Demi Lovato – Sorry Not Sorry

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  1. Like 3 weeks ago or something, there was a tornado at the psychiatric hospital i was staying at. And it was like 12 am and I was wearing a onsie, I was new there so I didn't want people to see me in this so I changed into a outfit. But I didn't want to go out there with the other kids so I just waited in my room until everything started, the noise was horrifying, the crashes and screams were blood curdling. A worker came in and told me to go with him, he told me to wait in a room while he got the keys for me to get my shoes (locked in a locker). This song was playing and I was literally singing along for some reason…It calmed me down but I was so scared.

  2. Im here because of the legendary lipsync of evie oddly and brokelyn hytes in ru paul drag race love the song since that lipsync aired

  3. soooo this is like my 1000th time watching this video and i just noticed paris is the dj😂😂😂😂😂😂😂

  4. "On June 29th, Demi threw a house party and we made a music video.
    This is what happened."

    1 second later: * Demi drives to her house party*


  5. So many men forget to do that over the years and I don't see how they forget when the truth stares at them in the face. Like it's said on the streets, "If you Talk that talk baby, you better walk that walk".

  6. She's just back from a "spiritual" trip to Apartheid Israel, for which she received the value of $150,000. She and her mother talked about how the excursion boosted their sense of Christian values. Seriously. Take a look at this video, listen to the prefabricated muzak produced under her name, and tell me what part of it corresponds with any conception of Christianity.

  7. good quality in 2019 but too much stoping for random clips of the party were apost to sing and not stop for 1 minute showing some random clip. sing suck in some your sliva and stop talking for a second or two but either than that its a really good song for the people in 2017 which is ok in 2019 but either than this song gets a 6-10 for the rating disagree if you want but it is true and the producer is apost to be recording not saying this "we got jamie ready" thats a nope but ok so bye

  8. #boycottDemiLovato
    Last week Demi Lovato made a series of social media posts from Israel, celebrating her experiences there. After a number of people left comments criticizing the singer for legitimizing an apartheid state, Lovato shared a (quickly deleted) apology in which she admitted that she had accepted “a free trip to Israel in exchange for a few posts.”

  9. I came here because i watched a video about horrible celebs. She was one of them. Idc. But i thought she is avril levigne or someone like that. Dissapointed. The music is not my style. She can sing but i know alot of better singers than her. Not here to hate. Im just dissapointed by what i see. Bye

  10. It’s so sad to see such a beautiful talent women struggling with addiction. God bless you Demi and I wish strength through this difficult part in your life ♥️ I love you.

  11. 1:07
    Demi: Baby I'm soooorrrryyy!
    Everyone: …
    Demi: Grits teeth I said baby I'm sorry bitches
    Everyone: Scared I"M NOT SORRY!

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