Delhi Autowala’s Unique Idea

As the year-end approaches, temperatures have fallen all over North India and also in Delhi. The Indian Meteorological Department said the cold originated from the Mediterranean Sea. That along with the extreme cold & heavy snowfall in the hills between 12th & 13th December have caused the severe drop in temperature in Delhi on 14th December. Now on 28th December, the temperature in Delhi dropped to 2.4 degrees Celsius. Delhi’s students and employees find it very difficult to go outside in the severe cold. Everyone wishes to be warm. When they go out they wish they had a warm bed, blanket & a shawl to wrap themselves but they can’t carry all this outside. People keep travelling for work and other activities but it is difficult in the cold. They all wish they had the warmth of a car. Travelling in rickshaws is worse due to the strong blast of cold air. One rickshaw driver came up with a creative idea where he completely enclosed his auto. When a passenger sat in the rickshaw, he was amazed at the warmth. It was a very creative idea! Its just like how when you place an online order, the package usaully has a transparent bubble wrap. Just like that, the rickshaw driver wrapped his auto in bubble wrap. When the passenger sat in the auto he was amazed by the warmth. He then shared a GIF on Twitter which went viral.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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