Diablo 4 Teaser Reveal BlizzCon 2016 Dice Conspiracy

hey folks this is rhykker the Diablo 4
reveal conspiracy.
I was going to make a video about this
but then I saw that a lot of people were
talking about it on reddit: /r/Diablo
and /r/diablo3, so here we are
I figured I might as well share what I
have even though i don’t i’m not going
to say I believe in this but there’s a
lot of what you might call coincidences
so we’ll go over this is this grand
conspiracy that effectively dictates
that at blizzcon 2016 Blizzard will
reveal Diablo
for now the heart of this conspiracy is
this simple four-sided diets
let’s get real real up close on that and
bring a focus here this this little
innocuous trinket is at the heart of
this dastardly – really conspiracy and
if you checked out my unboxing video of
the blizzcon 2016 goodie bag then you’ve
already been at least acquainted with it
so long story short with in the blizzcon
2016 goodie bag you’re hearing dice fall
on the floor right now is a sack a
diablo themed sack filled with
polyhedral dice
so that’s Dungeons and Dragons dice so
you got like your 20-sided dice and all
your other various dice and within it is
a 4-sided die
now for those who aren’t aware
instead of calling it the 20-sided die
cuz that’s quite a mouthful we call this
a d20 attend a 12-sided die as a d 1266
and a four-sided I we call ad for so on
stream when I was unboxing the goody bag
someone fishies facetiously asked is
there a d4 in there and the joke went
right over my head until i posted to
youtube and a comment clarified i was
just stuck so much and being excited
over getting dnd dice la themed is that
it didn’t even occur to me that they
were you know hinting at d for diablo
for not just you know the double
entendre of a die
and a game and so it was it was at first
just a quaint little well you know that
the d4 could mean that there’s going to
be Diablo for haha
you know nice conspiracy theory but then
there’s more
we have to go deeper here so this this d
4 is unusual and I’ll show you why it’s
unusual to start with
by comparing it to a standard so a
standard-issue d4 and bring this up
close here and once again let’s up the
you see that just yet know too much
about their so right off the bat what
you guys notice here
my hands are quite shake you mean you
bring that a bit closer here
so this is not a perspective trick
look how tiny the Diablo d 4 is I’m
gonna rest it on top of my regular d for
this is the smallest d 4 i’ve ever seen
in my life and I’ve seen a lot of d 4 so
it is unusually small so that’s
noteworthy about it but i mean that’s
that’s not entirely
you know I mean whatever it’s a small D
for big deal the d6 that they have is
slightly larger than I’m accustomed to
so you know who knows whatever but it
was as I was rolling this d 4 which is
the hardest title role that I noticed
something odd
this die is unusable due to a printing
error so let me show you what a normal d
4 is meant to look like you’re going to
get zoomed in again when you roll a d4
you’ll notice that every side has three
numbers on it to bring this up close so
when it lands the number that is the
correct number that you read is in this
case the three
whatever side you view it from its
always going to show the same numbers so
33 and 35 pologize for the the shakiness
and waving the dye around this is more
difficult than it seems actually
holding it by the little bit so if it
lands this way it’s too right
regardless of the side you face it’s
always a –
now let’s take a look at our damage
now let’s take a look at our Diablo d 4
god damn 114 only for every face only
one side corresponds to a different
so this makes this renders that I
virtually unusable
yes you can argue well just check the
one that you know the number that has
two of the correct faces but that makes
for a very very impractical died so i
would not use this in any game it’s it’s
just too cumbersome to use so regardless
of what which way it falls is always two
numbers that are the same and one that
is different and it turns out that this
is because there are two faces the
printing error is that to faces need to
be swapped if two faces were swapped you
have a perfectly normal die
so in every other respect this dye to
fit the numbers on this dye are correct
and match with what they should be
accept the fact that lets say this face
should be here in this phase should be
here now we’re going to take things a
step further
the conspiracy keeps going here if you
look at the sequence of numbers we just
said one potential sequences 11 4 or 4
11 depending on how you read it and a
stream viewer by the name of tests nasty
or tech nasty pointed out that for 11 or
11 for could be read as for 11 or 11 4
a.k.a november for aka the day that
blizzcon 2016 starts so that’s the big
conspiracy the conspiracy is that
blizzard hit a clue
within their D&D dice bag within their
Diablo dice bag that they’re going to be
diablo for apolis con another thing
potentially worth noting here is that
the logo on the dice bag you can see
here a bit of an angle
there’s this isn’t the d3 logo this is a
generic sort of Diablo logo but there
are four one two three four and another
four one two three four
I think that could be nothing and if you
look back at the blizzcon 2015 goodie
bag the nice laptop case it has this
same diabolo go with the for whatever
you want to call those points
diamonds but it could be that they were
hinting at a deal before as event who
in fact you can argue that maybe
blizzard already had in mind as of last
year that they were going to be
revealing Diablo for at blizzcon 2016
because again we call back to that rumor
which again is just a rumor that a
diablo community manager allegedly told
someone at blizzcon 2015 that next year
d Apple fans are going to quote lose
their shit and without naming names
it is a confirm fact that after blizzcon
recently after blizzcon 2015 a diablo
community manager was let go from
so this rumor started before that
employee was fired which gives the
rumors some credence
if you say that that was the employee
that leaked that information but really
there are few confirmed facts with
respect to any of that
you know take this long with a grain of
I’m not going to say that I believe that
all this means that deal before it’s
getting revealed but you know it’s it’s
fun to play with the conspiracy theory
also it’s been confirmed that because i
was wondering maybe it’s just my died
that has a printing error but no someone
else we finally managed to get someone
else to check the damn dice bag and they
confirmed that there’s also has the same
printing error
so either blizzard printed like 20,000
sets of dice with the
a defective d 4 or they deliberately
planted a clue
so either they are diabolical geniuses
or someone’s getting fired
now we should point out that in
overwatch blues has been laying some
very dastardly clues using cryptography
to hint at upcoming heroes
you can check out a couple videos have
gone on that so it’s not outside of the
realm of possibility that Blizzard would
be using sort of arcane means of hiding
clues within did to announce their games
or to make announcements who knows
now as I said I’m not one to buy into
conspiracy theories so there there’s a
few techniques or or questions you can
ask to determine whether a conspiracy
theory really has any grounds and one
thing is applying Occam’s razor which
effectively states that the simplest
explanation is often the correct
explanation so what is the simplest
explanation in this case that Blizzard
is masterminding some kind of hint at
diablo for or that it’s just a printing
the simpler explanation is printing
error that doesn’t dismiss the
conspiracy theory but it’s certainly
shoots it in the leg now the fact that
this is more than just one defective die
does help in that regard it does seem to
show more intent then error but it could
just be a greater error on a greater
another test you can carry out is the
cui bono
test which is land for who benefits
so basically in what way does closer to
benefit from doing this if they benefit
at all
let’s think about what they’re doing
they’re giving out guy sets with one
unusable die and they’re going to assume
that someone is going to discover ahead
of time that this is going to hint at
diablo for does this really makes sense
i mean given most of these are going to
be given out when blizzcon comes unless
it’s only the pre-order dice maybe it’s
just the
the early copies of the dice that had
the printing or maybe the ones that the
rest of you guys will receive when
blizzcon rolls around maybe those will
be correct that would at least make a
bit more sense but I mean really if
blizzard just gives out a set of dice
with a defective die and no one thinks
that this is a hint at diablo for them
both or just looks foolish think they
would be knowingly sending out incorrect
incorrect dice and then people like
myself and other people that received
the these dice would then say you know
publicly hey you know the d the the
Diablo dice are kind of you know
effective and that would discourage
people from buying the goody bag
so is Blizzard really benefiting from
from this hidden clue
another test is whether the theory is
without precedent
like it’s just completely addled left
field in that case as we said no it’s
not because it has been doing this in
overwatch hiding clues
also is there any precedents for there
being a diabolo for well yeah we’re
getting all of these you know all these
signs that a new diablo game of some
sort is coming we have all those job
postings which are one hundred percent
so there’s something you coming to
Diablo so that does give some legitimacy
to the possibility that boasted will be
teasing something
now for those who are jumping at this
and saying yeah this is this is
definitely blizzard uhh teasing Diablo
I feel there’s a degree of confirmation
bias at work here which is our tendency
to just ignore evidence that disproves
our theories and like it
typically when when you’re making
observations you should go in with with
no biases but if you’re going in
already with the notion in mind IE that
melissa is working on Diablo for than
any new observation you make will be
framed within that context and you’re
going to try to find evidence for
something that supports that theory
that’s confirmation bias and you’re
gonna ignore all the countless evidence
that doesn’t support your theory
there’s also the aspect of peridot Leah
that comes into play here and that’s the
phenomenon whereby to put it most simply
when you look at a cloud and you see you
know a butt or whatever image you you
think you see it’s random it’s chaos
you’re seeing something that’s not
really there your mind is bring order to
the chaos trying to discern a pattern
this is something that the human mind
just tends to do it finds patterns this
is what it’s actually built to do this
is something that has helped us evolve
throughout the years natural selection
has a favored those of us who are able
to make these connections able to draw
patterns from seeming chaos
the trouble is the mind will also at
times fine patterns in pure chaos
patterns where there are no real
patterns because sometimes it gets
things wrong
a pretty basic example of this would be
you know ye olde in person is wondering
geez how come I’m always getting this
explosive diarrhea
Zeus must really hate me that’s why I’m
getting explosive diarrhea
well no maybe he’s gonna take a second
thought and say well actually now that
I’m trying to find some pattern in this
and i noticed every time I meet the
purple berries
that’s when I got explosive diarrhea
therefore i’m going to make that
purple berries equals diarrhea that’s
the pattern
so for those of you who believe this
diablo for conspiracy which effectively
states that
Blizzard head in the goodie bag
undersized deform and it’s undersized in
order to call attention to it
+ d 4 is the hint at diablo for and the
the printing error further calls
attention to the die and to the date
november for if that is what you’re
getting from this conspiracy theory then
if you’re right and that’s awesome
you your brain has done a wonderful job
of deducting and finding the patterns
and if you’re wrong and this is just a
complete fabrication and nonsense then
don’t feel bad it’s just your brain
doing what it’s evolved to do fine
patterns and is that Jim Carrey movies
number what 2327 one of those things
like a whole movie dedicated to like
what could happen when the brain takes
things a bit too far in trying to find
patterns and how you really can
if you seek to the confirmation bias
just find what you want to find in
anything at all
so that wraps up this video thanks for
watching leave a comment with your
thoughts do you think this conspiracy
theory is true or not
special thanks to my twitch the borders
and patreon supporters without whom this
video would not be possible
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how much do they want me to block oh
come on
I can’t get a grip with my mouth
ok I think that’s all

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  1. this is why most high IQ people are racist, they are good at spotting patterns. when 12% of the population commits 70% of the crime people recognize the pattern. (that's what IQ tests measure, the ability to find patterns.)

    thanks for confirming this for me rhykker, i knew i liked ur videos for a reason. finally someone who uses logic!

  2. It's possibly going to be a D3 expansion pack don't think D4 will be released yet expansion pack will have new characters new builds but If I am wrong mostly will be Diablo 4 possibly not saying they are our will make it this is just me! if you read the diablo Books it shows Diablo 3 Legacy of Blood this possibly could be the next expansion.

  3. If you think back to 2007 when Blizzard announced that they are working on D3, its not that crazy to believe that they might be announcing the making of D4. We were forced to wait a shit long time after that for the final product so they could be doing the same thing. We might be getting D4 in 2021.

  4. Rhykker, what's up with the subliminal messaging. At exactly 4:16 on this video there is a quick flash of a symbol. At first I thought it was the Overwatch logo, but I checket and its not. Maybe its the Half Life logo. Don't no if somebody else knows maybe

  5. Diablo 3 is heading in the wrong direction.
    The rest of this is nothing but Bait-n-click.
    @Rhykker knows, but He's "paid" to market D*, get it now ???!!!

  6. Hearthstone invitations sent to popular streamers have been riddled with hints since Whispers of the Old Gods

  7. I believe that the printing error was just to reflect the date of the blizzcon and the choice of using a D4 for it, was just to give a hype BUT they will only announce another DLC just like Reaper of Souls.

  8. I work with dice manufacturers and they always have rigorous Q&A plus scanners that check the dice. So no it is not a manufacturing error.

  9. but… there still people playing that… childishcasualversionofdiablo2named Diablo 3?

    There are real ARPGs out there, Path of Exile has stats, skill tree, crafting, real progression, real differentiation between characters. Grim Dawn also has mods, a large sandbox made with attention to each detail, challenging enemies, useful crafting, and mods…

    Diablo is the past, the saga ended in Diablo 2, the three was a scam, simply, a scam, that was not Diablo anymore, just a casual pad game, you were scammed but still believing you are playing "a Diablo game", poor casuals…

  10. I think it is related to Diablo, making a reference of the Act 6, because 1 + 1 + 4 = 6. So it will probably be a new expansion for Diablo III.

  11. Diablo has 6 letters, there have been 3 diablo games, 6 divided by 3 is 2, there a 2 in 20, this is diablos 20th anniversary, in 2017 it will have been 5 years since diablo 3, 20 divided by 5 is 4. D is also the 4th letter in the alphabet. Diablo 4 confirmed!

  12. my biggest issue is honestly that the D4 is smaller then normal ones blizzard is kind of stupid to draw attention by saying there d4 is small they always talk about how big and epic shit is because hype is a real seller.

  13. Can someone please tell blizzard the reason Diablo 2 was successful for so many years was the fun pvp and the fact that what you decide on your character mattered, runes, runwords, power leveling. It has re playablility when you have to make a new character to build a different character, and pvping was fun…

  14. My money is riding on a Diablo MMO.
    WoW is too darn old, and its time for them to dominate the MMO worlds again…. so… the universes of Diablo and Starcraft would be the perfect choices. :3

  15. Of course it makes sense, people are looking for things in EVERYTHING and they know the diablo fan base just look back. If they don't do something like this they would lose out. It gets the buzz going, how do you not see that.

  16. I'm going to say it wont happen. Either it wont and I can say ''told ya so'' or it will because I said it wont and I really really want it to happen and if I expect it then it wont happen for sure. Maybe a D2 or D1 remake?

  17. When I look at those two David Brevik's comment -> "For 20 years, Diablo-like games have evolved & surprised us. I'm proud to be the adviser for the game that pushes this genre to new heights." and "There has been a lot of speculation (and hope), but I'm not working on the Diablo franchise currently or in the near future#sorry#muchlove" what I understand is that he already worked on D4 and his job is already done.

  18. Maybe Blizzard is just advertising the date for Blizcon. Was that ever thrown in the mix? Even though the D4 is Diablo-themed, people are "losing their shit."

  19. blizzard nr1 priority is : to make money ! so i rather go like ; been a while since  pple bought game like diablo , i rather think they will get an expansion to have more money , blizzard  in all the time it exist has FAILEd to remove botts and any other programs , in fact they make huge amount of money by banning pple cause they then buy another game to start again farming in blizz!!! so moneywise  i think they need more money  hence a release on the 20y existance of bliz.thx for this vid  love to all. i hope the runes returns , that was fun

  20. Someone at Blizzard has obviously read "Ready Player One" a few too many times; looks like we have some "gunters" here.

  21. The hints make be believe this is Diablo 4 will be announced 11/4 and the small D4 indicates to me it may be a mobile phone game.

  22. Perhaps you looking at this upside down, the guy that guy was fired from blizzard stating "everyone will loose there s**t come 2016" because they might not be making another game, Old blizz north stating they aren't working on a new project but perhaps paying their respect to game title that's been around for 20 years, the dice was handed out pre blizzcon and most likely is just that a date on the dice to state that's when the Blizzcon was held why jump to the conclusion that it means something new rather then stating the time of the event you received the goodies bag. As much as everyone would love a new game this seems more like a funeral then a rebirth considering diablo 3s history!

  23. Its already confirmed that there is more features coming to d3, so u annoying naysayers can stop weaving your no brain theories now. Cyall at blizzcon

  24. I just got my goodie bag in a box today and my d4 does not have the same mistake. I think either it was an error which is interesting it was only the 1's and 4's because it does match with the blizzcon date. Or it was intentional and meant for Rhykker and possibly for other youtubers.

  25. Blizzard benifits alot from such a conspiracy: Cheap marketing. It makes people talk about it. How does Blizzard benifit from the hidden hints within overwatch? Cheap marketing/"Content". Not saying it can not be a printing error but I guess this would be something Blizzard does to hype people and make them buying their game/virtuall Blizzcon ticket.

  26. Hey Rhykker, I found a yellow pack in campaign mode and the boss was named Rhykker, I have ss if you would like to see. Pretty cool blizz added that.

  27. Just watching this video for the first time, gotta say I'm very sad that this marvelous fabrication was just a fabrication 🙁

  28. Well I watched and know abt it late. But if I had watched it earlier my thoughts would be I would believe blizzard intentionally hid the clue. As for the"benefit" thingy, it does not need to be one, cause its just fun for blizz to do it, and see if people can decipher it. Like some men just want to watch tristram burn.

  29. Anyone seen the movie 23? You can manipulate numbers to mean anything you want. Conspiracy theorists are ridiculous. It's never as complicated as you make it out to seem.

  30. i would not take this too heart… just like diablo 2 announcement that was being announced every year for about 10 year it was pretty comical i bet Blizzard **hey we are announcing d2 release date late 1998 **Diablo Fans lose their minds – yay!! **Blizzard sorry, we need to push back the release date…

  31. Why "conspiracy"? Its a plain obvious marketing trick.
    Yes, we will get D4. D3 sold well and AB likes profit.
    This isnt brain surgery.

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