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– There are many devious
tricks you can use to deceive your competitors when cycling. – And these devious
tricks have been deployed throughout the entire history
of the Tour de France. Not the most devious trick in the book, but a good tool to have at
your disposal nonetheless. I’m talking about sheltering. (French accordion waltz music) – It is extremely unlikely that you’ll see a cyclist getting this
wrong at the Tour de France. But, if you are riding with someone that is a little less
experienced than you, it is the perfect
opportunity to expose them. Always sit on when riding into a headwind. And then when you do come through to do a turn on the front with a tailwind, make sure you ever so
slightly increase the tempo. As the potential for
drafting is greatly reduced and this is true even when riding uphill. – Sitting in the wheels during a headwind is far easier than
sitting during a tailwind. When you’re sitting during a tailwind, the effort is far more comparable. So make sure you sit in the
wheels during a headwind. – Most famously used by Lance Armstrong on the 2001 stage in the Tour de France on the way to Alpe
d’Huez, where he went on to drop Jan Ullrich and everyone else. Having bluffed his way
through the entire stage at the back of the bunch, there is simply nothing more devious than pulling the bluff. To deploy this devious trick you need to be fully under control, even if you’re on the
limit, it is important to maintain your composure. No facial expression is to change at any point, I mean, never. No glimpse of effort or
ease should ever appear from behind the glasses. You may need to choose very carefully when you decide the moment has come to show your real self. Go too early and you will
have blown it completely. But, go too late, and you may well find you weren’t actually the
only one playing the bluff. Experience is a vital tool when it comes to deciding when to go. – Chris, are you going to come through? You’ve been sat on the back all day. – Oh, I’m just not feeling it today. – What, I’ve done 100 K on the front! – You’re doing a great
job, just let me know when it’s the final climb. – Mate, we’re into the last 10 K. – The last 10 K, you say?
– Yeah, this last, Chris! You said you were feeling bad! – That was amazing! You absolutely annihilated everyone. – To be honest, felt terrible. – But you, you cruised it, you
barely even broke a sweat! – The other guys just couldn’t keep up, I didn’t feel great,
legs weren’t that great but I kind of just sat up last five K, they just didn’t have the legs, I think. – You must’ve felt good, you
won by five minutes, solo. – Yeah, just, walk in the park. Even though I felt bad, those guys just couldn’t keep up. – The ultimate way to get
under the skin of your rivals has to be trash talking in the press. Never let on how you really felt and always make it sound
like you could have given that little bit more,
or that your competitors didn’t provide you with a real test. – I’m going to ride to the hotel, mate! – Yeah, or be like that guy, and make a big deal
out of riding the 30 Ks back to the hotel for punishment. – So you’re on one of
those really hard days, and your mate is just
pounding on the pedals. If you just grab hold of his pockets, oh, might give you a
little bit of respite. – I think my brakes on! – And trust me, you’ll thank me after it. – This guy. And if you do momentarily want
to distract your competitor, you can simply have a little
fondle in their back pocket. For whatever reason, you can pretend that something is about to fall out, or that maybe their number
needs to be pinned back on. You can catch a rather
brief but rather effective and enjoyable little tow. – So you want to get a free
ride all day, here’s one for ya. Attack at the bottom of the climb. Go out of sight, run behind a bush, hide. Wait ’til the peloton goes past then jump on the back of the group. – This has to be my all
time favorite devious trick in the world of cycling. It’s one where a strong rider can get up the road,
either in a group or solo. Before discretely pulling
over to the side of the road, and hiding, waiting for the
entire bunch to pass them. They then rejoin the
race quietly at the back whilst chases like a
mad person on the front. Now this tactic is
becoming increasingly rare, we’re in a world of good live TV coverage and race radios, of course. It’s now more the reserve
for a top level amateur event and it is perfectly
suited to a strong person that can get up the
road ahead of the bunch. – What? Oh! – He’s never going to
see me in here, perfect. Shh, he’s never going to know I’m here. – Where have you been? I haven’t seen you all day! Been chasing you! – I’ve been here all day, mate. Just chilling, just chilling. – You’re on one of those really good days, and you’ve made the morning breakaway. You’ve got two options, sit in and relax, or go hard and do big turns. My advice to you would be sit on. Tell your mates you can’t come through, you feel too bad. Sorry, Chris, I feel awful, I
can’t go through, I’m sorry! Now wait ’til the last
five K, attack, attack! And solo to victory! (crowd cheering) Have you ever pulled a fast
one on your riding buddies? Then let us know in the
comments section below. – Make sure you’ve already
subscribed to the channel, and if you enjoyed this video, do give us a big thumbs up. – And for more Tour de France content, why don’t you click on that
brand new, Pinarello F12? Woo! Chris, that’s beautiful.
– It’s quite nice.

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  1. If you have to be 'devious', that means you have no confidence in yourself to compete like a Man… or Woman.
    …personal Integrity seems to be disappearing at an alarming rate.
    And If some Lollipop-Licker starts grabbing at your shirt you have a perfect right to take the bugger out anyway you can, you don't have to put up with garbage like that.
    Ride with Honor….Come on CGN you're supposed to be promoting good sportsmanship, not bad behavior.

  2. Never had the chance. I fell for one of your gambling adverts and lost all my money. I had to sell my bike and now I don’t hide in a bush, I live in one.

  3. Lance was able to pull that bluff because he had a full bag of fresh blood injected in him so why on earth he deserves a mention on a channel like this which suppose to be exemplary in their content, lost serious respect to this channel because of this. You can as well mention not disgraced riders and their tricks instead, I’m sure there were enough of them in the last 6-7 years excluding Team Sky/Ineos and the riders who are in their greedy TUE program…

  4. This episode feels familiar somehow, however I think it's missing putting water in "your mates" tires and the patented laughter of an old National champion

  5. We had a four man break away, just when we began separating from the group, our fifth guy stayed behind and informed the group that we were not strong enough to keep the break away.

  6. #askgcnanything Does a “bike throw” really gain anything?
    Every action has an equal and opposite reaction

  7. If someone does pull you back DONT react then it bounces back on them… ! I recall a guy from High on Bikes did it to me on a ride, what a classic jerk…

  8. There are a lot of this employed on XC as well. And the ones here are way too simple and almost comic to be true. But in general, people are saying terrible things to other racers to make them lose control over anger. The mother/sister/girlfriend/wife "doings", the degrading mental games and stuff that made Zidane become a monster, for instance. The best weight penalty on a race for me, is a music thing in my ears.

  9. Doubt it's devious but I suck climbing so I let everyone go ahead. But when it comes to going back down I'm a fearless desender. So I usually end up passing everyone on the downside with my chin on the stem and let gravity and my 220lbs take over 😁.

  10. Oh what haven't I done? I've grabbed on to the back of someone's saddle and gotten a tow… on the steepest part of the climb I've been in the saddle, shifted into a harder gear (downtime shifter days) and asked the guy beside me how he's feeling… I've scraped a coke can on the ground, Whistled while hammering in the bunch… pulled out a pipe from my jersey pocket and sat in the peloton, and my all time fave.. in a two or three up sprint, just before the line, scream as loud as possible to break the other guy's concentration. 🙂 Good times.

  11. Not working in the break is a pissant move. I saw Cadel Evans tell some rookies to get out of the Tour of Utah when they wouldn’t work in a break. Work or get out,

  12. Hi guys, I have an very devious trick to beat a strong mate :

    on a hillclimb, place you next to him and press on the gear lever. then attack !
    It's very easy with a Di2 and have a significant effect if you make a chainring change.

    of course don't try this during a race..

  13. In a race cat 4/5 race, I was able to jump from the 1st chase group to a strong breakaway of 2 riders by going to the front and upping the pace just before a turn in the course. I had previewed the race course the day before, so I knew about the turn and counted on the rest of the group not being familiar. They got all excited and started hammering, so when we reached the intersection I was at the rear. They barreled straight on through and I made the turn and rode a solo pursuit up to the breakaway. Guaranteed me at least a podium spot.

  14. To be honest, Lance Armstrong's greatest bluff was that he was a drug cheat, not just sitting in the back of the peleton.

  15. I accidentally did the "breakaway then hide" during a race a few years ago. The only problem was that I couldn't get back on while they were chasing me. I went up the road and decided I didn't want to be out there all day, so when I slowed, a men's group that I had passed earlier caught me just as my group was passing them. I couldn't get out of their group to get on the back of my group before they got up the road. They chased me for the rest of the race not knowing they had passed me.

    Another thing that I've done unintentionally was in a MTB race. I was 2nd wheel while 1st place was going at a good clip. I was chatting with her for the first lap, planning on passing her as we came through the expo area, but she HAMMERED through the expo area so hard that I didn't get a chance to grab a water bottle. The bad thing for her is that she overcooked herself, then I passed her and stayed in front for the win. She ended up getting something like 15th place. My friends later told me how much of a mind-F that was to her that I was just chatting like it was no big deal.

  16. I was in a group ride and on a short climb many of us came out of the saddle. One member came up to his mate (just slightly behind him) and slapped his saddle twice, and made "twang" sounds. His mate thought he had two broken spokes and was ready to pull out of the group.

  17. Remove the cap from the valve stem of your mates tire. Back the nut off just a little, and then put the cap back on. If you do it right, the cap will push on the valve stem just a little, and cause a slow leak. Puncture? No.

  18. Ride by a grab a handful of front brake in your partners bike while going uphill. And then wait for the payback.

  19. Break away then hide was the specialty of Roger Hassenforder during the 1950-60's tour: the peloton was chasing like mad and he was comfortably at the end!!

  20. broke away once with about 40sec on the group my friend told the pack (aw man he dose this all the time he'll blow up soon ) but in the mean time I'm wondering why isn't the pack chasing me down? I'm getting nervous thinking that the pack is just going to fright train me before the finish so I sat up and waited for the pack to catch up. My friend said what the hell I was doing I had the pack convinced that you were no threat to win the race. dhow!

  21. I got 2nd at the final CBR using the last move. Sat in the middle, kept on moving to the back of the peloton drinking water. Then on the last 5 laps started to move up. By the 2nd lap I was in the top 15. As we were approaching the 2nd last turn I made my move an cut in between the middle of the peloton. As I was off the saddle I moved all the way to the left to try to cut anyone drafting, but someone was able to catch a draft off me as I sprinted for the finish. With about 5 feet to the finish the guy passed me. Was not cool, but that was my first ever podium.

  22. A trick I didn’t see was to fake a sprint in a Crit or group ride – I’m a sprinter and I would fake the all gas sprint early getting my competition to go effectively giving me the perfect lead out – timing is key and knowing your competition is critical worked more times than not when I’d get caught up front too early…

  23. On a climb, sit on the back wheel, take a big gulp of air and then overtake, as you go past smile and say "Alright mate". They then can't see the pain in your face once past. See them drop off. It hurts but it works.

  24. At last night's Wednesday Night Cyclocross (WNCX), I inadvertently pulled a fast one on another racer. I'd just tipped over stopping behind a pile-up in a narrow section; on the next climb, I was feeling oddly strong for deep into the race and I said "that dirt nap left me feeling really refreshed", the rider next to me burst out laughing and started falling back. I felt bad and didn't think I was that funny, but there's a good trick to try.

  25. I have a biking commute to my uni, it's pretty much all uphill at different angles, I usually take it some-what relaxed on my MTB (hard suspension and city tyres) as you don't want to arrive for class all sweaty, but, whenever I see a "fast" rider pass me, I always gear up and sneak in behind them. I was following my mate the other day, we had a pretty strong head-wind the entire way. Well…. He had a strong head-wind. I was cruising!

  26. Just search for
    inCycle video: Inside the sprint finish on stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse
    or similar, there you get an idea how it is to drive in a pro peloton, awesome speed and risky as hell, try to do those tricks there :-)))

  27. Just search for
    inCycle video: Inside the sprint finish on stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse
    or similar, there you get an idea how it is to drive in a pro peloton, awesome speed and risky as hell, try to do those tricks there :-)))

  28. Just search for
    inCycle video: Inside the sprint finish on stage 5 of the Tour de Suisse
    or similar, there you get an idea how it is to drive in a pro peloton, awesome speed and risky as hell, try to do those tricks there :-)))

  29. A good way of bluffing is to ride hard and pretent it is easy, works especially uphill.
    Step 2 is to start a conversation but be sure to ask the questions and let him do the talking.

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