Andrew Dice Clay Gives Marriage Advice | Season 1 Ep. 7 | MY KITCHEN RULES

She’s good in the kitchen.
Are you married?
Almost a year.
What do you need to know?
I get married all the time.
You tell me.
You gotta get a couple
lava lights for the bedroom.
I like lava lamps.
Lava lamps are sweet.
But I know you don’t
have any, right?
I don’t.
You’re right.
Because you’re not putting
it– what do you do?
You dim the light?
Dim the light.
How many times is
that gonna work?
Listen to me.
I know what I’m talking about.
All right.
Lava lamp.
You got a sound
system in the bedroom?
I don’t.
Big mistake.
Big mistake?
Oh my god.
We have seven minutes.
I am doing exactly what I’m–
I’m just yelling to the air!
I’m just saying.
You got me in trouble.
Dice, I got you.
I appreciate the advice, though.
You’re 26 years old.
You’re doing great.
You’re doing great.
Keep it up.

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