AION 7.0 | New Magic Crafting | Daeva Skill Box, Manastones etc

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  1. If you are activly playing 6.2 you will not need this crafted gear because crafting pve gear is stupid and everybody will have full ultimate garrison gear up until 7.0 which you can upgrade once again in 7.0 so that will be the best pvp gear again and for pve markarna/prometun will also be enough for the new pve instances

  2. meh, Aion crafting already lost lots of players with this nonsense prox % and normal version being complete waste of time/materials. If you get prox 1/10 times and you need to go 3 lvls up for best grade… 100% not worth playing game like this. Came back after 1 year into aion, tried, uninstalled this time forever. EU and NA had chance but blew it so badly..

  3. Shhh XD you already gave away in your video my kinah source of income in one year that i was implementing already… oh well 😀
    i sell that crafted shit to pay to winners to buy myself the good ap gear and enchanting stones

  4. I really like your Videos and i played Aion for 6 years befor i start playing GW2. But Aion is and was sooooooo much Pay2Win its absolut crap. I remember some ppl pay 5000€ to get +12 feather some years ago its sick.

  5. Video is good as always but u didn't explain what the difference between the existed weapon, and new weapon that we will be crafting!

  6. Correction. The possiblity of crafting Daevanion skill books was added in one of the 6.5 mini-patches, not in 7.0. Besides Genesis Crystals, you also need other material, which costs 80k AP per piece (and there's sales limit ofc).

  7. Sywo San, do you buy account to play? cause i tried downloading it and the only way is to buy a verified acc to download it >.<

  8. Aion lost me after 6.x forever. of cours i had little hopes but gameforge completely destroyed that little hopes also

  9. You can stick a fork in AION NA…. It's a ghost town now. Bad enchantment rates and no content seem to be the main reasons.

  10. Thx Sywo, craft and skins (girly yes!! but super op for PvP) is one of the things that I love to know about, is one of the first I always check when new patches comes. Thx Ello for the clarification, sales limit does not surprise me xD

  11. Great video! I would like to request a download link for AION KR translation for 7.0, I have Korean account too, but I do not know how to leave it as yours in English, since now I thank you


    Sywo isnt that exactly what you want? A company that cares truly about their customers even western costumers and do whatever they can to please everyone 🙂

  13. The state of this game is so fucked it takes months just to get kinda good gear. I used 92 PvP stones and my weapon never got past 9 this is such shit

  14. I made my noble craft set by wasting time 24/7 for 1.5 month, killed TOOOONS of mobs and now I see that I need craft set again. Fucking koreans

  15. How do you farm legendary/ultimate ench stones? I am currently with legendary pve gear while farming kibrium for the pvp one, but I feel like I am missing something on the ench stones. Pve legendary/ultimate drop in PF/IDD and thats it right? Pvp are from ID/Dredge/EC? The amount seems low to me, unless you morph ench stones.

  16. Hey guys just making a video of 10min to tell you what you doing right now. Yeah Yeah , the only content in aion 6.x do camp and farm name for kibrium , yeah yeah that! I just want let you know, you will still gona do that in 7.0 . Yeah yeah you are Welcome !!!

  17. @Sywo 5:05 i know you dont play aion that why you dont know. But when you play aion you need break pvp gears you craft with kibrium for get crystal to purified ur gears or craft enchant stone AND everytime you do that you get slot stone. So dont tell people to not sell they pve gears they get from instance when they need the money from it ….

  18. as a new player. how and where do i start quest for crafting. or from where do i get materials to incress my skill?

  19. I am wondering about the material you get from disenchanting the new manastones (Sharp Manastone Sample or Sharp Manstone Extraction Stone)… does anyone know what to do with this?

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