CGRundertow COOKING MAMA 4: KITCHEN MAGIC for Nintendo 3DS Video Game Review

Cherry pie pizza. Salty, sweet and saucy.
Hey, don’t knock it until you try it, and make sure you spit out the pits. It’s Cooking
Mama 4: Kitchen Magic for the Nintendo 3DS. And to be honest, as much as we…uh…love
Cooking Mama…there’s really no reason for this game to be on this system. Cooking
Mama 4 takes advantage of the 3DS in the same way Cooking Mama 2 and 3 did…in that it
doesn’t. Yeah, it uses the 3D graphics, and it…fits into the cartridge slot. But
otherwise, don’t expect much 3DS here. That is to say, don’t expect much new here. Kitchen Magic is the fourth entry in the main
Cooking Mama series, to say nothing of its other titles and spinoffs. And by now, the
recipe is pretty stable. You choose from a ton of dishes, and you put your chosen meal
together step by step. Of course, this is done with very short minigames that come in
succession. In fact, Cooking Mama is like a WarioWare game, but with a cooking theme
and more logic. And less boogers. Of course, that’s a very broad description
of Cooking Mama, but it applies to Kitchen Magic nonetheless. And that’s kind of the
problem. The dishes are different, and your ingredients have changed…but that’s about
it. Everything else about the game’s 50 recipes or so is virtually unchanged from
prior games in the series. But on the same note, prior games in the series
have been good. And so is this one. Cooking Mama 4 has the same awesome touch-based gameplay,
split up into those manageably short segments. This helps keep the inherent tedium at bay,
however slightly, and also helps all the touching and tapping to stay fresh. You can choose a single dish to put together,
or you can combine recipes…like pizza and cherry pie…or even dress up Cooking Mama,
which is just adorable. And fans are going to love it. But for those who haven’t stepped
into Mama’s kitchen before, there just isn’t much on her menu to entice you. In fact, Cooking Mama 4 is like a greasy diner
hamburger. You know what it tastes like. You know if
you’ll like it. Otherwise, keep driving.

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