A Night At Bally’s Casino, Colombo | Sri Lanka’s Luxurious Casino | FT. Urvashi Rautela & Sonu Sood

This Immigration stamp is of India and other Stamp is of Srilanka If you are welcomed with Garland then Don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE Friends here begins Lanka Kand Adhyaya(Episode 2) And I’m here at Bhandarnayke International Airport, Colombo, Srilanka We as sitting in Silk Route Lounge Friends, I welcome You All from the Capital of Sri Lanka Colombo Such a beautiful View of the Morning One side its water and on the other side Me and here You are I’m At Kings Bury Hotel and it is in Colombo -1 And Once again I welcome You All In Sri Lanka So, What are we going to do? Right now I’m in front of a Beautiful Gate To Enter this Casino You need to have a Valid Passport So let’s give them our passport and take our Entry Card Ok Friends Chess is Set And My card is Ready Friends, I must inform You that Ballys Casino is Sri Lanka’s Largest Casino Also, Ballys Casino is Most Luxurious Casino in South East Asia Friends, I’m invited at Ballys on the occasion of 24th Anniversary Entry is free here But only for Foreigners Due to Govt. Policy Locals(Srilankans) are not allowed so that they can’t spend more Mentors can come So, Let’s Enjoy Ballys Casino and do some Gambling Ok Friends These are called ‘Biscuits’ in Sri Lanka But otherwise, its called Flex in the world of Casino. Let me try on 2 more One on no 1 and second on no 19 should I place it on Odd no. or even no. If you can’t come to Sri Lanka then you can play on ballysbet.com This Casino also tells You that You must know Your limits as well You must have Control on yourself You shouldn’t place Draupadi as Bet Ok friends, this game is called ‘BAKRA’ Let’s Play Bakra,In this Game one is a Player and other is a Banker If She is a Player then I’m a Banker In this game whosoever’s card has big no. wins If it’s mine then I’m a winner or if there’s then they win So, what say? Should I be a Banker or Player? let’s be player first Friends, these are my card and those are hers No. 4 has come that means total is 11 which won’t work picture also won’t work, it should toatl value of10 I got one more card well, friends, every day there is a ‘Lucky Draw’ there is a surprise on 22nd December They are announcing the winner of lucky draw so you never know, one can win ‘Lucky Draw’ as well. There is going to be Huge Surprise Sonu Sood – Bollywood Star is coming on 21st December and on 22nd December there will be a Jackpot Draw friends this Djin can win us some Jackpot So let’s play Slot Game if there are such kind of pictures on the screen then it’s a free game This gets interesting I had 10000 + and I bet for 520 and I got 13k free and I won 6660 well, friends the interesting part of this game is that whatever number, means whatever the money you bet you will get that many options to win. Like if I place 28 then I’ll get less number of options than if I bet for 280 let’s bet 280 Friends, this Slot machine gives amazing Jackpot chances to win upto11 million. it’s called du-fo-du-kwai Well, Friends, It was not possible to show you everything yesterday We are back again in Ballys Casino, I welcome You all again and Today we are going to do something special yesterday we covered general section where everybody is allowed but today I’m going in ‘Infinity’ Friends Chess Board is Set in Infinity and what is “The Infinity” section and why it is different from General section This is VIP Section and here BAKRA and Roulette only these two games can be played and let me tell you what’s the Limit? So, now I’m at Bakra Table and on Bakra table She will play with us our limit is Rs.50000(Srilankan) and one can go up to Rs.1 crore(Srilankan) well, if you have more then you can play with more so, let’s play Bakra Ok, guys, I have already played worth 5 million By the way, Friends the major attraction of any casino is Roulette game and it looks spectacular as well so, now let’s play Roulette ok friends, you may see the spinning wheel there but I must tell you that how to play it, we can play on many numbers simultaneously can play on Odds or can plan on evens as well you must be knowing what is odd and what is even like Delhi’s odd and even 19 because it’s my Birthday and so friends this the Maya of INFINITY but you must understand whether you have lakhs or millions your mind should be at right place because life is also a game and we have been playing gamble with life all along but we must see that with that gamble what is our benefit and what is our loss and enjoy the Life friends, now we have come from Infinity to High Limit High Limit means You can play from Rs.30000 to 7 million(Srilankan) And games here are Roulette, Bakra and Poker My friends from India you must have seen the Ad of Nawazuddin playing Poker? so we also playPoker! it is called teen patti in India by the way friends on weekends there is a huge rush here 80% are Indians think! and rest are from Chinese even Japanese also comes as you are watching it’s Fully packed He is Hindustani(Indian) he is being Shy VAISHALI – speak in Hindi, Lyod- why not. I invite all he has seen our Deltin Casino log but he is not our subscriber as yet I have seen Ma’m many times but sorry I have not followed her Right now in front of you all, I’m doing it let me check how well they taste I welcome you along with Sonu Sood on Xtreme Roads We are at Ballys Casino and we are in Sri Lanka let’s ask Sonu Sood what he would like to tell Indians about Sri Lanka I could only say that Do Come It’s a beautiful place and you will certainly enjoy it People are really amazing Well, friends Night is still all up and we have much more wait for Blasts Who is with us? Represented India in Miss Universe Contest and She is Urvashi Rautela So friends Our India’s Very Beautiful Urvashi Rautela is in Ballys Casino and she will enjoy the tour of Sri Lanka From all of Us Big Congratulations to Urvashi Rautela Guys, You must have enjoyed this Vlog don’t forget to follow on Instagram

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