Dice Games : Rolling Yahtzee Dice

Are you a board gaming enthusiast? My name
is Dean Hale, and let me teach you, how to
roll Yahtzee Dice. To roll Yahtzee Dice, you
have five dice. You put them in a cup, you
shake them up, and you roll the dice. Now,
in Yahtzee, you want to use your combination
of your five dice, in any way possible. You
could try to get five of a kind, which would
actually be Yahtzee. You could try to get
a straight,which would be a one through a
five, or you could get the total number of
the dice. You get up to three rolls in each
Yahtzee turn, so if you liked what you rolled
the first time, I had two fives. I’m going
to put them aside, and I’m going to take the
other three, and put them back in the cup.
I’m going to roll those again, and see what
I get. I have two ones. I’m going to put those
aside, and I’m going to roll the last dice
and see what I get. I rolled a one. I have
three ones and two fives. That’s a full house,
so I can take that on my Yahtzee scorecard,
and I can put down that I hit the full house.
It’s a very simple game, a very fun game to
play. My name is Dean Hale, and you just learned
how to play Yahtzee Dice.

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  1. I'm a board game enthusiast! Thanks for asking Dale. Is there any way you can maybe chug a monster or something before your next video? i think i got bed sores from watching this.

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