60 minute Indoor Cycling Workout Turbo Training Session Video

Keep your arms relaxed and your elbows slightly bent Keep the resistance fairly easy Breath deeply in time to the music In Out In Out In Out In Out Good Keep it going Get low on the drops Fast corners coming up Let ’em have it ! Focus on your breathing You’re flying Take a few minutes to get your heart-rate down And drink some water Keep your breathing nice and controlled Take it easy riding into the village Get low keep those arms relaxed back straight You’re doing great ! Focus on your breathing Keep it flowing Relax those elbows ! Time for a bit of chilling Don’t forget to keep drinking Just let it flow Coooool !!!!l Gradually ease off and recover for a few minutes Eat, drink and be merry ! Gradually build it up with the music Go ! Go ! Go ! Max spinout ! As my dad would say… By jove I needed that ! Focus on nice relaxed pedalling Focus on your breathing again back on the drops again Ease off Easy through the town Now for your bonus 10 minutes This is our new local cycle path Not bad eh? Think about keeping a nice relaxed posture A still upper body smooth pedalling and steady breathing Now for a little grand finale ! Just do some easy pedalling Gradually reducing the intensity Have a drink

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  1. Fantastic indoor cycling training video! It's really challenging in training pedaling stroke. I have a Normalized Power of 140W (70% of my FTP) and a Variability Index of 1.03. Very good!

    Here's my result: http://connect.garmin.com/activity/961749201

  2. Love these videos. They are great to keep me focused. Are you planning on making more? I've made a 60 minute vid on my channel to keep the motivation going. Check it out!

  3. I agree. That was masterfully put together. I could use a lot more of these videos. Some 120 minute ones would be perfect. Thanks a lot! Great stuff!

  4. lo mejor que he visto en videos de cycling muchas gracias los disfruto haciendo ejercicio con mi bicicleta de spinning

  5. This ride was pretty hard but I loved it and will be doing it a lot more. I am a former runner turned cyclist, I had a total hip replacement back in October and I have been riding indoors and getting really bored. This and your other videos will help me get ready for my first 100 mile ride in June.

  6. AWESOME videos! Has certainly helped me gain a much higher achievement in my cycling training over the last few months. I don't know how you make it so smooth!! My only wish is you make more.

  7. Fantastic video for indoor cycling. I had to use my own music though. Will use over and over. Thank you for letting us travel with you.

  8. I agree, this was a spectacular indoor cycling workout! I mute the music too, but thanks to the onscreen cadence suggestions, it keeps me focused.

  9. This is bullshit, the guy is in a downhill all the way, not even peddaling for minutes and says to stayed at 110rpm???? Yeah, sure really funny

  10. Great video to ride to. I always use my own music as riding for me is more meditative and lets my mind relax as I watch the scenery. Downhill works for me as parts made me pedal faster like when you're a kid and want to challenge your ability to NOT crash the bike as you go as fast as you can. A great thrill then, a virtual thrill now.

  11. Thank you so much for posting this. I cycle with this video 5 times a week, and now I practically know every corner and every building (especially in the last town you go through, that's when I know I'm almost finished and that 10 minute bonus track is coming up). So far I've lost 15kgs and its been incredible. You've basically been on my weight loss journey with me and I just wanted to say a huge thank you.

  12. This is a great workout spin video and I've now ridden it many time ,trying to keep my pace with you , could you please tell me how many Km / MLS does it cover ,see you on the next ride . Graham.

  13. This video must be playing back at 2X or 3X normal speed. I felt like I was whizzing along on a motorcycle not a bike!

  14. Totally awesome video. Great footage, perfect music. Easily adds 10w to my NP just from the pick-me-up

  15. I love these. Do the workouts at the GYM and I drop everybody on the other stationary bikes. Hahaha… thanks for the videos, I’ll be using them on my trainings.

  16. Lovely ride in the French region of Drome and the Vercors hills. Some suggestions though: 1° please better adapt the BPM of the music to the required RPM. 2° Also the shadow of the cyclist(s) and the relief don't correspond to the required RPM. 3° Please show a map of the ride, just to help tourism in the region. Thank you

  17. Magnifique 😍😍 j'ai enfin adoré faire du vélo elliptique avec cette vidéo. ..Mille merci à vous 💕😙👍👍👍

  18. liked video, some good comments – change music beat with change in rpm – I would like an announcement when rpm changes

  19. Excellent- Ive watched quite a few now but this has to be the best so far for scenery, music, captions, and RPM pacing. Thanks!

  20. Mr O'Pastry. A fine workout i come back to every year for working on a smooth technique and core stability.
    Thanks for your hard work creating this video.

  21. I just discovered this video and I love it.
    I can't quite get to a steady 110rpm, but I WILL. In time.
    Thank you. It makes a cycling routine much more interesting.

  22. Rode with this video for first time, at times reminds me of winter riding in Colorado. Thank you for sharing this workout, will use it again.

  23. Need to add in what level we should have our bike on. Otherwise we might as well make up our own workout, no?

  24. Jesus help us. Love the footage but what is up with all the music not going in the same pace as recommended rpm? What's the point of music to a cycling session if not to help us keep the beat?

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