Bill Gates gets super lucky playing cards! | Netflix

– [Davis] So my, I have
no hope of winning. – Let’s see, what’s a
perfect card for you? No, you have no hope of winning. (both laughing) Oh, you’re doing really well. Look at that. (cards slapping)
Pounce. – [Davis] What? You got that. War, see, I’m betting, this is a game, like, I’m qualified to play.
– Wow. (cards slapping) – Ah.
– Oh, you killed yourself. – Oh.
– Look at that. Big Jack is down.
– All right, all right. What the hell? – That’s bad luck. – [Davis] Who set these cards up? This is what I’m doing. (cards slapping) Jesus, Bill! Is this your method? You beat people, and then you
sort of say, “It’s all luck.” – No, and any particular game
is very, very luck-driven. In that sense, cards
are like life (laughs). – Bigger.
– Oh my God, this is big. – Oh, double war.
– Oh my God, double war. You killed, oh, triple war!
– Oh, triple war! (cards slapping) – Oh, I beat you. (both laughing) – [Davis] Again! – Ha ha, that was lucky. – You’re lucky in life,
– That– – [Davis] and you’re
lucky in war (laughs). – And love, too.
– And love. (both laughing)

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  1. The Bill Gates Foundation is gonna award our Prime Minister – MODI .
    I see liberal cry
    I am happy

  2. Very True…. Luck is something that truly can't be calculated…. In the word S.P.E.C.I.A.L it would be the last thing people would about that makes a player or gamer critical in anything…. Just my opinion…
    Luck is a possibility or chance of a change of outcomes !

  3. You will never be great nor remembered in history…. no matter how many documentaries you make of yourself… god bless Steve jobs.

  4. Don’t forget that this dude is a Pedophile and worships Lucifer along with Freemasonry and they’re trying to make him look innocent by pumping these innocent looking videos with him involved. Btw, don’t forget.

  5. Everything great, but i'm still waiting for they day i'll open my youtube and the first video on the homepage is "The Witcher: Official Trailer".

  6. Imagine waking up for school every day. Paying attention to your teachers. Exploring sciences on your own time. Earning billions. And being hated because you weren't lazy and distracted and making poor life choices….

    Welcome to America. Donald Trump is a savior while Bill Gates is Illuminati Lizard People Elitist. 👌

  7. He talks population control at the same time wants to vaccinate the world hmmmm hmmmm any one find that a little strange ? Thanks for the chemtrails.. why do people like this man ? Does any one know who his father worked for ? Hmmmm The NAZIS as head ugenisist hmmmm hmmmm

  8. All people talk about is his money. But his intellegence and his ability to read books that aren't fiction and strictly knowledge based non-stop. He is a man with great endurance and intelligence. Blessings to the guy.

  9. I don’t understand your games Bill Gates. Are u really going to award modi who has placed 8 million people in Jammu and Kashmir under house arrest, the person who is accused of so many crimes?
    You are awarding him for building toilets while he continues to build concentration camps inside the country.

  10. Non puoi eguagliare i miei numeri di magia…nel gioco… perché io sono….sono anche la Trinità..Paul Allen..non lo ha messo sui suoi manuali????🙃🙂😉👽🛸

  11. Just watched all 3 episodes, it was excellent. It was also frustrating watching terrorism and politics stopping this man as he tries to make the world better for all of us.

  12. Sr. bill gates, ha pensado en utilizar el hidrógeno, es gratis, emisiones cero, las nucleares necesitan pagar el uraneo.
    También existe OTEC.

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  14. Bill Gates, we're in a matrix of sort, I guaranty you my kid will guess any card you think of in the deck of cards. Why? Because chance is not a coincidence but a sequence.

  15. Saw the documentary. Its super amazing. One thing i noticed is his ability to focus. He is super focused. Also his ablity to absorb knowledge and process it , itz super amazing. Being rich is a by product of his unique mindset. I may not ever get a chance to meet him in person, I am glad to have access to him because of the internet and all these wonderful platforms.

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