CGR Undertow – DISNEY’S MAGICAL QUEST 2 STARRING MICKEY & MINNIE review for Game Boy Advance

You know how we’re always going on about how
awesome Capcom’s retro Disney games were? How they were some of the best games on the
NES, and even a couple on the Super NES? Well, we’re not the only ones. Nintendo liked those
games, too. And back in the early 2000s, they actually published a handheld remake of one
of them. Which led to this one. It’s 1994 all over again. It’s Disney’s Magical
Quest 2 for the Game Boy Advance. Now, this game was originally released a decade
earlier, under the name The Great Circus Mystery. Of course, it was actually Disney’s Magical
Quest 2. And even though they didn’t have quite the same magic as Capcom’s Disney games
on the NES, they were still fantastic games. In fact, the first Magical Quest is one of
Mickey’s best games. So Nintendo and Capcom, like old lovers trying
to rekindle the flame…dusted ’em off for one more run. Magical Quest, Magical Quest
2 and even Magical Quest 3, which had never been released outside of Japan, were all remade
for the Game Boy Advance. As fun and magical as ever. Even if the spell is still kind of short. So obviously, Mickey’s been in some great
platformers over the years, but these ones are a unique bunch. See, the Magical Quest
games are based entirely on suits. Mickey has a bunch of different ones he can wear,
and each one gives him new abilities. One suit gives him claws, which lets him climb
walls. Another gives him a vacuum cleaner, a la Luigi’s Mansion. There are four suits in total, and the entire
game is designed around them. You can’t reach certain areas or beat certain enemies…unless
you’re wearing the correct suit. In fact, these games almost have a bit of a Mega Man
feel, in that regard. It’s all about what you’re wearing. Mickey Mouse and Dr. Light. Very fashion forward. So once you’re dressed properly, what you
have here is a really simple 2D platformer. And a pretty good one, even if it is really
really simple. Magical Quest 2 is never very complex, never very challenging…although,
a couple parts are certainly more challenging than the game is traditionally given credit
for. But honestly, who cares? It’s a Mickey Mouse game. It should be simple,
and accessible. And, by the way, a game can be simple, and
accessible, and good. I know, haha! Uh, crazy, right? So what isn’t good about Magical Quest 2?
Well, again…it is very short. There are only six levels, which has always been the
drawback of the Magical Quest games. They’re fun, they’re designed well, they play great…but
they’re over before you know it. And I suppose, for some people, the difficulty will be an
issue, too. Or the lack thereof. But other than that, I mean, there’s not much to complain
about here. This is a really nice version of a really
good Super NES game. Speaking of which, this was a gorgeous Super
NES game, and it’s as pretty as ever on the Game Boy Advance. Awesome sprite work, fantastic
use of color, solid music…and of course, you get some of those classic GBA graphics
tricks. That was like a rule. You couldn’t make a GBA game unless you rotated the screen
at some point, so…Mickey doesn’t argue. I mean, there’s no reason to flip out. With a game like this, you have to add a…twist. Look, If I’m being honest…nostalgia’s a
big part of this game’s appeal. It takes us back to the golden era of Disney games. Or
at least, the final moments of the golden era of Disney games. But we’re nostalgic for
those days because the games were fun. And even though it might be too simple, and short,
and easy…this game is still fun. An awesome platformer for Disney fans of all
ages, Capcom’s circus mystery is still worth checking out…in Disney’s Magical Quest 2
for the Game Boy Advance. Now, uh, hey Capcom. Stop f*cking around and
make me some more games, haha.

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  1. I would definitely recommend "World of Illusion starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck" for Sega Genesis.

  2. my mom bought this by complete random for me when i was little…. i didnt think it as anything special then… but now i really like it! 😀

  3. It's a game to get if you love the sense of accomplishment in beating videogames… but that's all that this game offers.

  4. correccion Derek este juego tambien salio para Sega Genesis te escribe alguien que se paso un verano jugando a este gran juego XD

  5. I played the original Magical Quest on the SNES last year and I'm really fond of it. Really short but I didn't mind as I prefer something quick and fun to games that overstay their welcome (especially when YOU CAN'T SAVE GOSH DARNIT CAPCOM). I beat it in a single sitting, but I loved it and its creativity. 

  6. I came in here to laugh at what I thought was going to be a terrible game….. I guess this goes to show not to judge a book by its cover. 

    Not in the market for any gba games, but if I see this at a pawn shop I'll pick it up. Oh and Derrick, you should play Kingdom Hearts. 

  7. I definitely agree that games are too long nowadays. I'm barely able to finish NES and SNES games due to my lazyness with games. I'm in no way ever going to finish something like Skyrim. As much fun as newer games are, I have barely any hope of finishing them. lol.

  8. anyone know how to change the language on this one? I picked up a loose copy, but the language is in german I think. The product code is for the usa version.

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