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Hello! can anybody hear my voice, Hello! Dad, Dad I can hear it! I can hear it! Slap! Not you Fool! – Hello! Hello! – Hello Hello. – Hello! Hello Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello I am Dev Kumar Malik. D. K. Malik. Welcome to Goa Flying Club. I am always available here 24 hours for any emergency. They appoint anyone for the emergency services… …he is so slow You just tell me. What is your problem? Our problem is we are on a private plane… …and the pilot is unconscious! What should we do? Then who is flying the plane? I am flying it. Boman! Boman! Yes than Boman, Boman. My name is just Boman once. So Boman just once, have you ever flown a plane before. He has never even swatted a fly before… …tell us how we can land the plane. Before landing the plane, we should know about flying the plane. And before knowing how to fly,
we should know about the plane The plane that you are flying right now… …its weighs 2084 kilos & 300 grams Its technology is comprised of two computers… …and to pilots control, it is a private plane. 2 engines, 2 propellers & 3 wheels. How do we get down? There are two doors at the back & one emergency door.. …in the cockpit to get down. And on top of that, that’s almost everything. Stop you nonsense, and quickly tell us how to land. Haste makes waste. Humans should have patience. Take a look right
in front of you. What can you see?
– Death! No, no before death. Is there a big round wheel
in front of you? Yes, there is. There is a red button
on the side of the wheel. I have pressed it, what next. You shouldn’t have pressed it. What Pressing that button shuts off the main engine. Useless, you don’t even hear properly. Now that main thing is that,
your main engine is off… …and your other engine is shoddy. Thank God. No, no I mean your other engine is cheap… …it is not company made. It is very cheap quality It is ON right now,
that means it is working But how long it will work,
there is no guarantee of that. Oh Lord!
– Dad. Look ahead. Have courage, have patience. And at least stay calm. We don’t have time to keep anything! Okay Now do one thing. See the indication on the fuel meter. Thank God, the red light is ON here. That means your fuel is about to end too.
– What? What should I do know? Now repeat after me.
– What? Lord, all the sins that I have committed. Please forgive it!
– Please forgive it! We are coming in your shelter. We are coming in your.. quiet! We don’t want to die,
we don’t want to die! Whether you want or not,
everyone has to die one day. because death is a truth that
can never stay away from us. Human is unaware, and death comes closer every moment. Ans suddenly, its comes very close. Sir, death has come close to us too! We shouldn’t hide from death. Because death can find us from anywhere. What is it? Have you gone mad? Are you asking for help or my life? Did I tell you to sit in the plane? I don’t ask anyone for a help. Why do you do such things that
you have to ask for someone’s help. Go! From the side! Help! Help! Boman
– What is happening? We have reached the runway. Land it! Land it! Land it! Dear Dad, We have landed! Move aside! Move aside! Run!

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  1. I dnt know ye 490 log kon hai jisne dislike kiya hai…. tarif ke kabil ho aap log. Bht Jabardst gyuz.. maja aa gya

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