CUSTOM Games Consoles That Will BLOW YOUR MIND!

– [Narrator] A lot of consoles
actually look pretty nice straight out of the box. Like the PS4, the Nintendo Switch, or even older consoles, like the PS2 Slim. But the people on this
list chose to take things to the next level by making these amazing custom games consoles
that will blow your mind. – Amazing! – [Narrator] If you love Donkey
Kong above anything else, this is for you. It’s a Game Boy Advance
SP that’s jungle-themed. It looks like it’s made of wood, with the buttons looking like pebbles. Best of all, the D-pad
is made of actual bamboo. It was all hand-carved by
a modder called Vadu Amka. The craziest thing is
that it actually works, so you could easily take it anywhere and show how cool your Game Boy looks. Unfortunately, it was never up for sale. Many good memories were made
playing multiplayer games on the Nintendo 64. Modder Mark Haggett has
now made it way easier to relive those memories. You see, he made a coffee table with an N64 stuck inside of it. Mark went all out. It has a place to store controllers, a place to hold all of his cartridges, and extender controller ports so you don’t have to
sit so close to the TV. It also has a pixelated
rendition of Mario on top of it. With a thing like that, I bet Mark has a lot of friends coming
over to his house all the time. This is for those who love Castlevania. Made by Vadu Amka, this
SNES looks like a tomb, with a spooky skeleton on top of it. The buttons also have
some of gothic-style font that’s all the rage with vampires. Seems like the perfect console to have every time Halloween comes around. Now how about a console
that’s hidden in plain sight? A guy named Richard Daluz has crammed a Super Nintendo inside of a toaster. It’s the Super Nintoaster. The console lights up when you turn it on and you can even control the
brightness of the red light via the temperature knob,
just like a toaster. Let’s just hope no one actually tries to cram a piece of toast into it. This is one of the most
insane mods out there. It’s a completely modded Nintendo Switch, inspired by The Legend of
Zelda: Breath of the Wild. The Switch dock has a stone-like finish and is styled to look
like the Sheikah Slate, a key item from the game. The actual console and joy-cons
follow the same inspiration, with a wooden finish for the controllers and a fancy golden border for the screen. This custom console was made by the guys from MakoMod and, looking like that, you bet that it was worth quite a lot. The Switch was sold on eBay
for almost 2,000 euros. If you want your living room
looking like olden times, then this Xbox One is for you. It looks like a wooden chest, with a place to put
two controllers on top. This is wooden Xbox One was
made to commemorate Gwent, the spin-off game from the Witcher series. CD Projekt Red, the
developers of the game, made this custom console
and ran a community event to award it to someone. They really must love their fans. Do you love arcade games and also want to give
your back a good workout? Great news. Made by Ultimate Customs, the Biz MarKade is a
portable arcade cabinet. Well, sort of portable. It’s probably on the heavy side, but you can carry it around on your back, which is great if you compare
it to real arcade machines. The Biz MarKade comes with a big selection of Arcade games for you to enjoy. Who knew you could get ripped and play arcade games
using the same device? This next console comes
straight out of Hollywood. It’s a custom Halo Xbox
360 made by WETA Workshop. You may know them for
their work in movies, like The Lord of the Rings franchise. It has Master Chief shooting the 360 on one side and its guts
spilling out on the other. It was auctioned off to charity for the small, small price
of 10,000 Australian dollars. Hey, it’s way better for your Xbox to die at the hands of Master Chief than because of the red ring of death. For the horror lovers out there, this Resident Evil inspired PS1 will certainly catch your eye. Get it? Because there’s an eye on the console. Bad puns aside, this
was made by Vadu Amka. She keeps popping up in this list because of all the crazy
customs consoles she makes! This PS1 was inspired by Nemesis, the villain in Resident Evil 3. There’s also a zombie
version of the controller. Unfortunately, the Dualshock doesn’t work, it’s just decorative. But hey, that’s a really good looking decoration right there. For those who love valves, gauges, and everything of the sort, these two custom consoles
are exactly for you. Look at this steampunk-themed
PS3, made by TGT Studios. It was made from black
walnut and maple wood, and it also uses a brass sheet to make everything looking shiny. Fun fact, this console
actually belongs to T-Pain. As in T-Pain, the rapper. This next one is also
a steampunk-themed PS3, created by Moisturegoon. It has an old radio
valve, a pressure gauge and a light bulb attached to it. Unfortunately, the light
bulb doesn’t actually work. The Zelda franchise has
inspired a lot of people over the years. For example, this Game Boy. The portable console looks
like it’s made out of old stone that’s covered with ivy. On the back, it even has a 3D print of the original Legend of Zelda shield. To top it all off, the battery door also has a little key with
a chain attached to it, like a secret door. Unfortunately, it doesn’t
play that famous Zelda sound effect when it’s opened. Sometimes there are games
you wish were portable, but just aren’t. Think about it, how would you like to play Mario Kart 64 wherever you went? Well, someone by the name of Finn Andersen solved that problem. He made a custom console of his own, using a Wii Pro Controller
hooked up to a screen, running an emulator. Unfortunately, Finn made this for himself and it’s not for sale. But hey, if you know a
lot about electronics maybe you can use his idea as inspiration! A lot of people love Nintendo. A lot of people love Star Wars. Well, someone was bound
to mash those two together and make something awesome out of it. Check out this Nintendo 64 in
the shape of a TIE Fighter. Esty member Kevin Glenn
grabbed a TIE Fighter toy and put a functioning Nintendo 64 into it. The console was sold on Esty for $175. Seems like the perfect place to play Rogue Squadron all over again! Deadpool is a huge character right now, after the success of his movie. So how about this PS4
Pro styled as Deadpool? Made by Reddit user TheLegitHabibi, it may not be as flashy as the other ones, but it looks slick as hell. Hey, you can play the Deadpool game on it! Is it any good? Who knows? But you can keep your
love for Deadpool alive with this PS4 Pro until the next movie doesn’t come out in theaters. If you want a portable Nintendo device, but don’t want any of the ones
already available out there, take a look at this. It’s a console made out
of an NES cartridge. Called the nesP, it was made
by modder robotswillkillyou and it sells for $350. It comes with an LCD screen and uses an actual NES controller
that is built into it. But the console doesn’t
just play NES games, it also has Game Boy and
Game Boy Color games. That’s enough games to keep you occupied for the rest of your life. If you want something that is decorative and shows your love of
gaming, you’re in luck. At first glance, this
just a cool looking table shaped like an NES controller. The mind-blowing thing
is that the controller actually works! The table was made by Ultimate Customs and comes with a built-in NES that you can put any of your games in it. This could add a new
challenge to old games. Imagine having to beat Super Mario Bros. with a giant controller? Are you into the whole tribal motif? If you enjoy tribal decor or maybe you even have a tribal tattoo, you’ll like this Nintendo 64. Made by Reactor-88,
it’s a totem-styled N64 that has a very vibrant design, using strong red and blue colors. With this console, you can
certainly make a statement to how much you’re committed
to the whole tribal lifestyle. The next one is a steampunk Game Boy. Made by Elise Siegwald, the console looks really different from its original form. It’s littered with gears,
giving it a very intricate and complicated look. It also has a big lens
on top of the screen, though it doesn’t seem to magnify it. This might not even be an
actual functioning console, but who cares? It looks cool either way. If you want to make a
statement with your PC, this is the way to go. This anime military-themed PC
was made by Hirohito Ikeuchi. This PC is awesome and maybe a little too much at the same time. There are realistic
military figures posing, tanks laying around everywhere
and even a palm tree. Though Hirohito didn’t
care much about ease of use when he modded this PC since the keyboard seems very difficult to reach. But hey, it’s worth it! From afar, this might look
like a pretty realistic replica of R2-D2 from Star Wars. But building a realistic
Star Wars robot wasn’t enough for modder Brian De Vitis. This is also the ultimate gaming machine, with eleven consoles inside of it. It comes with an Atari
7800, an NES, an SNES, a Genesis, a Nintendo 64, a PlayStation 1, a Saturn, a Dreamcast, a PlayStation 2, a GameCube and an Xbox. Phew, that’s a lot of consoles! Like that wasn’t enough, he even managed to cram in a projector and
a sound system inside of it, so you don’t even have to worry
about hooking it up to a TV. This is really the ultimate
one stop shop for retro gaming. Marvel seems to be everywhere right now, with awesome comic books, movies, TV series and games. Well, if you really love Marvel, check out this Captain
America inspired Xbox 360. It was created by Zachariah Cruse, who says he’s a big fan
of The First Avenger. It’s painted with the
Captain America’s colors and it even has a real 3D metal
shield laying on top of it. How about a PS4 for the
fans of The Witcher series? Made by jriquelme mods, it comes with a Witcher
logo that stands out and looks really menacing. The paint job also looks really nice, with a blackish blue stencil. Now all you need is your
copy of The Witcher 3 and countless hours available
to play through the game. Rich people never seem
tired of spending money in absurd ways. For example, take a
look at this PS4 console that is plated with real gold. That’s right, not gold colored paint. Real, actual gold. It looks absolutely amazing. If you’re an Xbox fan, you
don’t have to feel left out. Gatti Luxury has made a Gold
Xbox One version as well. Both of these cost $13,700 each. Think about it, if you’re
an extremely rich person, wouldn’t you want a more upscale version of your console? That way, you can differentiate yourself from all the peasants. For those who have money
and are way into Zelda, there’s also this custom Wii. It has over 7.500 24-karat
gold dipped Swarovski crystals. It’s made by Crystalicing. While there’s no price
information available for this console, just
assume it’s probably out of the price range of most people. Sometimes, you want to take a vacation and get away from things. But what if you don’t want
to get away from your PS4? What if you want to play
it everywhere you go? Well, this mod has solved
this problem for you. It’s an R2-D2 themed PlayStation 4 laptop. The Playbook 4, as it’s called, was made by Edward Zarick of EdsJunk. The console even makes
the famous R2-D2 noise when you switch it on. The Playbook 4 is available to order and is priced at $1,495. Would you pay this price for a PS4 you could easily play anywhere? This one is a really cool one, especially because it’s a
bit of a sneaky modification. At first glance, this may look
like just a WALL-E figure, from the Pixar movie. But it’s actually a modded GameCube built by someone named thechoozen. He took the little tank
treads from a child’s toy, painted the console and handcrafted the character’s expressive eyes. This is just a great
way to have a GameCube look adorable as hell. When the PS3 was announced, one of the very first jokes people made was that it looked a bit like
the George Foreman Grill. Apparently, someone made
this joke into a reality. Presenting: the PS3 grill. This is a modded PS3 that was made into an actual functioning grill
by a group called SmashMy. Unfortunately, the console
can’t play games anymore, so you won’t be able to grill some chicken while playing through the Uncharted games. But it sure does look
like it cooks a mean meat. What was your favorite mod in this video? Did we miss any of your favorite consoles? Comment below to let me know! Thanks for watching! (playful music)

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