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This is the call
that started it all. SISTER: Mom fell
and I think she broke her hip.
The ambulance is on the way.(SIREN WAILS) STEVE BURROWS:When my mom
went into the hospital
for a routine
partial hip replacement,
we knew something was wrong.
The neurologist told us,
“Your mom is in a coma.”
And now it’s brutally clear.
I need a lawyer.MAN:We have not even begun
to recognize
the country’s third leading
cause of death,
medical care gone wrong. The medical profession needs to
be accountable for the errors. These are our costs.
421,000 dollars.Meds, health insurance, taxes.All roads lead
to the insurance company.
Their whole plan is
to drag this out
as long as they can.WOMAN: (OVER PHONE)
You’re a lawyer, am I correct?
No, I’m a comedy director. This is taking over our lives. Problems in health care
continue to be endemic.We’re not learning
from our mistakes.
BURROWS:Something has to changeso this doesn’t keep
happening to people.

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  1. We, as nation, pay a literal fortune for being systematically hurt, sometimes killed, by the existing corrupt system of healthcare. Until we, as a nation, begin to care nothing will change.

  2. Who the fuck every thought being alone in an icu unit was ever a good fucking idea!! That is we’re hands in care is critical NOT optional!!

  3. How Mr Burroughs didn’t go on a John Q rampage is beyond me. I only hope karma comes back on all those negligent in this case. Shame on all of them.

  4. It's 2018. Big Brother actually IS watching you. But if you're critically ill in ICU the camera is intentionally turned off and no doctor is present. Please watch this documentary. Try not to laugh at the IRONY.

  5. The medical schools are all controlled by Jews now, and most doctors and nurses of today have been taught to hold Jewish values, rather than the white values that doctors of 50 years ago held.

  6. Just watched half, after having been sickened, and worse having a sick expectation about how this works out, I skipped to the last 6 minutes. I'm embarrassed that I couldn't continue watching… No words can convey the tiny incling of understanding you made possible for me into the horror story your family lived over years. No story can share such misery, which occurs over such a long time, destroying loved ones. I'm sorry you did too good a job, I couldn't watch all of it. I feel shallow… I really tried, it was just so sick, business-like, screwing up blaming whoever has least resourceful lawyers. Institutionalized madness in American.
    Accountability, nope.
    If you have lots of money to pour into legislative competitions, or plenty of money to defame/destroy the reputation of those not accommodating your insatiable greed… You win.
    Truth, not a problem, people in Wisconsin don't understand much of anything. Plenty of other States are just as deranged, does that make madness ok?
    So ARISTOCRACY is more important than LIFE. Human beings are alive, but when they think independently they don't fall for games passed down across generations of dominating, subjugating, manipulating people. So humanity must be shaped to fit in with false narratives. It's happened recently where the USA wants to control resources. Indigenous peoples are rewarded to embrace fantasies which make them more amenable to external control. In the Philippines, Central America, South America… Everywhere we long to exploit, shape the people to accept our handed down ways of USING OTHERS.
    I am a USA citizen, and am profoundly DISGUSTED!

  7. Another major problem we have in society: the inability to recognize and act on the fact that its the end of the line at a certain point and be able or allowed to pull the plug. This poor woman wasnt living any more at a certain point. And sustaining an extended but pointless lifespan is just making more money for the system. Dont get me wrong what happened to her is total negligence and everyone involved should be in some kind of trouble for not owning up to it. $1.5M is what the payout was for all of this "care" and for what? A few extra years of misery? People should be easily and legally allowed to say enough is enough and pull the plug. Or just hasten the inevitable with an injection. Its bullshit.

  8. The THIRD leading cause of death is medical error?? Is that true.. that is bananas!?!

    We need AI and infallible robot surgeons.

  9. As a capitalist nation, you above all, should see the benefits of a tax paid healthcare system for all. No individual payments, no individual hospitals, all under one federal rule and payed from one pocket by tax income. Imagine the scaling benefits, buying medicine as a country instead of as a single hospital. That's why free healthcare in European countries are better, more humane and cheaper than the US system.

  10. Obama tried to fix things like this for you guys, but your republicunts hated it so bad they have now decided to destroy it completely instead of just tweaking it…..

    That'll fix problems like this for sure. Right?

  11. I just finished watching the doc. And im actually so pissed at what happened to the this lovely lady ,she was a special ed teacher she contributed so much compassion b and attention to children and it takes a speial person to do that .The medical system needs to change becomes at this rate it looks as if gov.. has found a way to kill off population ,i mean dam whats wrong with doctors and insurance companys they are becomeing amserial killers there cold hearted And have no buisness in the health care buisness .What can i do to change this problem someone give me some advice please ive found a cause that speaks to me it has me ready to act i will not be able to sleep tonite due to the neglect and ribbery of this dear lady Judy. .

  12. The Medical Industrial Complex is slowly bankrupting the American public, over 62% of all bankruptcy filings today are medical debt related.

  13. I watched the movie. I never liked Aurora health care. I hate West Allis Memorial. I can remember a time my mother had the artery in her neck unblocked. A cousin who took mom to surgery calls me. Says they almost lost mom on the table. Supposedly she was given to much blood pressure meds. Her ICU room had them cameras. I assumed it was extra security or care for the patients. Never knew them cameras may not of been on. That there wasn't always a doctor physically there.

    Another time mom went to the ER via ambulance. She had severe gut pain. It was during a bad snow storm. They gave her Morphine. Said she was severely constipated. Nothing given to unconstipate her. I get a call. We must come get her. Take her home. I said No. We are not done shoveling. Our car is still buried. The roads are not safe to drive on. Can't you keep her till the city gets the roads plowed and salted. No she must go home now. They get a hospital van to take her to her to her apartment. Left her alone on Morphine. She could of fell or something. Got severely hurt or died. Narcotics make you loopy.

    2011 late June. She goes in for hip surgery. After 2 prior doctors advised against it. She had heart issues and might die. Mom was on Plavix and blood pressure meds. A surgeon at West Allis Memorial. Said they would do it on a spinal.block. She'd be basically awake. She survived the actual surgery. Goes to a rehab facility. A staple came undone. She is taken to the E.R. They put it back in. Send her immediately back to the rehab. It's the week of July 4th 2011. Mom is having some other pain or something bad. Is taken back the West Allis Memorial. They tell her she has a blood clot to her heart. They admit her. Give her blood thinners. Probably Coumadin. The morning of July 7th 2011. The priest at her church came to give her last rights. I get a call at work. Said mom is not going to make it. As soon as my sister came to get me. We go by mom. Missed mom passing by 10 minutes. Mom was in her mid 80's. Had they not done the surgery. She might of lived a little longer. I keep telling my husband. If I must go by ambulance. Do not send me to Aurora any of the hospitals. Especially do not send me to West Allis Memorial.

  14. Everyone in the US should be forced to watch this. This doc proves that Medicare for All is a human right & profits need to be obliterated

  15. I worked in a hospital and saw every day how this could happen. wow. I am shocked an the Jurys decision. SHAME on them. I wonder who paid them off. Reminds me of Runaway Jury the movie. Im so so sorry about his mom. This is horrific.

  16. Unbelievable Gross Negligence and jury rules in favor of doctors.Inexcusablewhat happened to the mother and the suffering of her and her entire family.What does it take before doctors are held accountable for their failure to "Do No Harm"?Malpractice Insurance brings no solace to the victims of incompetence.I had recent cancer surgery due in part by my former specialists office failing to communicate what happened to my record,failing to  follow thru,so months were lost,and I may have a recurrence."fess up,own up and properly fix the healthcare system!

  17. To all morally enraged Americans watching this documentary: Emigrate to Romania. Seriously. Though our health system is just as problematic as your own, at least we have significantly less gun violence, not to mention decent internet speed.

  18. This film was disturbing, to say the least. This is not the right way to provide care. They get paid more for failure than success.

    If you have anything to pass on to your heirs, dropping dead in your sleep is the best way to go. Probably the biggest wealth transfer scheme there is. Killing you slow and painfully while taking all you have. What if after all the money ran out, she lived? Broke and homeless? Perfect end to an otherwise life well lived.

    We should all say, NO, THANKS ANYWAY.

    Sorry to say, at a certain age that is the best outcome you are going to get.

  19. Dear kind person, grandma was in the nursing home in a coma. The doctor pointed out that after we were discouraged at her appearance, that she can hear us. Broke my heart, things have changed. While mds don’t want to kill people they really don’t want to lose their job. That a juror was that selfish a little weird. Please you tube search the reverse stroke Australian video. Of a woman and be sure mom is on pain meds, go by her heart beat. Uncle has a chance to make mom part of history

  20. I just watched your show on HBO! U & your family have no Idea how similar this was to my moms death.. my mom was struck
    with a stroke some years back… after a year of physical therapy & just taking one day @ a time she was getting back on her feet.. & I gotta tell u she was damn determined because Year’s earlier we had lost my baby brother to a car crash & a part of her died after that.. but anyways after she had the few strokes
    she was getting better.. the last night I visited with her she was standing up by the sink washing dishes.. I didn’t want her to go home but she was hell bent on going back & my sister that was living with her helped her so I kinda felt ok about it.. anyways she kept telling me she thought she may have had another stroke because one of her arms was acting like it did when she’d had her first one.. after taking her to her regular doctor 👨‍⚕️ I talked to them & she told me she didn’t think 🤔 my mom has had another one and then I asked her to prescribe her something for her laughing n crying constantly & she looked @ me & said I don’t think 💭 ur mom can afford it.. that was really nice 👍🏽 in her to say.. after about two weeks went by and my sister called me & said my moms jaw was locked up & they took her to the hospital to try & unlock it.. the ambulance people was told she’d has had a few strokes in the past n she could talk n function but her speech was bad so on their way they went.. I don’t live to close to her so I called the hospital to tell them that if they needed to know anything to contact me & I’ll do my best to answer.. but something just told me to go to the hospital so I got dressed n off I went.. after I got there they had my mom discharged & putting her in the car with my cousins.. I got out and looked @ her and immediately knew something was wrong she was stooped over falling out of the wheelchair drooling at the mouth.. I told the nurse that was loading her up stop 🛑 no there is something wrong.. she insists nothing was wrong but they had to give her morphine to numb her but it was wearing off since it’s been a while.. I said no take her back in, there is SOMETHING BAD WRONG SHE DONT EVEN RECOGNIZE ME!!! & so ok she took her back in..the doctor that was on call asked me what the problem was.. I told him u need to ck her I think she’s had another stroke a bad one.. he then jumped on me n asked me why do I think that being very RUDE & asked me where was I.. i told him I’d been at home with my children & my sister lives with her and i didn’t live close by but about an 1 or so away from her.. & then i explained i gave y’all instructions to call me if u needed to.. he said well your sister told the medics that she’d always been like this.. I went on to explain NO she’d had strokes but been getting better.. after about 25 mins of arguing with them I finally got them to re check her but believe me in this ER THEY TOOK THEIR PRECIOUS TIME.. finally they came in & done a mri.. brought her back in the room & the doctor said I still didn’t see much n we don’t think she had another stroke but we will keep her over night.. in the meantime she’s vomiting everywhere n they failed to even give me a rag.. another doctor came in I could tell he was foreign and he said don’t worry mam we are going to find out what happened to your mom I promise omg finally someone with a touch of since he was so nice.. so he ordered a cat scan but it wasn’t brought into the next morning.. that morning my aunt came into sit with her & they did the cat scan.. then the Nero doctor came rushing into the room & said we have to put her in icu immediately because she’s had a major stroke & it’s caused bleeding on her brain.. ok after sitting in the icu for hours they decided to rush her to another hospital to give her a fighting chance they said so I said ok but it took them so long to decide where to fly or drive her.. you guessed it they finally drove her.. anyways at this hospital they could no longer do the surgery to save her because the blood had done spread all over her brain causing brain damage. anyway after days of watching my mom suffer in this hospital one of the nurses made a statement and she told me if they’d got her there sooner we could have saved your mom but I mentioned this to the brain surgeon 👨‍⚕️ there & he said I wouldn’t go blaming anyone for it.. ya i bet u wouldn’t.. anyways it was Aug 2017 she passed to this day I still say it was the hospitals fault she passed I’ve tried getting an attorney to help me but they told me they would all lie for each other! I’m so sick 😷 @ how they treated my mom & I just wish people knew! Ur mom reminded me of my mom so I just wanted u all to know I know what u all have been though because I’ve been there! Tysm!

  21. I feel bad for you that the folks that were supposed to have your back buckled under pressure and left you alone…..that really sucks!

  22. If his mom was a foreigner who couldn't speak any English, she wouldn't have to pay a dime for her healthcare. It's harsh to say but true

  23. Steve Burrows you are a saint! How many of us have a family member that would pursue this up hill fight with a behemoth medical corporation. That's the problem ..Corporations have taken over the medical system!!
    Government run health care is not the answer…take a look at anything the government runs (USPO, VA, Medicare)
    . Our Medical system needs to be fixed but government can't do it. It has to be done from the inside. Too many doctors look at the bottom line, not the care of their patients. It's all about the money. The medical community is a fraternity that protects its own. Insurance companies also play into the care of patients….they don't want to pay.

    Just wait it's going to get worse…with all the illegals invading our borders…guess who is going to take care of them.
    Go to any ER in the country and you'll see all that all the illegals go there b/c they get free medical care.

  24. What in the hell was that Jury thinking not finding them guilty?I know 1st hand having had a botched back surgery requiring me to go to another Dr to fix what 1st Surgeon did wrong.My new Surgeon told me how bad the other Surgeon screwed up but as soon as they hear talk of a Lawsuit they do not want to testify against each other.

  25. 25% of Americans are harmed by medical error? That to me says you guys don't know what you're doing. Then have the cheek to suggest Socialist healthcare doesn't work. Works better than privatised care by about a good 20%

  26. Just watched this today, my mothers job was to be hired to pose as "family " for people at nursing homes to watch for horrible things that go on, and as a person diagnosed with early dementia, everything I have seen and know, I would rather end my life on my terms with respect and dignity than being abused by b.s medical care. My heart goes out to steve, his mama, and family. Life never goes by a plan.

  27. I’ve watched Bleed Out 8 times. What Steve needed was Wonder Woman’s lasoo . I watched the faces of the nurse, the ICU doctor & the family doctor who performed the surgery. liars, every single one. Why did no one question nurse Emily’s 6 modifications on your Moms history? And confront her with what she’s told you about the BP dropiing to 50.
    I watched her face & it was obvious SHE WAS LYING.
    And the ICU doctor who asked for the definition of awareness & answered no to the question about your moms nonresponsiveness.
    It sounds to me that your attorney was working for the other side, not yours.
    Emily, the ICU doctor, the surgeon who performed the hip replacement & the anesthesiologist should have called by your attorney.
    I don’t have a law degree, but your movie showed how incompetent your attorney was

  28. I’ve watched this 40 times. Either Steve is leaving facts out or HIS attorney is working for AURORA, & the jury was selected from the mentally challenged. Steve is like the little boy in Oliver Twist, asking for some more, Please.
    He didn’t confront the ICU doctor about her indifference about Judie’s condition the day after surgery. He didn’t ask the surgeon if he checked on his mom the following day, post surgery.
    When confronting the lying bitch at the hospital about monitory assistance he say CAN I ASK WHY.? What the fuck?
    The information about the healthcare industry is invaluable, but his interactions with the medical staff & the bitch in risk assessment are like a little boy begging.
    Steve’s attorney is an idiot. After 7 yrs he botched his chance to win for Judie. Even Steve’s attorney is a whimp.
    If the fucking ICU camera was NOT on, why didn’t he object to the video describing it even being shown?
    And if Steves attorney was either too stupid or too whiny to object why didn’t Steve do it? Since the trial was a farce anyway, what difference would his out of place objection matter?

  29. The lying bitch in Risk Management is lying. The ONLY thing she cares about is $$$$ & making sure it stays in Aurora’s coffers.
    What happened to Judie is tragic & frightening because it could happen to any of us. The catheter she has to wear for the rest of her life
    the loss of her independence & inability to speak coherent sentences, ALL of this is the fault of : the doctor who prescribed the Plavex,
    the surgeon who operated on her knowing she was on it, the EICU where Judie laid in a coma NOBODY but Steve even noticed, & Emily, the nurse who changed the records but FORGOT why.
    This is actually a horror story because it could happen to anyone.

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