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(beeping) – Welcome back to the
GCN Racing News Show. This week we’ve got the latest from the world of cyclo-cross, including a comeback from Zdenek Stybar, as well as the latest GCN’s Zwift race. But first, it is with great sadness, that we report on the passing
of cycling commentator and former professional
cyclist, Paul Sherwen, who’s died aged 62 this Sunday. Sherwen rode professionally
from 1978 until 1987 in a career that’s included
riding seven Tours de France and winning two British national titles. However, it was his subsequent
career in broadcasting where Sherwen became a household name. First commentating on Channel
4’s Tour coverage in the UK and then moving to commentate
on NBC Sports in America, in addition to SBS in Australia. Throughout his broadcasting
career, he worked alongside his longtime commentating
partner, Phil Liggett. With the two of them collaborating on 33 editions of the Tour. Overnight, tributes from
the cycling world flooded in over social media, including
this one from Liggett. “I went to bed in Africa
with a heavy heart last night “feeling sadness like never before. “My team mate for 33 years
was no longer with me. “Your hundreds of messages showed “how well Paul Sherwen was loved. “Let’s think of Katherine and his children with love just now.” Sherwen was in Uganda, the
country in which he had made his home for the last 10
years, when he passed away. All of us at GCN would like to
offer our sincere condolences to Sherwen’s family and friends. (upbeat music) The women’s race at the
Soudal Classics in Hasselt was packed with plenty of
the sport’s biggest stars, producing a relatively tight affair, which made for some
exciting racing once again. A clear winner did emerge in the end, with Ellen van Loy beating
the in-form Denise Betsema and world champion Sanne Cant to secure the top spot on the day. In contrast, the absence of cyclo-cross’ biggest stars in the men’s race, Wout van Aert and Mathieu van der Poel, meant that there would be a new winner. On this occasion, it was Kevin Pauwels, who seized the opportunity of
a more open race and produced a strong display, which proved
too difficult to match for fellow podium finishers
Jens Adams and Eli Iserbyt. (energetic music) A part time athlete until
only a couple of weeks ago, the 25-year-old Denise Betsema, has seen her fantastic
victory at the Koksijde secure a professional
contract with Marlux-Bingoal. A deserved reward for her
seven victories so far this season, which prove
her success is no fluke. Women’s cyclocross has
proven an ideal tonic for many who are bored
of Mathieu van der Poel’s dominance in the men’s races this year. Instead, enjoying more dynamic contests and harder to predict outcomes. But, we want to know, have you been enjoying women’s racing more this season? Let us know in the comments below. Last weeks Alpe du Zwift race
was another brilliant affair with our very own Emma
and Malin taking part in the action, testing their efforts amongst other super strong Zwift riders. In the end, it was
Australia’s Sean Vintin, who finished top of the pack,
having worked hard to close the earlier attack of Leandro
Messineo from Argentina, which opened a gap of around 10 seconds. Sean worked hard to overturn that deficit and pushed onwards to victory, finishing with a lead of
47 seconds over Leandro in an average wattage of 384 watts for the 53 minutes and 4 seconds race. (upbeat music) It’s been a long career
for 35-year-old Irishman Philip Deignan, fourteen
years to be exact, one which included 10 Grand
Tours and a stage victory at La Vuelta a España in 2009. Having initially turned
professional with AG2R, he went on to ride for the
Cervelo Test Team, Radioshack, United Healthcare and
joined Team Sky in 2014, who has since become his final team. An unsung rider in many respects, Deignan enjoyed some
sparkling form at times including placing ninth
overall at the 2009 Vuelta. However, in later years, his talents were put to use as a super domestique. We’ll wish him all the
best for the future, especially as he recently became a dad. Could put those super
domestique skills to good use. (upbeat music) An epic saga, which began to
border on the farcical at times the transfer of Ivan Sosa, looks to have finally been settled, much
to the glee of Team Sky. Having caught their eye during 2018, including battling it
out with Chris Froome and Thibaut Pinot on stage
2 of the Tour of the Alps. There was never any doubt
that the 21-year-old Columbian was bound to be hot property
in the transfer market. Trek-Segafredo were one
of the first to make a serious move for the young talent and was so certain that
everything had been signed off that they even announced
his move to the team. However, they soon realized
this was not the case, when despite having paid
for his release clause, Sosa had never signed a contract at all. Having now resolved everything officially, and reimbursed Trek-Segafredo, the Columbian has definitely signed a three year deal with Team Sky. (upbeat music) It was confirmed this week
that the Breton outfit Fortuneo-Samsic has set to hand
title sponsorship to Arkea, the parent company of Fortuneo, and become Arkea-Samsic for 2019. After this season proved to
be a disappointing affair, they shall be hoping that
Warren Barguil can rediscover some of his 2017 form ahead
of the Tour de France, while Andre Greipel joins to see if he can continue adding to his victories despite being in the
twilight of his career. Overall ambitions remain
high at the French team, with their long-term focus being to join the ranks of the
World Tour at some point. Sticking with the sprinters,
or lead out men at least, we’re wishing Mark
Renshaw a speedy recovery from a broken pelvis
sustained after he was hit by a driver when
out on a training ride. Hopefully, he’ll be back in time to help long-term team mate, Mark
Cavendish, before too long. (upbeat music) Zdeněk Štybar shall be
making a festive return to cyclo-cross during the
up-and-coming festive period, returning to the sport, which
first delivered him success and a reputation as a rider
worth watching for the future. He’ll make his first appearance on Boxing Day at the Zolder World Cup. Before moving onwards to
races at Loenhout on the 28th, Diegem on the 30th, and another
on New Year’s Day at Baal. Though it may have been
some time since we last saw the 33- year-old Czech rider
fully committed to cyclo-cross, such was his pedigree even after he had made the transition to
full-time road rider. He still dispatched Sven Nys
at the 2014 World Championships to add to his victories in 2010 and 2011. That’s it for the race news this week. Now, remember to join us on our live Zwift race here on GCN on Tuesday and we’ve got more live cyclo-cross over on our Facebook page this Saturday. So, be sure to tune in for that. If you’re looking for any Christmas gifts for the cyclists that
you love or like a lot, then head over to the GCN shop because we’ve got loads of cool
stuff on there as well. Until then, I’ll see you later.

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  1. ………if you buy me a pint I can teach you how to pronounce Zdenek 😉 ………so you can forget abou Zendenk 🙂

  2. I'm sorry, I get that the numbers are impressive when reporting Zwift race results, power output, etc….. but does it really need to be on GCN Racing News Show? I don't find it interesting, just like I don't capture my yoga sessions on Strava.

  3. With Raleigh Banana I roomed with Paul many times. He wasn't impressed when a woman smashed into the team car when he sent me to fuel it up.
    We never really warmed to each other but what an impressive, brilliant man he was. A graduate in paper technology, (or origami as he said), a highly skilled multi-linguist, perhaps the most focussed ds anyone could wish to have.
    He managed the team well, and of course he was broken-hearted later when the wonderful Dave Rayner was murdered. Phil Thomas, Dave Mann, John Atkinson and all the others must be in bits.
    7 Tours de France. A 6 hour lone breakaway. British champion, super roadman-sprinter, the best team player ever with La Redoute and Fiat.
    A brilliant mind, a gifted communicator.
    Only the good die young.
    Thank-you GCN.

  4. I have just cycled 1,070 km through the desert in South Africa (The Munga), saddle sores force me to sit in the same postion as Ollie is sitting

  5. I remember watching Paul Sherwen race in the 80's, always friendly and polite, and his commentary of the 1986 TdeF is forever burned into my memory. Bye Paul.

  6. Oh man, I am so sorry to hear this news about Mr. Sherwen. I have become a regular follower of cycling races and the commentator teams since 2000 or so. Yes, we used to smile about his many, oft-repeated catchphrases, but that was part of the experience for me. It will be strange tuning in next year. My condolences to his family and broadcast team.

  7. While i was watching this video, i got a push notification that Oliver Bridgewood started zwifting. How is that even possible O.O 😛 Witchcraft!

  8. Crikey I’m sure you could have mustered up a better tribute than that. This guy looks like he’s just double dropped on night nurse

  9. Looks like this broadcast is distracting our host from an ongoing conversation (perhaps about what ever is keeping him awake at night)in front of him, off camera.

  10. Ollie buddy, looking a bit like a shark's shart there, lad. One would almost think you've been smashing out watts in the grimly English grit and grime for hours many. KUDOS!!!

  11. One of the highlights of every summer was watching the Tour, and enjoying the excellent team of Liggett/Sherwen. The Tour won't be the same going forward.
    Those of us who love cycling have lost a friend in Paul Sherwen, who will be greatly missed.

  12. Nearly every form of cycling has been better on the women's side than on the men's: mountain bike, cyclocross and road all had better stories and personalities from the ladies. I expect much the same in the coming year.

  13. RIP Paul Sherwen. I grew up listening to him commentating on the Tour. He helped make the tour what it is to me today. Thank you.

  14. Is this a Tribute??? The commentator just rolled out of bed in a T-shirt!!!! Would Paul Sherwen present like that, no way….RIP Paul, sorry GCN dissed you like this.

    PS., Is that your laundry in the background? C'MON MAN! Have some Respect!

  15. Listening to Paul and Phil during the past 19 Tours de France, I felt like I was hanging out with two cycling loving friends. Now one is gone. I will miss you, Mr. Sherwen.

  16. I'm all for angles in photos and videos, but Ollie seems to be hiding a humpback in this video.
    Like I said, I'm all for non-straight forward presentation, but maybe bring that aft shoulder around a few degrees? At least so we (the viewer) can see it?

  17. All the other news pales beside the sad news of Paul Sherwen. I grew up with him and Phil covering the Tour de France and what an amzing cycling career before that. I remember reading of an epic solo chase after injury to meet the cut-off.

  18. Rest In Peace Paul Sherwen. He and Phil were the voice of my childhood when it came to cycling. He will be missed by I hope all cycling fans. I think cycling just lost one of its all time greats. R.I.P. Paul. You will be missed.

  19. womens racing has been getting better for many year, the cyclocross races have been superb and much more interesting than the mens.

  20. I was hoping Paul and Phil would return to sbs for the tour de france. SBS please bring Phil back to compare with Mike. You owe it to Paul. The tour down under won't be the same without you Paul..RIP

  21. I just found out about paul's passing now, just yesterday i was listing his classic 2000 tour du france commentating of pantani vs Armstrong battle in the mountains, thank you Paul
    I will miss you.

  22. First thank you Paul Sherwen for being an inspiration.

    As for the women’s cross racing in my opinion it has been more exciting than the men’s for years, with more unpredictable racing but also the strong personalities of the riders like Vos, Cant and Compton who all have different talents. Don’t overlook the amazing talent of the British riders like Wyman, Richards, who put on a great show.

  23. I have such vivid memories of the tour as a child. Watching with my family, the theme music and Phil & Paul. I had a Raleigh Banana with a transfer of a Paul's autograph. I just loved it. RIP Paul Sherwen. On yer bike Bob…….

  24. Terrible show, despite the serious, sad, and interesting content. GCN should not even put this out when the presenter is clearly barely able to read their lines, let alone present well enough.

  25. So saddened by the death of Paul Sherwen. RIP. Cycling will never sound the same for me without him. To answer your question Ollie, yes, I am enjoying the women's racing. It is fantastic to have it broadcast. Thank you GCN.

  26. This is a new low for GCN. This must be the worst person to read the autocue (tribute) to such a wonderful man. Other comments have asked if he was drunk or had the flu, leaning sideways on the desk, his heart clearly isn't in it at all. Why does he bother getting up in the morning? The most insincere tribute ever.

  27. Surprised no one warned against your left shoulder lead posture for the segment before or during filming…. well, I will now… sorry.

  28. RIP Paul Sherwen. You and your co-commentator were in many ways responsible for creating my love for cycling. Your commentaries of Le Tour here in distant Australia will always stick in my mind.

  29. He and Phil were certainly the voice of cycling for this American.
    Their collective knowledge made Le Tour so much more than a race to watch.
    I will certainly miss him this year and every Tour afterward

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