Hi, I’m Fabian and I’m going to
teach you how to play Darwin’s Dice
The game consists of six different
kinds of cards, with a total of 72 cards.
The colours blue, yellow and green
make up the basic game.
There are numbers from 1 to 8 twice
for the bear, lion and fox cards.
Each of these cards has the chance of becoming
the trump and therefore the strongest card of a turn.
Marked in one corner are the points for each card.
This fox card therefore is worth 4 points.
Basically, the stronger the card,
the more points it’s worth.
The red snake cards also exist
twice with numbers from 1 to 8.
But they cannot become the trump.
Additionally, they always lose in a draw.
But if a red card is the strongest one,
the player of the second best card gets poisened…
and loses all cards won in the current round.
There are only four grey owl cards in the game.
Twice with the number 9 and the number 0 respectively.
Therefore these are the highest or the
lowest cards in the game besides the trump.
There are also only four brown
scorpion cards, each with the number 4 1/2.
Since it’s difficult to win with this card as the
highest or lowest card, it also has a special effect:
The scorpion is the only card that can beat the trump.
Additionally, the player of the trump gets poisened
and loses all cards won in the current round.
Before each turn a player – the so-called Darwin –
rolls the dice to determine the conditions.
The combination of colour and number determines
the trump and therefore the strongest card in this turn.
In this case it’s the 3 yellow.
The number or colour of the dice
have no further impact on the game.
The plus symbol shows that the highest
card wins, if the trump hasn’t been played.
Alternatively, a minus declares
the lowest cards to be the strongest.
Now to start the game, cards are handed
out depending on the number of players.
In this example 3 players participate so
they play 3 rounds with 8 hand cards each.
For the first turn the owner of the game
takes over the role as Darwin and rolls the dice…
to determine the conditions for the first turn.
1 yellow is the trump.
If no one played the trump, the highest card wins,
indicated through the “+” symbol on the die.
The players now have to consider which card
to play and lay them face down in front of them.
They flip them over simultaneously.
8 blue is stronger than 7 blue.
But the trump, yellow 1, beats them all.
The player who won the cards becomes
the new Darwin and rolls the dice for the next turn.
Trump is 8 yellow, otherwise the lowest card wins.
Every player plays a card
and shows it at the same time.
No one played the trump so we look for the lowest card.
The 3 is victorious over the 4.
But since two people played a 3 we have to
differentiate according to the size of the animal.
Because of the “-” the smallest animal, the fox, wins.
When there’s a draw with the
“+” symbol, the bear is the strongest.
The player of the green 3 wins this turn.
Now the trump is 2 green.
But since two players have played the strongest card,
the trump, no one wins and the cards stay in the middle.
The winner of the next turn
wins these cards as well.
If cards stay in the middle at the end
of a round they are removed from the game.
Trump is 7 green, stronger are the higher cards.
No one played the trump.
But since the highest card is the red 8, the player
of the second best card, 7 blue, gets poisenend…
and loses all cards won in the current round.
The trump is 1 yellow, strong are the lower cards.
No one has the trump.
The grey 0 wins over the green 1.
The trump is 4 green.
One player has the trump.
But a fellow player anticipated
this and played the scorpion.
So, he beats the trump and also
poisens the player of the trump.
The rest of the hand cards are being played
out and two additional rounds are played
so that the deck is used up.
At the end of a round the won cards
are safe and can be put aside.
At the end of the game the points are counted
and the player with the most points wins.
And the winner gets to celebrate a little.

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