Arkham Horror: The Card Game – Playthrough

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  1. Great presentation, as usual. A question, though: will you continue the playthrough? I don't mind spoilers, so it would be great. I'm a bit curious about the more involving play after this. Thanks.

  2. Shouldn't you be getting resources everytime you successfully investigate with Roland due to his Ally? If so, you could have got the gun out much sooner.

  3. Thanks for the great video! One minor point: When you gained control of Lita, I believe you would have had to discard Leo as that gave you two Allies (you also would have lost the extra action he gave, unless you gained Lita as your fourth action).

  4. Thanks for sharing this with us. I haven't finished this video yet, (because of spoilers), but did want to know if you think this has replay value, for solo players? Cheers.

  5. Thanks for making this video. I just got my copy of the game and played through this scenario. Then I watched your video to see if I was playing things correctly. Nice, entertaining video, and helpful!

  6. Thanks so much for this video, exactly what I needed as I anxiously await to open this game on Christmas Day!!!! This game looks absolutely beautiful and amazing

  7. At 16:58 in the video an evade is done. the target number needed is two, the character attempting the evade has a 2 evade innate, the chit drawn says there is a -1 applied (meaning the character now has a 1 evade). How was the evade successful? I know manual dexterity was played, but wasn't it played for it's card text (bottom) and not sacked for it's "plus" skill attributes (upper left corner)?

  8. this is more entertaining than watching high end graphic games. Thank you for sharing, and wouldnt it be nice if this could be an on line games like Magic the Gathering.?

  9. I think I found one mistake: the Monster is engaged with Roland, then Wendy attacks the Monster. But to be able to attack the Monster she first has to spend one Action to engage it and then one more Action to attack it. So at the end she only has one Action left!

  10. You should have gained two clues for killing the priest at the end, but I don't know that you get to bring clues with you to next scenarios anyway.

    Overall this seems like a light card drafter with neat theme. Cheers.

  11. At 18:59, I don't understand why only one action is used. You have played Emergency Cache and Sneak Attack, so isn't that 2 actions?

  12. downloaded this yesterday on Tabletop Simulator. watched your video twice to fully understand. thanks man. I can't wait to be home and start playing

  13. Good video! I've a question though. Why didn't the Ghoul priest get exhausted/stunned after you hit him with Roland at about 41:00 ?

  14. So, the Hallway is where I paused my first solo playthrough and I found your video. I notice that you seem to have skipped your Mythos phase again. Was this a gaff on your part, or are all the Acts considered to each have a 'first round' where the Mythos turn is skipped? I suspect this is correct, because the draw was pretty intimidating with some sort of strong ghoul in the cellar and another card that really set me back quite a bit before I could even move out of the hallway which would set me back an activity on each investigator. Ouch. I also didn't understand why the Hallway had a shroud value if it had no clues.

    Then as I was considering these things I started really looking at my cards. There is so much information going on between cost/type/modifiers(fast)/and just what some of the language on the cards mean. "Max 1 skill commit" is a great example on Guts. I take it to mean that once I use Guts, only 1 card can be committed to the skill check. If I used Guts, it would be the 1 card according to the modifier…but, does that include the 1 'skill commit' allowed of my fellow investigator(s)? Or is it simply saying no other 'skill' cards may be commited to the play, but other non-skill cards can still be sacked for skill bonuses?

    Edit: I realize I could just watch the rest of your video, but I don't really want to spoil the interactions, and just discover them for the first time. Some of the mechanics seem a little obscure without starting to dig through all the cards and possibly revealing some bits of story I would regret. I suspect I should have skipped the mythos phase in the beginning of act 2, because that icy ghoul in the cellar plus both my investigators being down an activity out the gate is rough.

  15. This is WAY more helpful than the tutorial videos from flight or any other ive seen so far. Thanks! Very thorough and im happy you didnt gloss over the flavor text and stuff, it helps flesh out whats going on

  16. I think games like this should always have a high level game concept tutorial that also illustrates the game’s general flow as easy as possible

  17. Really enjoyed your play through. I have a question, do you reset the health and sanity of your investigators after each mission?

  18. Just coming on to mention that you performed the Engaging of the enemy incorrectly at 16:10 When an Enemy attacks, you can't Fight or Evade, the Ghoul just does the damage. You can only Fight or Evade during the Investigator phase, not the Enemy phase.

  19. Excellent video..this gives you a very good insight into the game. The combat seems a bit overcomplicated..I think that would take a bit of getting used to, especially with two players playing various cards at the same time.

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