Art Techniques & Styles : Drawing Dice

Alright folks in this clip. I’m going to teach
you how to draw a dice and dice are particularly
interesting. In that their good for studding
basic shapes and patterns. So what we’re going
to do. Is we’re going to start right here
and we’re going to start by. Drawing a couple
different lines. Kind of build the dice and
the foundation. Now like I said the good thing
about learning and practicing and drawing
dice. Is it teaches you how to draw different
shapes and patterns. So what we’re going to
do here. Is it looks right now I’m just drawing
a kind of a weird looking Y. Now I’m going
to duplicate this line. Right over here then
connect it line coming down like that. Same
thing over here. Duplicate that line going
over here and then draw a line connecting
them right there. Now we have the sides of
our dice. Alright now what we’re going to
do is we’re going to come in and draw a line
coming across this way. That duplicates that
one over on this side. See? And connect these
and now we have a square. Three dimensional
square obviously and then being that this
is a dice. We’ll come up here on the top and
maybe we’ll add. You know the dots to it but
I’m adding a little bit of a white there on
the side. Just to give it some dimension.
Now this is going to be the tricky part. Sense
this is a different side over here that’s
supposed to be facing a different way. We’re
going to have to draw these circles just a
little bit differently. A little bit flatter
on this side. Emphases the dimension. Now
we’re going to make this side a four. Make
your circles. See how I’m doing that? Just
a little bit flatter and that’ll help show
the perspective and help showcase the perspective.
Now this side is facing a little bit more
toward us and up toward us. So what we’re
going to do is we’re not going to make these
ones quite as oval shaped. I mean it’s circular
but we’re going to make them a little bit
oval shape. Not as flat as these but defiantly.
Not as round as the top one. If that makes
sense. Now this’ll be the tricky part honestly.
I mean you’ll take awhile for this part to
look exactly the way you want it to. But with
enough practice you should be able to get
yourself. A very nice dice and that would
just be one of the dice. Then of course you
could come and draw another one right over
here. If you wanted to and again practice
the same technique we learned over there.
When you commit to a shape. Stick to it and
what we’ll do actually is we’ll try doing
on a little bit more directly on top of us.
We’ll come in here and we’ll go like that.
Come up here and go like that and come across
like that. This ones a little bit more on
the top. Now lets mush the shading. Come over
here draw and that’s essentially how you would
draw dice. It’s really a great study in perspective.
Three dimensional squared objects obviously
and once you kind of get these down and can
make them look believable. Your well on your
way to being able to draw dice. Or any other
shapes for that matter.

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