4 Touch Tricks That Feel Like Magic

*quiet electronic music* sound and touch Our sense of touch is intrinsically linked to our sense of hearing. Many surfaces make sounds when touched like rough sand paper. These sounds effect how we feel them. You can try it with this test. Write a short sentence with chalk on a chalkboard. You can write anything. Now put in a pair of earplugs and write the same sentence again. The chalkboard should feel much smoother when you can’t hear the chalk crunching on the board. That’s so weird. *ding* the imaginary string The power of suggestion has a lot of influence over our senses. What our brains imagine can influence how we feel things. Let’s trick your brain with this test. Fold your hands then extend both your forefingers leaving them about 1 inch apart. Have a friend circle their forefinger around your fingers telling you to imagine they’re tying your fingers with a string. Almost against your will your fingers will start moving together. so much for free will huh? Hot or cold Our senses adapt to the stimuli around them. That’s why when there’s a loud fan humming in the background eventually we tune it out. Our ears adapt to the noise. We can also trick our sense of touch. Take three bowls of water. One hot, one icy cold, and one warm. Put one of your hands in the hot water and one in cold water.Let them sit for about a minute. Then take them out and put both of your hands into the warm water. Your senses won’t be able to tell what temperature the warm water is. They’ll feel like the opposite temperature they were before. “That felt really weird.” Guess you can’t trust anything. *bong* The dead finger illusion Our brains have an intrinsic sense of ownership over our bodies. When what the brain sees and what it feels are different, our brains get confused and a sense of numbness can occur. You can try it with this test. Press your hand against someone else’s. With the fingers of your other hand stroke both of the forefingers. You should feel like your forefinger is numb. “feels like anesthesia in my hand” Creepy! Can you handle it?

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  1. I think the reason why your fingers do that in the string one is because your fingers become tense and they want to relax so when you focus on your friend or family member doing it you get distracted and your fingers relax and go together

  2. so I know this has nothing to do with the sense of touch. But there's this trick I like to do on myself. See, I don't like feeling like there's something more powerful than me and controlling me (i.e. my brain) so I like playing with it. I take an empty jug (it's better with a jug you often use), pretend I pour water into a cup and pretend I'm drinking from the cup. I immediately feel full after that, and I haven't even drunk! (Tip: make sure to pretend that you see the water pouring into the cup and make sure not to put too much imaginary water!)

  3. You know the string one, you can just tap your fingers together like 5-10 times or something and they will slowly close together as well. I never had someone do that for me. My friends showed me this version 2 years ago but we didn't have a partner to do it for us

  4. Take your middle and ring finder from four non dominate hand and cross them. Just as if you were to cross your fingers with your middle and pointer, but do it with your middle and ring. Then put both tips of your fingers crossing eachother at the tip of your nose (make sure that they are BOTH touching. It should feel like you have two noses

  5. Try crossing over your index and middle fingers. Then stroke the tip of your nose with these fingers still crossed. Feelin it?

  6. @1:00 it happens even when he place two palms together facing each other
    The fingers and hand muscles get tired easily allowing them to touch

  7. I did the last one with my friend except with our feet. We were stretching and we put our feet together. It could feel my foot but then I was supposed to feel my friends foot but I couldn't. It was weird.

  8. The string one has nothing to do with tying it. Your fingers just get tired.
    The water one the water was so cold even the warm feels hot. The hit was so hot, that warm felt so cold.

  9. this one's pretty basic, but…
    hold out two fingers in front of your face (not directly, just a few inches past your nose)
    press them together horizontally (let's say finger= ' – '. so, put them like – – (touching )
    then, lose focus on your fingers, and look past them, but still semi-look at them.
    there's that little sausage right between your fingers. you can pull your fingers apart slowly and see it shrink ^^

  10. Put an ice on a cup of hot tea, sip from the cup next to where the ice is floating. You will have nice feeling in the mouth.

  11. C. 1:00 "so much for free will"

    The Christian doctrine of free will does not mean we are always free to do anything we like.

    Starting such an experiment is exposing oneself to a situation where freewill is interfered with – by someone else's free will or by your own solitary such.

    It is not always a sin, but it doesn't prove we can't chose anymore than getting soak drunk proves man can't walk straight.

  12. 1:45 "guess one can't trust anything"

    The examples is a contrived situation, often we do know what temperature we are "comparing to". You get in from the cold and start thawing, you know the warmth is partly exaggerated to your senses because you were just out in the cold.

  13. The one woth the bowls is incorrect – you feel the different temperature because the warm water its hot for the cold water and the warm water os cold for the hot water

  14. Stand in a narrow door frame. Press the back of your hands against the frame as hard as you possibly can, while counting to 45.
    After you count to 45, let your hands down.
    They will slowly rise without you trying!!

  15. the string one isnt actually true. its all about your muscles relaxing and going into a comfortable porsition. its like sitting down with your legs straight, you subconsciuosly bend your legs because it is more comfortabke

  16. I'm not doing that press hands with others then rub the fingers like they might think I'm thinking I'm masturbating.

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