Cycling Japan: Ride from Nagoya to Osaka 200km | ロードバイクで 名古屋から大阪へ

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  1. great video !! i love journeys like this where you dont quite know whats going to happen and dont quite know where you are or what the correct path is. I have done many like this myself and they are always the most enjoyable ( maybe not at the time, but afterwards). Please do some more journeys like this one!!

  2. somehow, watching this video is very satisfying, especially at the countryside road, damn good view

  3. Loser. Very weak rider

    200km in 10hour25minute
    Why did u always stop in 33km 20km 15km. Just keep ride guys

    And there seems nothing high elevation so you should goes riding with easier

    Like me. I've got 50km in just 2 hour in high elevation. If i calculate 200km should be reach in only 8hour and can be 7hour if in flat road

  4. "oh saka" are you sure it isn't "oh sa ka"?
    "na goy ya" are you sure it isn't "na go ya"?

    For someone who speaks very well Japanese by my standard, his pronunciation is embarrassing. lol.

  5. +Two Wheel Cruise So much win man: being in Japan, with Asian woman, riding a bike & she enjoys it too. YA THE MAN:) so envy. Someday, someday…thanks for the video!

  6. 守ってる人見たことありませんが、交差点で左折するとき赤信号なら停止線で待たなきゃいけないらしいですよ。僕もほとんど止まらないですけどね

  7. hello, im tired of getting chased by stray dogs in thailand and peru. do dogs chase you there? does japan have stray dogs in packs?

  8. Wow ur girl is really supportive and she can really Ensure. Btw why are Japan river Cycling paths full of those unfriendly, dangerous obstacles ? If didn't see properly at night it can really be a deadly obstacle.

  9. Yes, they are annoying. A friend told me he broke a spoke on one of those. They are more concerned with motor bikes and cars on those paths which makes sense since they are intended for pedestrians and cyclists. But I love that path! Osaka to Kyoto is a really nice morning ride.

  10. まだ、日本語なれてないのかぁ。タイトルがww

  11. Yes,road from Kyoto to Osaka is complicated and easy to lost your way. And we Osaka riders know some that stupid gates are possible to skip,haha.

  12. Do they have a big problem with motorbikes on the paths they seem to have gone out of there way to make cycling as difficult as possible

  13. You can bypass the tunnel by taking an old road. The entrance and exit are near both ends of the tunnel. The Nagoya side is closed to cars but the road is still ridable. At the pass is a gate you can push your bike through. Hikers come up here from the other (Kyoto) side in cars. I would not recommend this route if trying to get to Kyoto in one day. It is a very nice ride. I stealth camped near that river you came upon.

  14. I’m new to your channel and really enjoy your videos. I like the cycling videos a lot as my husband and I ride in western Colorado. I like the food videos too and learning a little more about the Japanese culture through your videos. Thank you and for a variety of videos! And your wife is very sweet! Great seeing both of you together! 👍

  15. I like your posts – very natural and down to earth and quite inspiring. Good job!
    I'm heading over in a few weeks to do a ride from Tokyo to Shiga.
    Just a query about 3rd party liability insurance – any suggestions.
    Also, any hints for taking good videos to records the trip

  16. Nice video! Can’t believe she’s still camera shy!! The countryside there isn’t too different to 台灣

  17. I was like how the hell do they talk together then this guy speaks japanese im like wtffff its so cool bro. Goodluck to your channel be careful

  18. the path you took is pretty cool. Just one question, couldn't you just ride on the road? (to avoid the barriers)

  19. Your wife was very patient haha I remembered taking my wife somewhere far and coming across unexpected barriers/ dead ends and taking all the blame -.-

  20. Those barriers….
    im so glad we don't have those in the Netherlands.
    How are your knees? must have hit them multiple times on all those poles in the bike lanes….

  21. Outstanding. These days I'm getting tired after 10 miles lol. At 67, I'm comfortable up to about 16 miles and then things start going south.

  22. You would be boned if pulling a trailer thru those barriers, and I caught the grand traverse pie co on the Jersey.

  23. Wow, I usually ride a motorcycle…but as someone who has rode bicycles my whole life. I never realized how fun it was actually MTB riding, on paths and cool places…not only just around my city. Especially, as transportation around a city…at least not till recently.
    Oh and seeing you on Tomoko sensei's channel, brought me here…you have a new subscriber.

  24. I like the fact that when it gets dangerous, you ride blocker for your wife. I was really down on flat pedals(rode crank brothers for years)But recently I bought a set for $20 dollars on amazon and you can adjust the foot pegs now. They grab my feet so well they are almost as good as clip-less. This is way better then when I had toe clips and down tube shifters back in the 90's. Your wife has a good can do attitude, and she is probably more used to riding than your average American.

  25. Wow stunning views, and you both are an awesome example and inspiration to other riders new or experienced. Great video.

  26. Wow 400km roundtrip journey! I wish I can do the same. I only average 16kms round trip on my cycling journeys.

  27. really would like to know what type of bicycle best for riding in japan, onegaisimasu, im going to saving right now

  28. What an adventure!!! Man 200k in one day is nuts !!!
    Hahah the end "vietnamese food" I'm like no wonder I'm like this looks familiar…

  29. Awesome video. You have a great riding partner. Haha. New to cycling. I am planning to take a 200km ride soon. 🙂

  30. Hi Two Wheel Cruise, I have been watching your videos and thanks for all the information. I am planning a 4 day ride from Fukuoka to Osaka next spring and whilst doing a first cut on the route on Google maps, could you please advise can I identify the roads where bicycles are allowed? I selected to exclude highways in Google Maps and even so, some of them look like A—roads where cycling could be illegal. Thanks in advance and keep in rubber side up!

  31. I just posted a video on my daily commute I can't get much writing video in but I got a little bit of stopping along the way breakfast and engine I ate today was the first day it snowed in Utah so we got 4in and it sputtered and tried to smell real hard all day but the last four for about six it really came down and I was right in the middle of it and it was blowing I got a good video of it so if you want to check it out be my guest

  32. I just watched the first vid on your channel. Holy crap! 184K? You and Spyder Woman are really hardcore!! I love watching cycling but don't cycle myself as you can guess. Great vid to watch. I've often wondered about the old trails between Edo and Kyoto although I don't think you were on the Tōkaidō at all? (I'm not sure if any of it still exists?)

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