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Backstage at COME FROM AWAY with Rachel Tucker, Episode 1: Welcome to the Rock!

Backstage at COME FROM AWAY with Rachel Tucker, Episode 1: Welcome to the Rock!

(warm guitar music) – Hello! (laughs) Welcome to my vlog. Okay, couple of firsts. Couple of things here before
I start for my first vlog. This is the first time I’ve ever done it, so gimme a minute. (laughs) Secondly, I’ve not long
arrived from London to start rehearsals here at the theater, “Come From Away,” I’m just on my way there now for my first music review. I’ve left my family behind, and my son and my
beautiful husband and son. They’re in London still. So if you see me crying on a
vlog within the next few weeks, that’ll be why. So, it’s all very new,
very exciting, but new, and here on my own, doin’ it, doin’ it on my own for a bit. So, but lovin’ it, look,
look at this place, I mean, New York, I’m here, I’ve arrived! So, first rehearsal. Can’t wait, lookin’ forward to it. Weirdly, I’ve lots to learn, I’ve got a new alto harmony line to learn. New cast to meet, to bond with. Yeah, it’s all the same, but different. I’m very excited about this week. Here’s to my first video
blog, see you very soon, bye! – So if I am Janice,
looking off of my shoulder– – Oh really, that much? – Yeah, just, just kinda do that, so she’s there, you’re here. And then you have Astrid
in between you two. – Got it. – So boom, boom, so you
should be off of her shoulder. – From her butt. – But in-stage of Astrid.
– Got it. So, and then we’re doing
from around here for a while, like maybe? (tapping)
– That’s you right there. Keep away, in valiant,
keep away, and turn. (singing) Keep away– – We’re all bound away.
– We’re all bound away. Uh-huh. (warm guitar music) ♪ My parents must have thought ♪ ♪ They had a crazy kid ♪ ♪ Because I was one of those kids ♪ ♪ Who always knew what I wanted ♪ ♪ They took me down to the airport ♪ ♪ To see the planes departing ♪ ♪ And watch how they fly south ♪ ♪ And inside of me it was started ♪ ♪ I was eight when I told them ♪ ♪ I’d be a pilot ♪ – I am ready to go, suited and booted. So, it’s Friday, before
my first show on Tuesday, the first or third of March. And today’s the put-in. You can hear all the girls next door. I am, I am sat at Becky’s dress site. Bless her sweet heart,
she left me a gorgeous, gorgeous note sayin’ have fun. How sweet is she? And, and it’s all go, and
we’ll go through some changes, our transitions, so that
nobody bumps into anyone, and (coughs) I get all my moves right, and my new alto harmony right. It’s a great chance to
go through a refresher, and get everything working again. I’m very excited, can’t wait for you to meet all the rest of the cast. Some of which you already know. And I can’t wait to get to
know them via this vlog. Actually, it’s a great
way to get to know them, also, big shout out to Jenn Colella, I went on her vlog last night
and was massively inspired. Huge, huge fan when it comes to vlogging. First time, first time for everyone. And yeah, let’s do this,
let the rehearsal commence. See you later, bye! Whew, well, that happened. Did the put-in. And it happened. Nobody got hurt. It went really well, it was weird, the only way I can describe it was it was like doing the
show with my eyes closed, like doing that. I didn’t do that, thankfully. But it was, that’s what it felt like, like I know where this
is, I know where it is, and I just have to trust
my instincts and jump, as my mom used to say to me, jump and a net will appear, a net. And I did, I trusted it,
and it was all there, and the cast were so
supportive and so amazing and whew, so, the next time I do it, will be on Tuesday, the third of March. – Oh, there’s my favorite! – There she is, there she
is, hey, still, right, okay. I don’t know why I’m doing
an American accent, sorry. – Bye!
– Right, okay, okay, right, what was that? So we’re just, we’re revising some– – We’re revising Rachel’s
life, to be honestly. – I am relearning. – Nothing is the same. – So explain, explain, I am relearning– – So, yeah.
– All of “Come From Away.” – Here’s the scoop, so
she’s sang a soprano to slash alto track in London
brilliantly for a year, and now she’s coming here and she just found out like four days ago, she’s gonna sing a different vocal part. – Yay! – But she’s so game, she just said, okay! – Brain fry, here we go! (laughing) – Okay, can you do Captain Bristol, and can you lift and he says, so that we get the key words? – Oh yes, I remember saying that. – Okay, great.
– And he said, okay. – So, blah, blah, blah, and
a couple of vegetarians. – One of the pilots for Virgin
Atlantic, Captain Bristol, he’s a very strong leader,
he’s good to his passengers, and he’s handsome too. Anyway, he takes me aside and says– – And he says!
– And he says! – And yeah, it gives, you
need a little more time. – Got it, got it.
– Yep. – Again.
– Yep, ah, one of the pilots. – One of the pilots for Virgin
Atlantic, Captain Bristol, he’s a very strong leader,
he’s good to his passengers, and he’s handsome too,
anyway, he takes me aside, and he says–
– I’ve been watching you, you’re doing beautiful
work, I blah, blah, blah. – Nice.
– And we got it. – And he says, that’s it.
– Yeah. – Got it. – Hello, and goodbye! And welcome! – So this is, this is what this
little bit of vlog’s about. Part of this business is
we do these brilliant, fantastic roles, and we hold
them dear in our hearts, and then sometimes we have
to say goodbye to them, and this is what’s happenin’ with this beautiful person here, and I’ve arrived off the plane– – Half hour.
– Half hour. I have arrived off the plane from London to come over here to start, and this lady has done
nothing but shown me the most kindest welcome that
I could’ve possibly wanted, and honestly, I thank you, and this has been an amazing week, but very hard and difficult and beautiful, and I just wanna thank you. – Aw, thank you, it makes it easier to pass it somebody very
kind, let me tell you. That cares as much about it as I do. – Right, and I do, and I
will, and I appreciate it, and so, and this week, we
had a cocktail made for us. – Yes! – Which Becky had a lot to do with. – Ooh, it was fun, they’d
been working on a drink over at our bar called Me and the Sky, and it was a perfect
opportunity to cheers! – We make a little photograph of it, so we’re gonna put it around.
– Oh yes. – And hoped that you would see the thing. So, how you feelin’? – Oh, so that’s so selfish. (laughing) – Silly question, silly question. – I feel happy, I feel proud, I feel sad, I feel all the feels, and very thankful for this time in this
show, it’s been the best. – Good, good, and I wanna thank you and what do they say, happy trails? Isn’t that what they say in America? – Yes, what do they in London? Bye?
– See ya! – Peace?
(laughing) – Peace out! Good luck! Happy trails. Thank you for showin’ such kindness. – Of course. – Payin’ it forward,
like the show teaches us. – And welcome back to Broadway for you! – Thank you! ♪ Back in the sky ♪ – That’s my dream song, “Back in the Sky.” – Oh, well, that’s perfect. – There’s a couple of backs, “Back on Broadway,” “Back in the Chair,” (snorts)
“Back in the Plane.” – “Back with the Flashlight,”
“Back in the Sexy Vest!” (laughing)
– Yes, yes! So, thank you and good luck, happy trails. – Aww, thank you. – And we will, let’s stay in touch, we will be friends, regardless. – Oh, God, yeah. Hug the best–
– Hug it out, hug it out. Love you, Becks.
– Love you. – Ciao for now! Before I sign off from
my first week’s vlog, I have got to introduce you to somebody that’s a little bit special here in the “Come From Away” building. Yes, it’s Teddy! Meet Teddy! Oh, Teddy! He’s a muppet.
– He’s a muppet! – [Rachel] Look at him! – [Josh] It’s like Ralph if
Ralph wasn’t a cocker spaniel, but a wheaten terrier. – [Rachel] Now, and who’s the
more important person in this? – This is Teddy, it’s Theodore,
Tedward Breckenridge I. – [Rachel] Is that the full name? – Ah yeah, we say it in jest. He’s got his, he is very lumberjack. – [Rachel] Oh my God, he does! – However, he’s straight, he’ll
tell you straight who he is. Sit, baby! Good boy.
– Good boy! – Shake? Good boy!
– Teddy! – Good boy, Teddy! – [Rachel] You little stagey dog! – Aw, he has an audition
for Sandy in “Annie.” – [Rachel] Are you kidding me? – In a regional production,
yes, I’m kidding. (laughing) – Aw, but you could!
– He could! – Oh my God, Teddy–
– Hey, let’s not eat off the
floor, what’s up with that? – [Rachel] Oh, Teddy, did we get a treat? I think he treats, hold on, do you know? – Yeah.
– Come on. I think that’s deserving of a treat. And I think, can he
maybe sign out with me? – Yes!
– For my first vlog? – [Josh] Of course! – [Rachel] Here we go. – [Josh] Teddy, can you sit? – [Rachel] (gasps) Look at you! – [Josh] Teddy, down. Good boy, can you roll over? – Stop it!
– Good boy! – Teddy!
– Teddy! – You’re unreason–
– Wanna sign off with her? – [Rachel] Yes, let’s
sign off, here we go. – [Josh] Do I need to hold her, or okay– – Yeah, here we go. So, first vlog done,
say buh-bye, Teds, Josh. – Say bye, Teddy! – Oh, where are we, but
let’s focus, let’s focus. – Here we are, bye!
(laughing) Peek-a-boo! (laughing) (warm guitar music)

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  1. I’m so excited for these vlogs. Come From Away is such a beautiful and amazing show and now they have a vlog and Rachel Tucker, you are amazing!

  2. I saw Come From Away with Rachel Tucker in Dublin Ireland a couple of years ago and it's an amazing show and cast.

  3. WOO RACHEL! This was amazing already, can't wait to see the next episodes! You're gonna 'rock' this.

  4. In Candian theatres as well….. forever o_o. Until the end of Canadian time, this musical will play forever in Canada.

  5. I saw Rachel Tucker in Come From Away in London and she was fantastic! I said hi to her after the show at the stage door, and she was so sweet!

  6. This is the BEST vlog ever!!
    Rachel Tucker is simply so AMAZING. Seriously, I need to go to New York to see the show. And Becky, she is the sweetest. The whole time I watch this vlog the way she looks at Rachel. I just love them all so much

  7. I’m very happy that they made a musical about CANADIAN history ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  8. I loved Jenn in CFA, but I can’t wait to see Rachel do her thing!! Break a leg and sending you love and warm hugs!!

  9. I saw this, yelled so loud I scared my wife and cats, and nearly broke a finger pressing play. I love all these vlogs, but this lady and this show? Perfection. Many thanks and much love.

  10. Been a fan since Rachel Tucker since The Last Ship in Chicago in 2013 or 2014. What an incredible talent and cool person!

  11. I just love Rachel so much! I saw her when the show came to Dublin a little while ago before it came to the West End and it was absolutely amazing, one of the best I’ve ever seen ❤️ it’s so inspiring to see a successful woman in musical theatre from the island of Ireland, she’s just so incredible!!

  12. * sees my Queen clicks vlog* Me 🤩🤩🤩
    *Rachel starts singing me from the sky * Me 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭 I WANT HER BACK

  13. OH MY GOSH!!!! I legit JUST listened to the album while in the shower, and this happens to show up in my recommended and it was only posted YESTERDAY!!!!! This is the best day ever!

  14. Fab first vlog, Rachel! I still love how full circle your CFA journey has been for me, personally. I came to your 54 below show in 2017 during a trip when on other days I couldn't get a ticket for CFA and was delighted when you were cast in London so I got to see you twice there. As a chemistry PhD student who was told by my colleagues that I couldn't move to the "gentlemen's lab" for more space, "Me and the Sky" means so much to me working in a male-dominated field. Looking forward to the next episode!

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