Death Wish – Party Card Game

Look’s like we’ve got another one Let’s see what they’ve caught Mad own disease Let’s see how he caught it then Just that I thought Licked an armpit Let’s see how he suffered *struggles” Meat cravings Rectal rashes Nightmares Looks like we’ve got to clean this stuff up then Hi Guys, my name is Jason Hibbert and I’m excited to tell you about my new party card game, Death Wish It’s a 2-8 player game where the aim is to kill yourself by catching diseases So briefly, here are a few key elements of Death Wish In the centre of the table are the available diseases in the game and players are essentially competing with each other to contract them All diseases have a level of damage and rarity as well as special requirements that must be met in order to catch them When a player has collected a total of 10 disease skulls or more they are considered dead and they have won the game The diseases are always shifting and changing as new cards are added or removed by players so it’s important to be quick and tactical Firstly, all diseases have a number in the corner This represenets the number of symptoms required that match the colour of the disease Players collect these coloured symptom cards in their hand They can range from bum boils, smelly feet, a bloated head, hair loss or even rectal bleeding Secondly, you need one afflicter card that also matches the colour of the disease Afflicter cards are the “how” you caught it, so these can include anything from eating dog poop, kissing a zombie, eating old sushi or even sleeping with a mermaid Everybody can see each other’s afflicter cards so they provide a pretty good indication of which diseases people are going for So, once you have the correct matches of symptoms and afflicters you can contract a disease and share your weird combination to the group An examply would be, I contract Sniffylis because I kissed a dog I’m suffering from meat cravings, numb feet, bad breath and flatulence There’s over 220 cards in Death Wish and each is unique making the possible combinations pretty vast It doesn’t end there, many diseases are more potent then others and contain a special outbreak symbol If you’re lucky enough to get one of these, pick up and read out an outbreak card These cards are design to help you and also disrupt the dynamic of every game Some examples include puking, sneezing, shocking someone back to life becoming contagious or even mutating diseases It creates that extra bit of interaction and the ability to screw your friends over While it’s fantastic and fun creating a game, it’s a whole different kettle of fish making this available to the public It’s been a tough few months of concepts, prototypes, playtesting coding and obtaining manufacturing quotes But I’m happy to finally say I’m ready to focus on the next stage, crowdfunding This is where I hope you lovely people on Kickstarter can help If the project is pledged, I can finally mass produced the finalised version of the game and put this crazy thing in people’s game collections To get backers involved, I’m also reserving disease cards for your own ideas I will provide the means to submit your own disease name suggestions anything from the rude to the silly, I would love to get your input for the game So, what are you waiting for? Are you dying to win? I’ve been waiting to say that

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