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Dice Hospital Final Thoughts

Dice Hospital Final Thoughts

hey everybody final thoughts time for dice Hospital Oh before I get to those I feel like I should apologize I’m if you hurt one of those types who likes to post on YouTube and point out all the places where really shouldn’t you have done this at this point because you would have scored five more points or whatever please understand I did not play very well particularly for Jen I’ve made some really bonehead moves but you gotta understand when you’re watching a-rod it runs through all I’m trying to do is give you an idea of what the game feels like to play not trying to teach you high strategy I’m not serving playing very smart sometimes I’m just making moves just show off features rather than you know try to score the most points and sometimes I’m just a dummkopf and I definitely was here but you know what that’s kind of credit to this game because on the surface it just looks like a cheery bright colorful gateway game and make no mistake this is a gateway game you could easily teach anybody how to play this game and I think the subject matter of saving lives in a hospital is you know pretty universally compelling particularly when those lives are bright a charming little dice and you know you got this little hex board of a hospital it builds up over time and you’ve got the really nice uh you know inviting art on the specialist cards and you’ve got really cool little medical meeples that have a little syringe and a little pill bottle so the presentation is great I think would pull anybody in and the game is so simple a draft to get some patients and then just decide where you’re sending your specialist and your your hospital staff to heal them as best you can it says very clearly what all the pieces do the more people you heal the more points you score if anybody dies you lose points that’s it but what’s really interesting about this game is well it starts with the draft itself because well obviously you’re gonna get you know either a lot of people who are almost dead a lot of people who are almost ready to check out because they’re so healthy or somewhere in between and you might think the simplest strategy and to be sure it is is just always go for you know one of the slower ambulances because I’ll bring these people in and I’ll just check them out and I’ll just score points but every turn you’re getting three new people in your hospital if you’re checking out everybody every turn that means you’re scoring what I think four points every round yeah checking out three people is four points that’s okay over eight rounds but what you really want to be doing is going for sicker people people who are death because while it takes longer for them to check out if you focus on them so they work their way up to being ready to check out and then they’re right next to your other people ready to check out then you check out everybody all at once that’s when the points really start coming in you know you know five people discharged gets you eight eight people just start to get you 17 nine people discharged if you have three-quarters of your beds already everybody at fours and fives and you’ve got the right personnel and you can get them all out so you can do nine people discharged in one turn that’s 21 points and that’s huge you pull that off a couple times you’re probably gonna win the game while somebody else is just very dutifully oh I’ll just check out I’ll just bring in three almost um fully cured people and I’ll check them out every round I’m just going for points every turns so that’s when the game really starts getting interesting because it becomes more of an interesting puzzle of how do i balance the synchronicity of the treatment of all my patients so that I can get a big check out all at once cuz that’s really key and the fact that each room can only be used once but you can start doing clever like combo chains of okay well I’ll heal this person so they’ll go from you know a 2 to a 3 because then that means I can actually do them again in imaging but oh wait I don’t have another guy I really want them to be green because if I use the green guy then I’ll get that bonus and they’ll pushing the rest away okay so I’ll use a blood so I’ll turn them from yellow to green and you know I mean there’s lots of very cool interesting stuff because then once they get up to a 5 now I can activate the thing that is the straight so I’ll hit them and the other two that kind of stuff is fun very very nice and compelling and again it feels great when you pull off a really big save like that so the game definitely encourages you to take the sick people because it gives you a lot more opportunity but it gives you more problems as well as you only have 12 beds and if you get to the point where you can’t take anybody in then people that are already in the bed start dying to make room for the new ones and you start losing points but it’s okay to lose a few points here and there if you’re going for one of those really big super high scores which you are really only gonna be able to do if you basically don’t bring in the really sick people so all that stuff works well and I mean it does create an interesting puzzle every round turn after turn of what is best order to use the guys based on what new upgrades I’ve gone or should I dump these upgrades cuz I don’t need them anymore so I can get some more blood that gives me more flexibility it’s a sharp game very enjoyable but and like said circling back around also a great gateway I could definitely play this game with my parents um you know or I mean let’s say let’s say ten I have no idea you know what what a good age for kids is but this is definitely one that I think a wide range of players could play and honestly I think I’d rather play this with muggles and Ticket to Ride just because the theme comes to life and you’re doing something cool and exciting and dramatic you’re not just you know playing rummy and putting trains on board now think your own ticket to ride it’s a great game too but I’m just saying dice Hospital a fantastic little gateway very very enjoyable and like I said right in front on Kickstarter right now you can get that I a hug to go check out the Kickstarter page and that’s it folks thanks for watching have a very very nice day talk to you later so long clear bye bye

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  1. I think you do an awesome job Richard!! Don’t let people frustrate you with their comments. Some people are just negative people and you can’t change them.

  2. Don't apologize for backseat drivers Richard. I can barely play a game much less film and multitask like you do. 👍🏻
    Like the game Village did Jen have any problems with dice "dying"?

  3. BGG lists that you have 1000 reviews now, is that accurate? If so, congrats on the milestone!! If not, darn you're still great, love the videos and podcast!

  4. Dude, never apologise for your play through style. You are the most entertaining reviewer on the interweb. Keep up the good work.

  5. Don't worry about moves and doing the best each turn. Good to see what happens in different situations. Rules mistakes however…. you can edit.  🙂

  6. Hey Richard, you had no frustration playing this game ? I regret a lack of interaction with other players. I had the feeling to play alone… there's not a lot of interaction between players except the choice of the emergency truck.

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