Carson City the Card Game Extended Gameplay

Carson City the Card Game Extended Gameplay

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. I´ve played this game last weekend. I love it. But you have a small mistake in the preparation of the cards. The character and terrain maps are not sorted together by the appeal value. The rule says: […] If two or more cards are tied for the highest appeal value, the virtual player will take the tied card that is closest to the draw piles. […]. See what I mean? So the character card is chosen rather than the terrain.

  2. Thanks for the run through. This looks like a fun game. I like the way they handle auctions at lower player counts. Great job as always!!

  3. When you chose to play the 6 in the 8th minute you actually had more chance of losing to a virtual player. On their own a '1 in 5' and '2 in 5' sound like good odds, but they both have to fail for you to win. You have a 12/25 chance of winning. (4/5 X 3/5)

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