdom Hearts 3 doubles down on the Disney,
Sora can unleash powerful summon attacks based
on Disneyland and Disney World attractions,
while the new settings take full advantage
of Disney’s expanded corporate portfolio.
That’s right: characters from both Pixar’s
Toy Story and Marvel’s Big Hero Six are set
to make their Kingdom Hearts debut in 2018.
In Yoshi for the Nintendo Switch, players
can a hit a button to jump behind the scenes.
Suddenly, you see that the environment’s carefully
constructed buildings are made out of old
cardboard boxes held together by tape.
Each side of every level is packed with secrets,
and if you want to find everything hidden
in the game’s various nooks and crannies,
you’ll have to do some serious exploration
through both sides.
Yoshi’s Island on the Super Nintendo is one
of the best platformers ever made and if Yoshi
is even half as good as that, we’re in for
an eggs-cellent treat.
The Avengers Project
Marvel Entertainment and Square Enix promise
that The Avengers Project will be full-to-bursting
with familiar faces from the franchise, an
all-new story that will leave fans cheering.
Even though the game lacks a set-in-stone
release date, the involvement of Tomb Raider
developer Crystal Dynamics means we’ve got
Tony Stark-level confidence that fans will
love this game.
Darksiders III
In this long-awaited threequel, gamers take
on the role of Fury, a Horsewoman of the Apocalypse
marked as “Rider of the Black.”
Her sole desire is to chase down the Seven
Deadly Sins and their servants to dispose
of them in a final, bloody eradication.
Fury has an arsenal of wicked weaponry, like
an air-splitting whip, and the ability to
rebalance fate through magic.
Wrapped in the series’ signature art style,
Darksiders III — set to come out a full
six years after Darksiders II — sure seems
like it’ll be worth the wait.
Code Vein
Watch your neck.
Code Vein looks like it’ll pack some serious
vampire heat, throwing players into the dank
pits of a dystopian dungeon to play as a blood-sucking
Revenant with a network of supernatural powers
laid out just beneath his thumb.
This third-person action RPG is stuffed with
gargantuan, ghoulish bosses and sadistic enemies,
all of which can be taken down with a deft
hand and a sharp mind.
Days Gone
Sony Interactive Entertainment hopes you’re
not tired of post-apocalyptic zombie brawls
quite yet.
Days Gone, the upcoming open-world action
game set for a 2018 release, is absolutely
full of ’em.
Of course, in the game, those rabid, swarming
creatures are called “Freakers,” but let’s
be real.
Those are zombies.
You’re not fooling anybody, Sony.
Gamers will supposedly have tons of freedom
in how they’ll take down the game’s villains,
which include other survivors in addition
to undead foes.
Oh, and there’s also zombie bears.
Soulcalibur VI
If you’re a long-time fan of this franchise,
the newest entry should make you very happy.
Soulcalibur 6 marks an intentional return
to the series’ roots.
The game will revisit the story from very
first Soulcalibur game, shedding new light
on events and revealing “hidden truths” about
what really went down.
It’s not all nostalgia, though.
A brand new system called Reversal Edge mimics
the feeling of parrying and retaliating against
opponents in a real-life sword fight, and
will let savvy fighters reverse the flow of
battle in an instant.
All in all, we can’t think of a better way
to celebrate the Soulcalibur’s 20th anniversary
than with a game that satisfies old fans while
bringing new players into the fold.
If early playtests are any indication, Soulcalibur
6 should do just that.
Kojima’s Game
Whether or not it actually arrives in 2018,
Kojima’s Game has already piqued many gamers’
interest with its utter and unrelenting weirdness.
From the minute we saw a CGI Norman Reedus
cradling a baby on a deserted beach in the
middle of nowhere, we were hooked.
Since then, it’s been revealed that Hannibal
actor Mads Mikkelsen and director Guillermo
del Toro have joined the project, which will
blend open-world gameplay with supernatural
elements and one of creator Hideo Kojima’s
signature bizarro plots.
But seriously, what’s up with that baby?
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