Cómo hacer Parqués LEGO Star Wars – The Force Awakens – Fichas 3D

How to make a 3D parquet game with the Lego Star Wars movie “The Force Awakens” … First download the 4 parts of the parquet board with images from the LEGO Star Wars movie The Force Awakens Print them on sheets of letter size paper with the full width that your printer allows. Cut the leftover parts of the paper so that the tips that go outward from the board are white edged This edge is useful if you would like to put a glass frame on the finished board. The internal edges of each image will fit precisely on each of the other cropped images. Then we join the images by the back of the paper with adhesive tape guides We rotate the board to verify that the joints are accurate And we finish the union of the parts of the board with adhesive tape In this way we finish the board, and if the case is urgent, we can play with circular pieces of paper, foami, or cardboard; and to replace the dice we can install any dice application on our tablet or smartphone, and thus enjoy the game … But if you have no desire, we will make the dice and the chips with the characters of the movie Lego Star Wars The dawn of the force Download, print and cut out the sheet of images of the characters The idea is to use foami or cardboard circles to “stop” the figures of the characters For this we will make a slot in a circle of foami or cardboard 2 cm in diameter, by which we will insert the tabs at the bottom of the figures We apply any adhesive for paper or foami and cover the eyelashes with another circle of cardboard or foami to give weight to the base The measure of the diameter of the circles we use as the base of the pieces is 2 centimeters We do the same to lay the foundation for all our Lego Star Wars characters and so we finish doing the 16 4-color tiles You can organize your chips by characters or by base color; in our case we will use the chips by base color Now, download, print and cut out the template or silhouette of the parquet dice We carefully bend the edges of the sides and the tabs of the dice Paste the faces of the dice with any paper adhesive and fill it with cotton to give more weight and firmness to the dice We have finished our dice, which are very easy to make and fully functional So we finish the parts of our game and we can enjoy many hours of fun with friends and family, with our Lego Star Wars parquet

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