Darwin’s Dice (Kickstarter Video)

Since the dawn of time …
there’s only one thing, that hasn’t changed.
It’s a law, described by Darwin himself.
It is a game called Darwin’s Dice.
In this card game two dice set the conditions …
and the players then have to play the right card,
otherwise they will be eaten.
On the contrary, if they can play the best card,
they will eat the other players instead.
Isn’t there a card,
which can beat even the best card?
Yes, that’s true.
But it is no easy task.
For you have to play this card at the right time.
But then you can reclaim the victory even from
the player with the strongest card.
And for such a victory you get points, right?
But I’ve heard that these points aren’t safe yet.
You have to consider,
that your points are never safe until the end of a round.
Because there’s danger lurking in every corner!
Now on Kickstarter
We are Fabian, Stefan and Pierre.
And together with Pascal we have developed
the card game Darwin’s Dice.
Darwin’s Dice is a card game based on both luck and strategy.
Two dice determine the order and strength of the cards.
A plus means the highest card wins,
a minus therefore that the lowest card wins.
The combination of number and color determines
the trump – the strongest card of this turn.
Additionally there are special cards,
which can even beat the trump …
or destroy the points of another player in the current round.
You need to choose wisely which card to play,
because natural selection is unstoppable.
Darwin’s Dice is our second card game after Frantic
and therefore our second Kickstarter campaign.
Wir believe it to be a worthy successor and hope
that it will be just as addicting as Frantic.
And Darwin’s Dice doesn’t just look fantastic …
… but is quick and easy to learn.
It’s a short game experience for the young and the old,
the small and the big, to sum up …
for the whole family.
And if you like what you hear,
then support us on Kickstarter.

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