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BE THE KING (Main Theme) – SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day

BE THE KING (Main Theme) – SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day

ooooo OOOOoooooo
ooooo OOOOoooooo ooooo OOOOoooooo
ooooo OOOOoooooOOOOOOOO Tonight second contest begins
Prepare for the worst Extinguishing thousands of lives
For a chance to be first On the battlefield they meet once again
Foes both old and new Their fates hanging down from a thread
That’s severed by you So who among them will emerge as a god? Persevering through fights, take one foot
and step forward If you’re here you’re the best of your
kind Only one can survive by the end of this war
And now we are tasked to resolve The question on everyone’s mind WHO WILL BE THE KING? The fans loudly cheer from the stands
Their champions rise They hope their support is enough
To prevent their demise With two missteps they’ll fall to the void
Filled with rage and regret What once held great power is now
Just a name to forget So which of these curs won’t be left in
the dust? Persevering through fights, take one foot
and step forward If you’re here you’re the best of your
kind Only one can survive by the end of this war
Will we ever get peace of mind? Surrounded by corpses and caked in dry blood How long will they still stand,
will they too hit the mud? Can they truly be victors after all this war? And above everything, IS THIS LORE? Alas, all this could be for naught
A waste of our time Relinquish the throne to the bot
With no reason or rhyme Unregistered fool… …best prepare for the brawl You prevailed in your fights, take your foot
and step forward You are truly the best of your kind You’re the only one left at the end of this war
And now we can finally resolve The question on everyone’s mind WHO WILL BE THE KING… FOOOOOOOOR AAAAAA DAAAAAAAAAAAAY

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. It's honestly fantastic to finally be able to hear the full version of this track, as well as getting the full lyrics in the description. Watching that intro animation with this accompanying the visuals got my hyped like nothing else has, and this finally being uploaded makes it feel like we've truly come full circle.

    wolfman1405, every track you've made this tournament has been pure gold, and this one is no exception. You've truly made the grandest of themes for the ultimate musical competition ^_^

  2. Some ideas for a PV:

    Start of the song, KFAD invites flying through the home scenarios of various characters

    0:35 First interviews by Meowth and UHC2

    1:00 TV Size equivalent

    1:05 The bracket rotates and then becomes a vertical thread. On the left side there is Placeholder Man and on the right, Placeholder-chan. They strike one unique blow into each other in a samurai movie fashion as UHC2's blade cuts the thread.

    1:22 TV Size equivalent

    1:35 The final four seem to be surronded by many contestants. Only their silhouettes can be seen, the camera is in a kinda diagonal angle and the sky is red.

    1:47 TV Size Equivalent.

    1:59 Moments of the fight between Mariya Takeuchi and Jack Bros.

    2:19 Pep talk between K and Mariya. In the same stanza, moments of the fight between Mariya and Off the Hook, on which Mariya lands a heel strike on Paruko's neck, causing the latter's GameBoy to come out of her back pocket, hit the floor and break.

    2:39 The pictures of the first round losers appear, a Red 'X' along with their finishing rank being painted on each one of them.

    3:00 Same scene as 1:35, but with less contestants surrounding the final four.
    3:14 Moments of MOJO posts increasing tension between the final four appears, such as the conversation between K and Monokuma after their fight.

    3:28 Moments of KFAD 2 appears on a fruit from a tree whose root is on SiIvaGunner's brain. Other fruits from the same tree are CCC, Reboot, and other takeovers. SiIvaGunner's unglitchy eye then opens and shines bright.

    3:36 Various moments from the MOJOs posts, including the RM-Snake drama chapters, HOBaRT expelling everyone from the cafeteria, another break-up of Tenacious D, "MC Donald's is the place to rip", Mr Krabs invading Al's room to find panties, "Bravo, Johnny!", among many others worthy of telling. Fights such as Rhythm Masters Vs. Jack and Elmo, Mariya Vs. ZUN, Jack Bros. Vs The Jazz Cats…

    4:20 The corrupted Studio Gunner appears, the Crown making its discourse and taking over UHC2's body, making him Unrestrained HC2.

    4:50 Cool Meme Team convinces the extra characters to lend their power to the MF Like Button.

    5:05 Mariya, K and the MFLB appear, rushing against Gigantamax UHC2. The screen blanks.

    5:13 The studio goes back to normal, everyone cheers. In the same stanza, the final conversation between Mariya and K before the finals.

    5:28 Mariya and K rush into each other to deliver the final blow. Screen blanks, and in "KING", the "GAME!" screen appears. The video crossfades on the TV size equivalent of this part of the song.

  3. Predictions for the next tournament:
    Daft Punk ft. Pharrell with have another member of their team: The Weeknd
    Freddie Mercury will be a newcomer
    A horror-themed fighter will pop up, having a source-list of horror-themed stuff (Movies, TV shows, and video games. Not creepy-pastas)
    Umm… Cool Meme Team might be a team next tournament, I guess
    Someone's gonna get cut, don't know who
    DJ Professor K will co-host the tournament with Unregistered Hypercam 2

  4. NO JOKE I Saw this video and then I went to take a nap and I had a dream of me watching a new video of King for another day tournament on the beach where You announce 6 DLC characters and the first ONE was MR BEAN XD

    Edit: that's all I remember
    Edit: oh wait he is already in XD

  5. Without any irony.

    This has been a very High Quality channel over the last couple of months.

    It's very impressive what a few Flintstone Jokes on the internet has become.

    This channel never ceases to impress me and on the basis in the amount of effort put in, this is one of the greatest channels out there.

    Thanks SiIvaGunner. Thanks Chaze and everyone else. Here's hoping for a Very High Quality 2020.

    – Some Unimportant Guy on the Internet


    Dr. Piccolo used Missingno. to transfer Nail to Goku’s head to save him from the ligma virus.


    Ligma is not a real virus, it was Goku doing the ligma balls joke.

  7. siiva im worried

    its been two days

    has the ripping police finally arrested you for being too quality

    has octavio trapped you in his crud again

    is the channel ending for the 7,000th time

    siiva we need answers

    i am worried about your mental sanity

  8. So when will the day full of DJ Prof K rips happen? Or have they already happened?? I got completely lost after the Christmas rips started being uploaded right after the tournament.

  9. I’m getting emotional over a meme tournament what

    Thank you. For the amazing arrangements, emotional Mojo posts, stunning artwork, everything. This tournament has brought me so much joy, it brings tears to my eyes. Thank you so much!

  10. oooooooooooooo aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa oooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

    also, start a Kickstarter for and actual Grand Dad Mania game

  11. anyone wondering why siiva hasnt posted for 3 days? was it announced somewhere? is this comment original or did all the others get swept to the bottom??
    so many questions, and idk if ill get answers

  12. guys my dad works at siivagunner and he said that they are working in the cool meme team takeover… oh and also the vs quotes, maybe, i don't know, then they will release the cool meme album guys this is epic im literally shaking and crying rn

  13. "The world is left confused, after Steve Harvey yeeted a cake at Woodman. Woodman died, not because of the cake's immense impact, but due to the cringe of this mysterious act. His last words were, quote: "r." " -Levi Davis 2019/2020

    Thanks for your submissions! Maybe I'll do it again. Probably not though, since not enough people took any interest in my little scheme. Have a great 2020!

  14. wolfman you're a bit too quiet in this one, sometimes the instruments drown you out a little bit. other than that, great song!

  15. when you actually release the banger that is the main theme
    and it hits so hard
    that the channel goes dormant for several days

  16. This is theme song of 2019. Meme culture, internet drama, deaths, popular videos. Theme song for Minecraft, YT Rewind 2019, Cancel Culture, Garfield Gameboy'd, Spazz Maticus's face, Sonic 2019 Movie Trailer, new Vinesauce streams, bad comments, YouTube Copyright Metagame, Hong Kong protests, COPPA, Hazbin Hotel, Terminations, happyness and sadness, born and death, E3 2019, Breathtaking, returns.

    It's "Main Theme – 2019".

  17. I wish that I had been here at the time to participate in the voting. I didn't get to enjoy the voting experience

    But I still loved this to death. I loved reading all the stories on the Mojo, and it was so well written.

    Silva, this was an absolute treat to enjoy, even if I came to it late. Keep doing what you do.

  18. SiIvaGunner It's been 4 days you sure make a Rips of Steven Universe Unleash the Light,Rick Dangerous,Wayness World,Accounting+,Rayman Raving Rabbids,Cool World,Sunny Side World,The Fairly OddParents: Breakin' da Rules,Happy Tree Friends:False Alarm,Monsters, Inc. Scream Arena,Rugrats: Search For Reptar,Sven Bomwollen,Nicktoons: Attack of the Toybots and Dexters Laboratory: Robot Rampage Do your best you can in 2020 Good Luck!

  19. this entire tournament and the previous one is a missed opportunity to use jamiroquais king for a day, IT WOULD FIT PERFECTLY WITH THE TITLE

  20. For those concerned about Siiva I just checked Twitter and I'm pretty the Siiva team is just doing Magfest stuff, so maybe their just busy with that and is probably why it's been a about a week since they uploaded something.

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