Dice Games : How to Play Craps & Win

If you want to go to Vegas and make some money
at the crap table. My name is Dean Hale and
I’m going to teach you how to win at craps.
Craps is a game where if you roll as the shooter
comes out and shoots and he rolls a seven
or eleven you win. But there’s also other
ways to win at craps. There’s a pass line,
and if you put the money on the pass line
and the shooter rolls a seven or an eleven,
you win automatically. Unfortunately if they
roll two, three or twelve you lose. Now what
you are going to want to do is the safest
way to hedge your bet in craps is to try to
have your money on three different numbers.
So what you are going to do is you are going
to put money down on the pass line, and if
they roll a seven or eleven great you win.
Take the money off and you can bet again.
If they don’t and they hit their point or
say they roll an eight and that’s their point,
you want to put some money on the come out
line. So that’s going to give you a better
chance to hedge your bet. What you are going
to want to do is eventually have money on
three different numbers. This takes down the
casino advantage to it’s lowest point. That’s
the easiest way to try to win some money at
craps, is to minimize the casino’s advantage.
So pass line, if they don’t hit their seven
eleven initially, try to get it on the come
out line, your money on two different numbers
so you can minimize the casino’s advantage.
My name is Dean Hale and I’ve just given you
the best advice you can get about winning
at craps.

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

  1. this guy is smarter than most. his advice is accurate and u wont have the advantage but u will be more likely to win than if u play any other way. most of the teachers of craps on youtube try to sell u on sure wins. they are full of shit. like he says play the passline with full odds and 2 come bets u will not have the advantage but u will lose less over the long run. if someone promises a win they are liars or cheaters.

  2. out of all the videos i have watched, this is by far the most important. Its clear,to the point and addresses the exact thing you should do.

    Buying numbers is dumb, field bets are dumb… pass line max odds with 1 to 2 come bets with max odds, Even if everyone on the table looses everything. You will nearly break even. If everyone wins.. then so do you.

  3. Wow, this guys an idiot! You can tell he doesn't really know what he's talking about! That was the most uninformative thing I've ever heard! Once they have a point, try to get on the come line, lol! It's as if they have it blocked or something! Comments like that show how little you know about the game

  4. If one were to walk into a casino and bet 3 numbers(place bets) over an extended period of time..they will lose their ass, eventually! Since overtime you can only expect 'like' 2.5 numbers(place bet kind) per each seven thrown! Not too many dice players understand this. If it were true what you said..the casino would have to shut their doors..they'd go broke! Sure you can win over a short time period (or long)by hitting numbers..but there is no way of knowing when to get out or when to be on!!

  5. I normally go place bet 6-8, with money on the pass line and odds. I usually do well, but I've been looking into and practicing this strategy. Overall it's a pretty good strategy, but what he doesn't tell you is very important- MAX BET YOUR ODDS. If you go on a streak, you will be up a few hundred dollars before you know it, and don't have more than 3 numbers, including the pass line, being played at one time.

  6. OMG! Another bad Craps video.

    The "come out line?" Not using proper terminology is a dead give-away you don't know what you're talking about.

    Yes you do want the lowest house advantage, which is why you should bet the Don't Pass/Don't Come and lay maximum odds. THAT is the lowest house advantage.

    Every casino video I have seen by ExpertVillage is awful!

  7. you better take full odds on each bet or you are better off with place bets. If you take 5 flat with 10 odds on the 5 or nine it will pay 20 while a 15 dollar place bet pays 21 dollars, This is the same all the way along the line 4 & 10, 5 w/ 10 pay 25 dollars while a place bet of 15 pays 27. You are able to take place bets down at any time too, which is an added advantage.
    Also, it doesn't have to hit twice to get paid. Imho you are better off figuring 3 numbers and placing them

  8. I am a dealer and i don't think that was the best advice people can get. fro people who haven't played craps b4, this tells them nothing. sorry bro!

  9. First you say, if no 7/11, then THREE different numbers…then you turn around and say, if no 7/11, then TWO different numbers. Obviously, this is not "second nature" to you, so I'm skeptical of any advice from you…..

  10. I lost my kids college fund after this. My wife divorced me, I owe a debt to the casino, I am wanted in the state of florida! You ruined my life!… Nah, Im just joking. LOL

  11. I've been playing craps for about 20yrs and I can tell this guy has never spent much time playing the game. Geez I should make a video.

  12. omg you dumb noobs. Just do Place bets and get a good pressing system this is the only way you will kill a house edge. Everything else is dog shit.

  13. It doesn't take down the casino advantage; it takes down your variance, so you last at the table longer, but in the long run you will lose more if you bet more.

  14. spirit1600  You are so wrong. The overall average loss to the house on a game consisting of $5 bet with $10 odds is 0.606%.  The loss on a game consisting of placing the 4/10 is 6.67%.  Loss on 5/9 is 4.00%.  Loss on 6/8 is1.52%.

    The pass/come or (dontpass/don't come) is ALWAYS a better bet then any place bet. You can easily demo that fact with a little basic math, and/or experience.

    None of these are even close to a game of pass with odds.  This also points out how really hideous is the typical place bet strategy

    The fact that you can remove place bets at any time is meaningless — it is totally impossible to determine an occasion that it becomes advantageous to remove your place bet. (hell, it would be most advantageous to remove everything and never return, because you are not going to make an overall profit at this game)

    The fact that you must hit twice is also completely meaningless.  It is exactly as easy to hit my line bet with odds as it is to hit the same number placed  — it doesn't matter that the number has been hit 1 or 100 times previously. These are random events — the past has no bearing upon the present or the future.

    You are immersed in gamblers fallacy

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