Can Determining a Stock’s Volume Affect Profit?

– So in this video, we’re gonna
talk about trading volume.
Why it’s so important and
why you must be aware of it
before you risk your hard earned money.
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Talking about volume.
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So let’s talk about volume.
Volume is how many shares the
stock has traded in a day,
in a month, in a year.
There’s many different time frames.
Or in a second, sometimes
a stock trades 100 shares
in a second, sometimes it trades
10,000 shares in a second.
Sometimes it trades 10,000 in a day.
It’s all about how many
shares are being traded
back and forth between buyers and seller.
So if a stock has traded
a million shares in a day,
there’s been 500,000 shares bought,
500,000 shares that have been sold.
Simplistically, I know that
there’s more to it than that
but that is what volume is.
Why does it matter, because you need
the buyers and the sellers.
You need that kind of liquidity.
I’m gonna bring up
liquidity and volatility,
I’m gonna give you a few terms.
Which is another reason why
you should read that book;
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But you need volume.
You, yourself,
if you’re gonna trade these Penny Stocks.
You yourself are gonna
be some volume, you know.
If you have a $5,000 position
and it’s a $3 stock,
you know $2 stock let’s say.
Then you have like 2,000 2,500 shares.
You have to understand
what does volume mean.
And I know that’s a terrible example.
I’m making this very simplistic.
But for me, I don’t wanna be
more than one or two percent
of a stocks daily volume.
So if the stock is trading, let’s say,
a million shares in a day.
I don’t personally wanna trade more
than 10 or 20 thousand shares.
Because if you’re a bigger
percentage of the volume,
then guess what, it gets very difficult
to execute your buys or sells.
What if you’re 50% of the stocks volume.
What if you’re trying
to trade 500,000 shares
and the stock only trades
a million shares in a day.
It’s gonna be very tough for
you to get in or get out.
But if you’re only one or two percent
of the days total volume, it very easy
for you to get in, get out.
Hopefully you have a profit.
Or if you’re wrong and you
have to cut losses quickly.
You never want to be too big
a percentage of the volume.
You definitely don’t wanna
be all of the volume.
I can’t tell you how many
Penny Stocks there are,
where they have some great product.
Some great news and people are like,
“Wow the product is amazing.
“The news is amazing, I just need to buy.”
And no one else cares.
And your just like, “Have I
spotted the next Microsoft
“myself and no one else knows.
“This is a great deal.”
for me, I want to piggy back moves
that are already happening.
I want to trade big percent gainers.
Stocks that volatile.
Companies that you know
the value of their stock
is going up 20, 30, 40,
50 percent in a day.
Ideally, with big volume.
Volume shows interest.
So if a normal Penny Stock
trades 10,000 shares in a day
and it trades 10 million shares in a day.
There’s a lot of interest this day,
compared to a normal day.
That’s good okay.
I want all of Wall Street or
not necessarily Wall Street,
’cause Wall Street usually
ignores Penny Stocks.
But I want all of the day trading hoard,
who trades low priced
stocks to be interested
in the stock that I’m in because why.
Well because the day trading hoard
and momentum traders are very fickle.
And that means that the
stock is gonna go up or down.
If it’s rising and all the traders
are piggy backing it, fantastic.
but if the news turns
or if the volume dips
or whatever the reason.
If it starts fading, it
can crash very quickly too.
That’s very good for me as either a buyer,
trying to ride it up and
make money on the way up.
Or as a short seller, trying
to make money on the way down.
You just want to take a piece of the move.
I would not try to buy at the bottom
and sell at the exact top
or short of the exact top
and buy at the exact bottom.
Just like I wouldn’t be, wanting to be
big part of the volume.
I don’t care how much money
could potentially make.
The greater percentage you
are of a stocks daily volume,
the greater the risk.
If you are 20, 30, 40
percent of the stocks volume,
you might be right this time,
but if you keep doing
that again and again,
one time you’re gonna get stuck
and you’re playing with fire.
And one time you’re gonna get burnt.
And that frankly, is
how a lot of people lose
all their money.
So I wanna teach you the safe way.
If you’re less than one or two percent
of the stocks total volume in day,
your fine, you can get
in, you can get out.
You can cut losses very quickly.
You can take profits.
That is the sweet spot.
This was a very abbreviated
take on what volume is.
Again click the link just below
if you wanna read The
Complete Penny Stock Course,
that goes into more details.
Hi Tim Sykes, Millionaire
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