DIY PLINKO Board Game Challenge

This is PLINKO Board Game
Make 3 sheets of the shape as shown
.. and bottom
Place a piece of cardboard at the top with 2cm height
Place the middle sheet
Make way for the balls, as shown
Place another such piece of cardboard at the top with height of 2 cm
Finally, glue the top layer.
Make holes to make the game more difficult
Cover the boundaries as shown
Make grooves for storing your points as such
Take a 4cmx4cm carboard and cut a 1cm radius circle exactly in the middle
Attach rubber band to a bamboo stick
and glue it to the carboard piece
Add a wall to not let the balls fall off into the collector.
Place bamboo sticks at places to make it more challenging
Player 1 in the arena
Total points scored by Player 1: 110
Player 2’s chance
Player 2: 120
Player 2 wins!

Author Since: Mar 11, 2019

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