Hello, welcome! It’s Marcin, together with Jason… Hey guys. … and Nuno, our special guest for the video! We’re here to talk about the upcoming update for GWENT! Yeah! And it’s a big one! It’s huge! It’s the biggest one to date. There are just so many things in it that I don’t really know where to start. The cards, of course. We have 100 new cards coming. This gonna be the biggest drop of new cards for GWENT. But there’s so much more beyond that. Jason, can you take over from me and tell us a little bit more about those other things? With this update, of course, the 100 new cards is pretty awesome, but players can also expect to see a gameplay technology overhaul. We’ve been trying to do this for a while now and this will really allow us to unlock the potential of the designers, let them create the crazy cards that are in their imagination, and give us the foundation for releasing every feature that we want in the future. It was a critical step for us but it’s turning out really awesome. Nuno, can you tell us more about what we can expect from this technology update? The first thing that players will notice is the limit of 9 cards per row. This is a big change for, when you’re used to seeing those battles with Monster deck just swamping… Yeah, like Arachas. I remember those getting out of control. There’s a few reasons for this: it has to do with just making it easier for the designers to balance the game, etc, making it easier also for the user because whenever you have the row swamped with cards it’s very hard to select them, to target them. It’s hard to read and see. Understand what’s going on, find that card you need to target, sometimes there’s that card that you need to target. Also, in terms of performance because we support a bunch of platforms and once we have all those cards in play, once you have all those premiums also add on it. So it was a bunch of reasons combined into making it a cleaner design in terms of the board. It just made sense for us to go into that direction. What about the way abilities trigger? I heard there’s some changes going on there? With the new technology, what we’re doing is a complete overhaul of the abilities system. So the designers have much more control over how things trigger. And also this will be good for players because players will know what to expect from such situations. So you’ll know exactly how cards will trigger and who triggers first. We have this order of triggering, from left to right, melee, ranged, siege. So it’s easier for you to predict what’s going to happen. That’s super cool, that’ll definitely make it easier to figure out whether that Vran Warrior is going to eat that Nekker Warrior or whether that Villen is gonna scorch first. Also, there’s another big change which is an ability to cancel out unit plays. This is something, that I think, has frustrated everybody at least once in our GWENT life. Sometimes you’re playing a card, but you miscalculate what the card is, for example, or don’t read the battle right and you don’t see what the targets are there, so you drag a card there that now has, for example, to kill one of your units. And you don’t know until you’ve played it that this is the only target. And then there’s no backout. One example is the Alzur’s Thunder. With these new changes, what’s going to happen is that when you’re playing a card, the card goes through different stages. One of the stages is, what we call, an execution stack, so this is something that is waiting to be resolved. And at this point, you can just cancel it out and go back to the hand. And play a different card? Yeah. And the opponent hasn’t seen this card. That sounds awesome! Yeah, it’s really useful. And even when you’re playing a unit you can say: Oh no no, wait, if I move it there there’s going to be a side effect so I’m going to cancel it out, put it somewhere else and then do its ability. It’s hopefully going to resolve a bunch of problems in terms of gameplay. Sounds like things are just going to generally be smoother. Yes! What else can we expect from this update, Jason? Along with all these other changes that we’ve discussed so far we wanted to take this opportunity to upgrade the whole deck building/collection experience. It felt a little slow to have to go between the deck builder and the collection. Let’s say, I’m missing a card for my deck, I would have to go through loading screens and deck selections to be able to craft that card. To address that, what we’ve done is, we actually merged those two into one menu. Now there’s only the deck builder, there’s no longer the collection. We’ve changed the way decks are represented, you’ll be able to see your collection while you’re editing a deck, you’ll be able to see the cards you don’t have, you’ll be able to craft them. No loading screens, craft them and put them directly into your deck immediately. From the user flow, from an experience point of view it feels really much better. And you’ll notice that we did a huge polish pass, the visuals, the transitions, everything feels of much higher quality and speaks to the direction that we wanna head in with our menus in general. With that, we’ve also wanted to upgrade our matchmaking screen, so you can actually see the cards in your deck now. Before, you’d have to choose a deck now your decks are automatically selected, you see what’s in it, then you get to start matchmaking. Of course, you can still change your deck but overall it feels, looks and should flow way better than before. Super happy with it, yeah! Another change – whenever a new game starts you can see that the mulliganing screen has changed as well. One of those things again, tied to the usability. We’re trying to improve this experience. Now, when you get to a mulligan, you have all the cards in your hand visible and you can more easily figure out what you wanna do, instead of just scrolling back and forth. That’s nice, I’ll be able to make a more informed choice without scrolling through my hand. So the carousel is gone? Yes. Pretty much everywhere in the game. Also, with card choices it’s the same thing. Whenever you’re resurrecting cards from the graveyard it’s a much better way to see that information. It feels more visible, less claustrophobic. Earlier today, when I was playing the game I noticed that there’s an introduction of daily quests system. What’s up with that? We wanted to add a system to allow players to experience the game in a different way. They kind of incentivize you to play with, say, certain faction or certain game mode. They’re a new way to reward players for stepping out of their comfort zone and experiencing more of what GWENT has to offer. Yeah, face new challenges like playing with additional faction that they would normally not play. We’re introducing it now and we wanna do more and more with it to really get some fun out of it. The last thing I wanna mention real quick is our little buddy Shupe, the shopkeeper, is busy preparing something for this Holiday, a special offer, so make sure to check that out. Thanks for watching guys, we’re super excited, we can’t wait for you guys to get a chance to play with all these changes coming this update. This should be really awesome. Send us your feedback on the new gameplay. And see you around the GWENT table!

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