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4500 Монет на Кайзера | ИТОГИ ГОДА в PES 2020 Mobile

4500 Монет на Кайзера | ИТОГИ ГОДА в PES 2020 Mobile

hi hi hi pesers with you how
usually walrus December 31st today is not very stays us in until 2020 from 2019 we
say goodbye of course today as konami us and they promised they introduced a pack with legends in
including there is a baken bauer and I like promised I will merge everything that is on
account hoping you catch cougars Kaiser I want him on this
account you only know me black balls and only legends not a single violet
not here so gold will spend them I hope I’m lucky today
yesterday was just a terrible day started with that konami broke us with presents
This continued with the fact that I didn’t good fell out and special issues
in general in general of course it’s sad Of course I don’t like that too much
approach to issuing legends I don’t know who works in konami i don’t know what kind of connection
between departments but that person who says and let’s
type of holiday until it will be silver nights they probably do not realize
what for most players what do you silver drops what falls to you
special gold no special holiday not felt and something more important
more valuable to me is dropbox to me It seems than the usual ones that are in
in the dropbox we have 16 black balls 20 percent on a black ball and simple
mathematical calculations can understand what forty-five attempts to catch
batin baura is precisely the backenbauer my chance is about forty two and a half
Well, let’s consider 40 percent let’s see what this time will give me
the movie may be in debt so I little by little
summarize the year why not what was in our game what we hoped
what disappeared and what appeared appeared to Unfortunately, not so much and so
what do we remember 2019 in essence the whole nineteenth part can be tied
in the nineteenth year came out on February 13 only two weeks before the new year
therefore almost 19 parts nineteen year coincided that we
probably got it all the time of course the 15th year the most
remembered by legends for gp constantly dropbox people came out people caught people
rejoiced many gathered 30 legends 40 legends per account
tournaments became possible legendary compositions which guys
of course spend themselves konami about it not took care and basically it was
not bad it was fun art one sides of the legend were reasonably accessible
I said last year that they can be they can be put down dropbox but they are worth
put less so anyway rarity remained konami laid down a little
if not 10 pieces in each dropbox on 300 players and
and the legends lost their value from many were very large
including I didn’t open from the test package content the same maldini I’m for
last year gathered as many as 5 pieces, but when you did not drop doubles
I did not bathe because I knew that I was all equal to the next dropbox I can
farm and this is the main approach probably which I liked in part 19
what you can farm it was cool it was good if we take 2
alexandra falls in a row Grade 1 is not too high expectations
I lay on this pack but anyway except hope i have nothing left here
it all depends on randomness and I I hope today he will be stones
supportive and give me a New Year moods which unfortunately with each
year less and less and less and smaller
when I was a child it was still somehow more interesting now I would be sitting
I thought that my parents would give me now I sit and think that I managed in this year
what I did not have time for this year I managed to I think quite a lot the pause is delayed until the word I can
pick up it seems to me at least in the community
the goals that I set I’m not just fulfilled I exceeded in the summer
talking with friends i say that 20 thousand subscribers to fellow new
on the channel it would be great just it turned out 24 I think it’s very
very cool May 28 will be a year two years my channel
well hope 30 by then I jumped over hell you can set a goal and on
35 the dog himself allowed me this in principle make in the twentieth part it came very
a lot of newcomers on the one hand brought them not and a large amount
problems because a huge amount I still try most of the questions
people answer in PM I’m still I try to answer most people
video and thank you for writing in principle thank you for supporting me
really helped with the new device you’re in basically you are the main thing in my channel they I
the main thing is the community and thanks to everyone those people who are with me from the very
beginnings and those who joined Of course, recently, what else do I
I remember 19 parts but probably bad in the summer in the summer we had practically no
no interesting and land of yes and the whole year almost no interesting event
of the and there was konami still not groped for that
need to give us some events in which we can stick for a long time in
which we can not get something interesting
unfortunately all year and in the twentieth now it continues we have one and
the same and the tape that are held literally in a day if you stick a lot
they are designed for a week that is konami on the one hand it’s as if speaking to the players
don’t spend a lot of time in our game, stand here it falls to me
legend please konami maybe maybe i believe you
rummenigge I had from the first to somehow it’s old boots but they all have
cleats old not visible so lush hairstyle does not mean no batin bauer for sure
adriano unfortunately 5 adriana on my this account also falls out of course
But a huge problem, you yourself know that takes of legends can only be used on
plain black ball don’t know why konami so holding on to it seems to me worth
give the opportunity to change duplicate legends to another legend it would be ok
players would only say thank you in general unfortunately the nineteenth year did not
breakthrough somehow dogs all errors almost all the jambs that were in
18 pieces to 17 and stayed sometimes got worse oh well one more
legend well please konami please I do not ask you so often
I advertise your game although I understand that Now I list more jambs
quite a fluffy hairstyle can be no no this is alvaro cancer is falling about me
in my third on this account like this like this hope is crumbling like this
dreams are falling apart unfortunately without very well okay one more well yes this time
but 3 already this time please get into konami’s goal gold gold i gold this
certainly not batin bauer, not again, which means massaro if on me on this account by
mine in the amount of one piece unfortunately so without it still remains
a very unfriendly game for beginners to unfortunately starting with these stupid ones
errors with digital codes why not replace them with an inscription in what
really the problem is why man we get
the error with the code begins to search somewhere go social networks write in a group and
there maybe someone will answer konami don’t you understand that you are so
lose many potential customers people will not go anywhere push nothing
will not just delete your groups damn mother and you just lost
I don’t understand why it’s still not fixed yet I don’t understand why until
still uncorrected takes of legends I I don’t understand why still not
fixed in principle legends which are of little value in our game as their
crayfish is not as simple as what you have namely as a player on the field why are they on
constant form c why does this form even exist and
spoils the sea gameplay regularly because even in friendlies
let’s say on the sides and consoles you can set that all players on the same
the same arrows we still have it’s impossible it’s awful it’s really
horrible it kills the game from the inside out maybe it doesn’t seem huge
a problem if you just look but when a huge number of these problems are they all
overlap and in the end we we have what we have to finish with this
parts and became more popular than 19 to new people came yes many many
players now like her but pass a month will pass two will pass three months they
just try all these internal shoals they will understand that not everything is so
good in the danish kingdom and what their will stop from leaving the other
parties can be noted that konami try to listen to us you remember
we had a survey of what suits you in a game that doesn’t suit you in the game and
and including there was an item in one of of responses
there is no goal in the game, this is probably the most the big problem is the problem that
stands at the top of the pyramid unfortunately it’s it is worth recognizing that we are going to become and
we pump make up for nothing we I don’t know why we should do this
time comes the legend already scream I won’t drop anything
will not fall out i’m ready to accept anything yes
a black ball may well be all the same kaiser no no hair short means
javier sonnet 5 on this account come to me wonderful
great like this like this like this channel wishes me a happy new year 4
the legend is already falling and not a single one getting there where you need more than 2000
gold already skeleton two more left sorry guys of course that the video is
long turns out i hope you interesting I did not want to listen to them
I would like to tighten literally catch a couple there 12 so far but to
unfortunately there is what is someday maybe konami will change his mind
maybe after the new year as any gift this guy will
in dropbox and for gp which i can you unscrew of course completely you see
more than 6 million money in my account by the way with
money is also a separate problem to Unfortunately, that is, you can farm them here
what to spend them on if not equal qso with legends
this is a serious question all practically play with violets I don’t understand at all
groups see Hyde side violets type here they are easily obtainable means they
shit yes no guys what they easy getting it doesn’t mean anything
that they are shit and not in all respects better than a regular card
they give more points in the tape than ordinary card means their usefulness
higher than conventional card and if for you all this eliminates what
they are easy to make but I don’t know, I already cited as an example how to refuse
from sex with a top model and type shoot pebbles from a stall under the house just because
which is shorter and fuck you get it seems to me it’s stupid options still worth it
dwell on the top model given herself to suited you but let’s compare
utility say so one body and the second so you should not go guys who
give purple cards with them all normally they adequately evaluate their
time if they want to go through and tapes faster
she is the field to have a better player what the difference they bought it for 100 gold for
200 gold or per million gold my price here doesn’t really decide
let’s say you yourself know mind two one account with rolling pin this one
only on black swords with legends that is, I can feel and swam and
swam I’ll tell you the violets are much more functional what I expect from the 20 part
guys well of course matchday which They announced to us a long time ago
will introduce tests I do not know when of course it will be introduced to the game
will he give a connoisseur of fresh air well I I hope that at least it will give me
those tables that were merged according to the awards where you will need to score points as in the tour
only online there are serious awards and there is something to fight for
so it seems to me that matte can to be popular here it will probably be
the first step to justify the prefix and football in the title screens because
did we finish football gonna make me a play almost
eSports discipline for which eSports at least in mobile
I don’t see the version, but the words online match we were cut first
reduced the amount of gold which can get secondly cut them
amount in general up to 2 per week you make two wins a week and that’s it
free you can walk the rest of the awards there are simply not worth it
which you will spend on me eSports well, eSports probably
the news what will be the twentieth year in general I have what I plan on channels
guys have ideas a couple of new headings in including a camp with subscribers i’m so far
I’m working on this topic so that no one offended that it was somehow
as honest as possible and you I think too You can be aware that apart from
channel i have work i have and Well, somehow, sometimes I just want to
also really relax because there are people who think that I
must sit all day playing subscribers, in principle, no longer
engage youtube not here golden mountains dress do you even live I only due
him nichrome I do not live at the expense of him like you see any dubious ads
bred I don’t have therefore it is a hobby
yes this is a hobby that sometimes brings on drink beer Friday but no more
life it does not provide absolutely Wager squabbles he has now a huge
number of cases by the way congratulations andrey with the passage of the bank you call he knows we are
talked to him all this time, I was rooting for car damn this dad was supposed
pass to people like me for whom to root but unfortunately
threw Andrew of course well done let in the ghetto is perhaps a bit short
let him have a little technology somewhere skill but by his will by his will he
clearly proved that this place in the team deservedly wish you luck if of course
so that he breaks into the main team so he rode
regularly went out on the field I think he everything will turn out paper rusni we again
he has quite a lot of cases right now amount therefore approximately we are with him
agreed to write off the numbers 4 5 January and I hope that somewhere in these
numbers in the match and it turns out then we collect 2 match for the spoiler a little bit I go out
match squabbles will be the usual composition of regular bb and legends on this account
I will not use any violets I think it will be interesting well, and the second
on the seventh starts the Champions League in VKontakte group which tournaments number
one with my friend led you interfere many know him which way to me
made this beautiful intro at the beginning of the video here I went to
this champions league this time with us not 32 team play 64 that is 16 groups
there are already three teams for 4 teams my adversary to the group stage
identified so guys get ready i will be ready too and also in this league
champions present prize prize in 12,000 rubles will be divided between
I think it’s quite a winner good amount
to fight for her lucky me in this champions league will be unlucky
watch but these are those gameplay matches which I promised on the seventh
tournament starts I think upload videos i will format
three matches first sliced ​​into one video three matches second sliced ​​into one video
this will be the group stage further if I leave the group on each
n this is a playoff for one video i.e. by will be two matches in one video
some interesting moments my comments about the composition
why this or that one in general I hope it will be interesting for you
the end of the packs slowly stopped me give absolute legends what to do
what to do i knew where i was going friends with math i read the percentage
somewhere 43 percent was that 45 packs I catch backenbauer but here I have
5 left to select by selection unfortunately it doesn’t even smell offensive yet
New Year’s guys should be upset holidays first of all it is not a pier
first one family close people friends therefore do not spend time in
our game maybe I’m glad that now there is no such event
which I would have to stick instead in order to sit at a table with loved ones
spend more time with people As a family, I also returned to my parents
new year’s eve and until 12 I’m going spend with them guys on parents this
the most important thing you have in life friends alcohol hut squirting is everything
wait quite after twelve you you can get and catch up with everyone
they can even surpass the rest spend time with your family it
very very important well and basically I want to congratulate you all on
Happy New Year, some results years I was able to fail some could not
I do not want to praise much especially not at all
so in the twentieth year I enter with hope i hope politics taps
will change I hope our game will be getting better I hope that
You will still be pleased that I I shoot and the way I communicate with you
I wish you all good luck probably good luck first of all in life
again I repeat without it just game without this is some piece of our
life but far from all time to spend in reality how
last port and yes I will finish long video is obtained thanks to those who
watched until this moment somehow sad to see off
nineteenth year but hope in the twentieth something really good awaits us
ahead of summer with the euro on which konami there is a license maybe it can be
the result will be fine what do you see 45 packs of 4 legends not a single one from tea
the only thing I need you of course in mood slightly spoiled but ahead
kurant champagne is close to people and congratulations so congratulations to all of you
guys will meet already in the new year until new meetings with you all this year has been
march so far I have Russian science

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