4-month Old Baby Dies in Shaheen Bagh Protest

Hundreds of people gathered at Shaheen Bagh, Delhi to protest against the CAA & NRC which shows no signs of stopping. Women have been sitting on streets demanding the removal of the CAA & NRC. This has been going on since December 2019 and has continued through February as well. The strong protest at Shaheen Bagh has became an inspiration for the entire country. Many activists, celebrities and politicians have all participated in this protest to show their support against the CAA and NRC. However a very tragic incident occurred in Shaheen Bagh last month. A couple Nazia and Arif had a four-month-old baby named Mohammad Jahaan. He accompanied his mother to Shaheen Baug and to protest early morning in the severe cold. Because she wanted to support the removal of CAA & NRC. She would attend the protest every morning in the severe cold. Due to the severe cold, the baby passed away in his sleep on the intervening night of 30th and 31st January 2020 He died because of being in the cold everyday and attending the protests. His parents live in poor conditions and said they have lost everything. She has two other children as well. She has lost one child but she will not stop protesting. She will continue protesting for the removal of CAA for the future if her two children. Nazia said “ I am not afraid of anyone now. I have already lost a child. I don’t mind if lives of my other two kids are sacrificed for the same cause. My family might not support my decision, but I will continue protesting.” There is a 12-year-old girl named Zen Gunratan Sadavarte. A fire broke out in Parel, Mumbai in 2018. Zen saved the lives of several people during the fire and made sure everyone was safe. People were very impressed by her. Zen has received the National Bravery Award for saving people. When she heard the reason why a 4-month-old baby died in the shaheen baug protest, she was shocked. She wrote a letter to the CJI and said, “Just like we all have rights, even a baby has rights. Just because a baby can’t talk themselves doesn’t mean people violate a baby’s rights.” When CJI SA Bobde read the letter he was very angry. They asked whether it is right for a 4-month old baby to go for a protest. The SC has sent notices to the State & Central Government to investigate the child’s death.

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