Cycling in the Yorkshire Dales, commentary by Phil Liggett

Well today we have a gentle roll out
and then before we know it the route will take us up hill and down
dale. And I must say it really does look like it’s a great day for the climbers. And it looks like this ride is going to
make for an amazing one, too. Oh, someone’s got a problem! You’ve to hand it
to these mechanics though, they certainly know a thing or two about bike riding, I can
tell you. They’re always on hand to get the riders back on their way. Wharfedale is a very, very special place
in the world. The bunch really does make a wonderful
sight doesn’t it as it passes through these lovely villages. Ah, the director sportif is offering
encouragement from the team car! [dog woofs!] And in good time too, we’re now approaching
the slopes of Kidstones, the first climb of the day. The canvas of the countryside can really be
appreciated from high vantage points such as this. Now what goes up of course must come
down and it’s a beautiful descend from here, as the road bends its way now down into
the valley below. And even downhill you know it can be
thirsty work. And what better than a pit stop. And it looks
like the domestiques are on hand to bring this leading pelaton home much faster towards to refreshments. Well they’re really enjoying these sweeping roads aren’t they? And a chance now to speed though Wensleydale and pick up the pace once
more. And those just wanting to enjoy the scenery
well they can always join the autobus. And from here the road will gradually
wind its way up towards the next mountain climb, and it’s the iconic Buttertubs Pass. You
know it takes great determination but the rewards are well worth it. What
an amazing sight. The crowds have really come out in their
droves! This beautiful area has to be seen to be
appreciated. Climbing the Buttertubs Pass is a great
achievement. It’s worth making the extra effort for a view
like this, and part of the adventures of riding a
bicycle. There’s a real thrill too, when a road twists and turns down from a climb, and this requires great skill. Well you
know, nobody can argue can they, Swaledale really is a beautiful part in the
Yorkshire Dales. And you know, I can’t think of a better
way of bridging the gap. I think the sprint leader’s jersey is
in safe hands here. These roads really do make it a great
place for cyclists, the riders are working together on the home stretch. And there’s a breakaway, looks like he’s
dashing for his tea! But it looks like someone’s had the same
idea, and they’re really flying. Now this is what I call a feed station! He’s enjoying his moment at the front of the pack isn’t he? Well she really has shown us some
great skills on the descends down from the hills here and she’s now heading into Reeth, and look at this she’s got a clear lead. And this lead out train is certainly doing
its job. You know, the Yorkshire Dales have made
for an amazing day of cycling. This has certainly been a great day out.

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  1. Thanks! Really pleased you like it – we are delighted with it. It really shows just what a beautiful the Yorkshire Dales is and what great cycling there is here.

  2. Thanks wildsticks123! Really glad you like it – please share it with all your friends! That's a good idea to do an MTB version because there is loads of good MTB riding in the Dales, particularly in the north of the National Park around the Reeth area. I will see what we can do!

  3. Great commentary from Phil Liggett, if you do a MTB version how about a bit of fell running, there are fantastic runs out from Reeth, if so let me know I do a bit of fell ruuning as well as climbing.

  4. Great Video and excellent commentary, Good Luck for next year i will be watching, or with a bit of luck maybe there spectating

  5. I have done some road cycling up in the Dales and some off road too – perhaps the Cam High Road should be added (Look on my videos) – best place to ask would be the Dales Bike Centre – Surprised you didn't get in Fleet Moss though and also Oxnop Scar and Grinton Moor !! – Cant wait to do these rides again !

  6. Hello Widsticks123. The brief was to cover the Tour de France Grand Depart route within the Yorkshire Dales National Park boundary. Therefore Fleet Moss and Oxnop Scar do fall out of scope. Grinton Moor was recce'd extensively, with some great ideas explored with other forms of cycling. However for the purpose of narrative it was felt that the final run to Grinton served as a better ending to the film. It also leaves something for the visitor watching this film to find out for themselves.

  7. We are in discussion with the Yorkshire Dales National Park about covering MTB in Swaledale as part of a more modest series of films, which will feature the MTB Nutcracker event in August 2013. The main focus of this commission was to illustrate the road cycling available in the Yorkshire Dales in relation to the Tour de France 2014 route.

  8. i go driving enough times to malham cove and stuff like that but never really cycled there.. been to the top of pendal which is near malham but sadly if i want to cycle there its about 45miles away from where i live and i always travel heavy with 8 ltrs if water, 1 bike pump, 1 roll of duct tape, 1 puncture repair kit which my bike never needs (custom mongoose tyax, it has puncture proof tires and a reinforced frame, hard tail bike with about 32 gears i think)… may give it a shot tomorrow… need a good long ride out… i normally do between 80 – 120 miles a day but in the opposite direction which normally takes about 8 – 12 hours if i average my speed at 10mph and be a lazy boy, but sometimes i'll go full pelt, my speedometer says my average speed ranges are between 30mph and 45mph, top speed ive done is around 52.9mph going along a flat under own power but without heavy pack on, that was done just with myself going through the local town to try and make the speed camera flash, which it did and i got a telling off.

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