Clash Royale: Magic Archer Gameplay Reveal! (New Legendary Card!)

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Welcome to the Arena Magic Archer

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  1. Pepoplelp :Nerf pls
    Pepoplelp :nefr 2 much pls buff
    What happens to new cards. (or it may be the opposite)

    Hell Tower – Minions – Magic A. – Executioner
    Fire Ball – Sk. Army – Golem – X-Bow

  3. until this letter is good ..

    But I still prefer the mini pekka is one of the strong and good cards and also one of my favorite cards.

  4. Guy with spawner deck: I'm gonna win this match for sure no matter what deck he's got!
    Sees magic Archer.
    Guy with spawner deck: Nope not even gonna try.

  5. Hey! I have an idea for a song about magic archer!
    He’s the magic magic archer
    He’s got two glowing eyes
    Mighty archer warrior
    Hair that is white
    And he has one thing to say: bullseye
    Mighty tower destroyer
    Give him some arrows and bows
    Unlock the magic archer now!

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