husband:where are you going? wife: did i just make a mistake? husband:oh wowww!! you made the perfect move! wife: Nooo !!please NOOOO!! husband: yes! first piece i CUT!! Husband: How does it feel? husband: please no please no please noooo! not my home piece!!! Assalam walaikum guys! how is everyone doing? My name is Rafi and i am Jui and we are THE COUPLE OF TASKS WELCOME back to our channel guys those who subscribe after the first to us thank you so much its just been one or two days since uplaod i didn’t expect such awesome response in just 2 days our young and elderly audience has given us massive support today’s task has to be awesome for the new viewers who doesn’t know what I’m talking about this channel is couple of tasks we will do a task in very video as you have heard from the intro, I’m rafi and my wife is jui we are actually a long distance couple both of us stay in 2 different counties Jui stays in bangladesh and i stay in the middle east so we are utilizing this YouTube channel to capture the memories and time in our videos so this will always remind us of the time we stayed away from each other those who stay apart from their families welcome to the channel new viewers.. these topics were already discussed in the previous video please support us and subscribe to our channel today is our 2nd task and this one is for Jui this task is related to our favorite board game! which is LUDO!! so I feel Jui is slightly weaker than me in ludo what do think jui? I’m not week at all.. lets see how i play okaay!so are you ready for the task? inshallah i will win, YES i am definitely ready!! you are slightly right about me being weak thats because you are so good at LUDO lets see if i can beat you today haha.. i wont be so over confident cause i have lost many times from you before we used to play a lot of duo games before against other couples and other duos so both of us are good at it this is going to be a really tough competition I wont arrogantly say that “i wont lose and all” so guys watch till the end to find out if Jui wins or not please please every like this video and pray for me!! so i can beat Rafi haha so lets get started with the task so in this task she has to beat me who ever wins the game wins the task i have make you guys wait for so long no more waiting.. lets start we have opened the same game on our phones we are waiting to just start at the moment yes!! even the game wants me to win I got the first roll wow!! its a 6 on the first roll wow wife: you are happy …why am i saying wow? husband:poor thing she has picked the wrong day to play what will happen to her!? wife: please allah give me a 6 I’m rolling so nicely and going ahead why aren’t you in the game Jui? quick quick run run run runnnnn oh wow.. ANOTHER 6..ANOTHER ONE!! WIFE: NOOOO.. i needed the 6.. why are you getting them!? wife: please get another 6.. so your turn goes ok listen are gems allowed or not? oh no!! even you rolled 6 are gems allowed in the game or not? for those of you all who doesnt know gem is points in game that can be used to re do a roll i have almost 70 gems she has around 40 so you want to use gem? wife: yes! we can use gems alright then ! lets use so we can re-do our rolls now nice! you got 2 pieces in the game i got distracted while talking and here you are trying to win wife: this is how it’s going to be why are you blocking my way? why is your piece right in front of me ahh! why another one? wife: the game has just begun! please no! where am i going to play 5 from ? wife: come ahead of my piece lets play it from the start oh no.. i don’t want to be the first to get cut wife: you have to be the one else how am i suppose to win! lets get him in i cant take alot of time else it will go on auto mode then the game make the move for you now come!! lets see from where you pass good!! wife: noooo! again 6 let me take this home wife:noo why? i always mistake between home and star please drop a comment and tell us whose favorite game is ludo? we really love ludo.. not just online even in actual board games.. love ludo i love monopoly as well wow.. mine is almost near home just a around the corner fun fact! my color is yellow now jui is red? right? so the funny thing is when we use to play duo games before with others.. a lot of times i used to cut jui’s piece cause im red green color blind we used to fight all the time cause of this she always complains about me cutting her piece whaaat!! why are you behind me? wife: yes im right behind you she doesn’t leave me! wife: im not leaving you wife: everrr( in an evil tune, not romantic) lol no peace in life at all wife: Allah hope i cut everything of his and win this game im coming after you wait! nooooooooooooooooooooooo why am I the fist one to get cut you!! love this !! why are you calculating so much im trying to talk and entertain every one and you are so seriously playing whats this!? wife: obviously! this is the game im not playing that serious how is it fair? if you play so seriously please entertain the audience wife: you challenged me. i have to win come on ..are you kidding me? 6 6 5 where are you sprinting off oh wow.. perfect wife: nooo please noooo first strike!!! now how does that feel? please no please no please no not my home piece did you just try to use gem? wife:no i didnt you have to inform me if you do wife:i didnt use gem yet wife:not even once Allah!! this is the danger spot i lost so many pieces here thats the most upsetting part wife:you are sending one home thank god!! wife; im mad at you if my piece would have got cut….. wife: one more 6 so your turn goes yesssss wife: did i make a mistake? we will know later some one is behind you.. knock knock!! i reached the starrr!!! play play play wife; you play fast im trying.. but the game is lagging net is slow ok i played jui: even i played bd net is so bad!! wife: so true Wife: Allah no more 6 please where do you bring so many 6s from? perfect! now go in front of me dont run so fast im trying to catch up go ahead or behind your piece? mostly you wont get 1 risk you come in front of me you shouldn’t get 1 couldn’t roll 1 how are you counting so nicely? i was waiting for you to miss that its been so long since we played last wife: truly its been so long yea you are still good at it i need to get this one tried to use gem but was too slow Allah please 2 more pieces this and then another one oh what are you doing behind my piece move that if i move it you will go home thats what! dont be so smart let me win yess perfect place wife: ohh man.. today im actually in trouble waiting for the other one whats this.. why so technical? wife: i dont know what i just did wife: all i know is i have to win why did you move the home piece my way is clear now not a chance wife: i know i will lose another piece thats why oh nooo.. ALLAH .. i knew it i had to use a gem wife: why did you use a gem? wife : why without telling me wife: no not said we have to inform each other before using gem wife: you guys tell us.. was this fair? he said we will use it after informing this is fair wife: no not fair you didn’t inform in advance wife: let it be.. everyone will know im a fair player see i told you..and advance warning wont move your piece to a different spot wife:still you didnt keep your word see the game is still even im coming to cut your piece you are guarded front and back no why did you run so fasttt oh no she is safe now i am in trouble i still got long way to go you are nearby Allah give me 6s please why !?? you are done with 3. and im done with 2 still you have so many problems what can i do now? you still didnt use gem? wife: no not even once see you used it to kill me and im still ahead everyone will understand game is so close!! wife: every one please pray for me wife: please try to understand let me win this.. now its not in my hands.. Allah… noooo not 6!! yesssss i actually used gem again.. but i still won wife: i just used gem once.. u didt 2 times soooo close!! what can i do about the gem.. you took wrong decisions in the game wife: no i disagree so close close yet so far i used gem twice ..i got lucky you guys tell us was this a fair game wife: no you used 2 gems everyone will say it was your decision to allow gems wife: still… i won!!… im ultimate ludo camp wife: you said you have to inform about the jem(still complaining) lol wife: fine!!.. i accept today we will see next time Alhamdulilah.. like i said in the start.. im really good at this wife: yes you are.. but todayy i thought i would win unfortunately you couldn’t win.. but well played see i clapped for you wife:enough enough no need to butter me whatever.. nothing can be done now anways lets see you genuinely played well.. not trying to butter you everyone please let us know if we should have a part 2 rematch or best of 3.. please comment bellow this was really fun today been a while since we played ludo Wife: yea it was so much fun see i told you we need games in these videos Jui: true.. this was epic..this was your idea glad we agreed please please support us.. like and subscribe

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