Black Screen on starting Game : Might & Magic Heroes VI

Game.exe – properties.

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  1. Holy shit buddy ur insane
    THX so so much i was looking for maybe 3 houres why its not working
    and then i saw ur video and it really works
    THX mate so so much!

  2. Are you guys okay with connecting conflux? I purchased it last week, but I cannot connect to conflux… Are you available to connect conflux now?

  3. Я рот ебал,у меня на десятке нету такого,и как тогда,что сделать с этим,помоги плиз

  4. Tyle pierdolenia tyle kombinowania i mowie a chuj co mi szkodzi klikne w ten filmik i kurwa działa :DDDDDDDDDDDDD THX

  5. To get this game for free:

    download this:

    After download install it and then activate it on steam as offline game, then right click the game in library set launch options, put: -offline
    then follow the steps in this video and you have the game for free. For launching dont do it from game or DVD, launch it from steam only! Otherwise you will need to use uplay activator.

  6. If you don't want to play in windowed mode, you can also access the Properties on the .exe file and check off "disable fullscreen optimizations" under the "Compatibility" tab. This solution worked for me, but I found another one because I did not want to play in windowed mode.

  7. OMG !! YOU ARE THE BEST IN THE WORLD !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!, THANKS saludos desde ARGENTINA. LOVE YOU BRO =)

  8. What a guy. Nice choice on the background music/desktop. Google directs to your vid first btw. Good work.

  9. After two weeks of talking to Ubisoft support team, they couldn't figure out anything. Thank god I read Russian lol. Thank you so much for taking the time to make this video. It worked.

  10. КРАСАВА ,АНИМЕШНИК ,Я твой рот целовал,спасибо огромное!!!

  11. Also, for those that can't read the text, disable the full screen optimizations and set it to start as admin in the compatibility settings of game.exe

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