2020 resolutions and talking about my art| DRAW ME A POSTCARD

hello everyone and welcome to my first
video of the year today we’re going to chat a bit about the year that has just
passed and what is going to come this year for 2019 I had made some resolutions
so let’s see how I did my first goal was to draw more detailed backgrounds I for
sure have drawn more background through this year however that was not enough for
what I had in mind backgrounds are still pretty big scary
thing for me maybe this year I’ll focus on them again the second goal was to try
a larger variety of mediums I think I did achieve this resolution as I did use
many mediums this year if you want to see the ones I used you can check the
videos on my channel this year I also realized the mediums I really love and
these are colored pencils and watercolors for 2020 I also want to try
and use a bit more gouache as I used to love it but haven’t you say a lot
recently another resolution I had made was to develop some characters it was
actually the main goal for last year this idea came as I had watched
spider-man into the spider-verse and I was having a lot of fun drawing
different spidersonas however as the year went on I realized that I am not
ready for it as I really need to develop more my
style and I don’t think I’m good enough to have characters yet plus I don’t
think I’m interested in this goal anymore but we’ll see in the future my
last resolution was to be more constant with video plots and to share more art
and social so let’s get some stats in: in 2018 I have made 52 posts on Instagram
and in 2019 I have only made 49 so I need to improve on that for sure on
YouTube I have posted 10 videos in 2018 and in 2019 I have posted 15 videos so
overall I think I have not completely achieved this goal as I didn’t fullfill my
expectations overall I don’t think I have done that
well with the 2019 resolutions but for this year I am changing things up I’ll
have monthly defined goals and hopefully that will help me to get where I want to
be but let’s start by talking about what I want to improve in 2020 I really want
to post more both here on YouTube and Instagram as they are my main socials
what I have been trying to do these past years, failing miserably, was to post a
video a week: that would amount to 52 videos in a year I also would love to
post at least three times per week on Instagram but that I am more flexible
with, I will put my mark to add a hundred post by 2021 next I want to improve on
background what I mean by that is that I want to improve my landscape drawings as
my goal is to be much more comfortable with drawing them so I’ll try and draw
at least one finished landscape a month and then if there will be spare time I
will increase that even if I don’t think I will my last goal for this year is to
learn to draw full bodies this is one of the things that scare me most and for
that reason I only draw portraits but I want to get out of this habit and to be
able to draw them too so I will start to share a full body sketch either every
day or every other day in my Instagram stories so if you want to follow my
progress follow me there I am @ludosketches I’ve also included a link in
the description below lastly I’m going to talk a bit more about the art you
have seen in this video it’s part of my personal project draw me a postcard
where I draw a hand illustration on a postcard with different mediums to
improve my hand drawing skills and use more mediums this project includes five
postcards and this is my fourth so I am only missing one
after this I will focus on backgrounds as I was saying earlier for this postcard I have used mainly watercolors and colored pencils to add a few details
at the end I think he came out so cute even if it was a pretty simple one I
have also done an extra postcard that I have sent to everythingisNAND as a
Christmas present as I was her Secret Santa if you want to watch more about
that collab please watch my Christmas video and if you want to see how the
postcard came out follow me on Instagram as I have shared it there thank you so
much for watching and I hope to see you next week bye

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  1. Very nice postcard, it looks very yummy. 🙂 My plans for 2020 mainly center on creating a passive income and improving my art. Best of wishes for 2020.

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