Hi! My name is James, and I’m here making another
PPEI Community Champion video; and if you don’t know what those words mean,
there’ll be a link below this video.
Now I’m here with Jeremiah: Tell us,
– Hey!

– Why have you been chosen as a community champion?
Well, I run something called “Of Dice and Men”, it’s sort of like a role playing community, almost.
I go through, I run sessions with people… I’ve met – I’ve introduced several people to other people, and
sessions grow and with that:
today we had our first community event.
where we’re actually organizing almost
like a tournament between different groups,
and people who have never met before.
They meet,
and they go through, they play the game together, and by the end of the day we’ll have some resolutions,
some plot development, and maybe even some character development.
Ah, great! I think what’s really interesting for me about
the role-playing fit, for my role at DEN,
is decision-making and how you can see the
effect of the decisions that you’ve made –
– Yes.
– But you don’t have to wait a lifetime or wait
a number of months until you get that.
It’s all combined, compressed into this short, shared experience.
Like, at the moment, I’ve created my own world, so everything that happens has
a reaction in the world,
So I can have one group working off on, you know, a distant continent called “Fim”,
and they’ve done something over there: You know, it doesn’t seem to have much of a reaction to them,
yet across the world on a different
content of “Esmine”, because of that
small little interaction over here this
city is now dealing with an economic
downfall, and due to that, it influences all
of the cities nearby.
And that’s actually something that’s currently happening, due to some rather… er… unexpected events.
I mean that sounds… there’s just so much that you
could explore with it,
it’s like, decision making, there’s… I guess you could even include, like, the effects of potions and things –
– Yeah
– Other drug like substances…
-Yes. There are, and not all of them… most of them aren’t good.
-Oh, right?
I’ve had a few people make some rather regrettable decisions, and then realised afterwards
just the effect of what they’ve done, and how it’s impacted on not just them, but the rest of their party as well.
Yeah! Would it be fair to say that people
can break out of their everyday character?
– And, perhaps, this would be developing their confidence, or
working out their social anxiety, that sort of thing?
– For sure.
I’ve had several people who have joined the groups, and they’ve been the most quiet spoken people I’ve ever seen
Give them, you know, a couple of
months of doing this, and they’re turning around,
they’re voicing their boisterous orc as they lead the charge on this giant gollum.
And it’s something that you’d never expect, just from meeting them on the street.
They’re still fairly quiet people but they’ve got that confidence, they’ve made friends,
they’ve got that extra boost that they needed. It really helps just unlock that door so you
can move past.
– Sure. Well that sounds fantastic. I think we’re going to have a struggle
to fit anymore on this video, but any interest in making some more?
– Definitely.
That’ll be great. Well, thanks Jeremiah, I hope you have a good day today –
– You too!
– Yep! Done.

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