New race circuit and communication prize are ready for today. They will fight with mud today. This will be so funny. Polly and Lila will play at first round. Ok girls. Get ready to play. I dont fell good. Ahh. Lila! She fainted suddenly. Doctor! Lila fainted. She is ok now but wont play today. We will play for prize now. Crissy and Polly will play for prize. Players ! Ready ! They are so fast now. They done the first part. Ohh! So much mud. They are at mud now. Polly slide. Its very hard to past this mud part. And Crissy fell. And Polly fell again. Girls are in a difficult situation. I cant even walk. Polly done mud part first. Crissy is just behind her. Race circuit is very hard today. Polly fell again. They are so tired now. Polly is about to finish last part. Polly is finishing last part. Crissy is just behind her. Polly comes. And Polly win this game and prize. I am awsome. I am perfect. I am mud princess. Such a hard game. I hate mud !! Yay ! I will talk with my mother !! It is not cool. We missed our mothers too ! Such a shame ! I won ! I won ! I won ! Yay I won the price. I will talk with my mother now. Good job Polly. Here is the phone. You can call your mother. Hey there mom! How are you ? Hey there my princess! We missed you so much ! I missed you too. How is everyone at home ? We are all ok. Dont worry about us. Ok mom ! Take care. Time is over now. When i heard the price. I was excited so much. Also doctor said that i fainted because of that maybe. I am sorry about to lost prize. I will try to win next one. I love mud games but. It was so hard today. But i fell so much. Polly won. i am angry now. I missed my mother so much!

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