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– I didn’t study. Hi, I’m Jenn McAllister, I’m
about to take a pop quiz. I have no idea what it’s about
so this could be interesting, let’s do it. I have major test anxiety right now. Video games, oh no. Okay listen, I could be good at this and I could also be awful at this. I’m an only child so I
played a lot of video games growing up. But I am also not a gamer. I know video games is like such a niche and people are so into that. Wow, I really feel like I’m
in high school right now. Okay, what is the current
best-selling video game of all time: A, Minecraft; B, Tetris; C, Super Mario Brothers; D, Wii Sports. Okay I feel like it could be any of these. I think Minecraft is the
most popular game right now. I feel like it might be
C, Super Mario Brothers just ’cause it’s such a huge franchise. You know what, that would make sense because it’s probably
the oldest game on here. That’s probably just duh okay, whatever. So far I’m failing. What is the highest level a
player can reach in Pac-Man? A, 100; B, 256, that is so specific. I feel like it’s not B, or is it? C, 999; or D, 1000? I feel like it’s either C or D. Wait, 1,000 levels of
Pac-Man, that’s kind of a lot. I have no idea, I have
no idea, I don’t know. Um, I’m gonna say C. When in doubt C, right? That’s what I learned in
high school, okay C right? It’s B? Wait 256, why? That is so random. You know what, I really suck. Okay, match the phrase with the video game it originated from. This is a doozy because
I don’t just pick one. I have to literally do all of this. A, Do a barrel roll; B, I
took an arrow to the knee; C, Finish him; D, You
have died of dysentery. Literally I have no idea
you guys, I have no idea. I haven’t played any of these. Wait no, I’ve played Oregon
Trail and D goes there. Okay I haven’t played
the rest of these games. But I used to play Oregon
Trail in elementary school. So I think C goes with Skyrim. I’m gonna say do a barrel
roll is Mortal Kombat. I took an arrow to the knee is Star Fox. Honestly I really have no idea. That’s it? Well I got one right, I got one right. Rank the following video
game companies from oldest to newest. Okay, Sega, Atari, Nintendo,
Capcom, Namco? Namco? Jesus, are you serious? All right I know like
Sega and Atari are old. All of these are pretty
old, they’re all old. I literally thought these two
were the same game company. Now that I’m seeing
them next to each other I’m like okay, I guess they’re different. I’m gonna have to just
take a really wild guess because I have no idea. I’m just stalling. I’m gonna say Atari is
the oldest, two is Sega. Maybe this Nintendo has
probably be around for a while. Everyone just keeps looking away from me when I look at them, okay. I don’t know really much about this one. I’m just gonna put four, I skipped three. I’ll do Capcom the three, five Nintendo. Okay I lost. Oh my God. I got one right. It could be going worse so all right. SNES stands for Super
Nintendo blank System. Oh my God, oh my God,
electronic, entertainment? I’m just gonna say that, or electronic. All right what is it? I got it right? Yes. Whoo, finally. Ooh I know this one. Which of the follow sports
has not been the subject of a Mario spin-off? A, soccer; B, tennis; C,
lacrosse; or D, basketball? Well there’s definitely a Mario soccer and definitely a Mario tennis. And I’m pretty sure
there’s a Mario basketball. Mario lacrosse, really guys is that real? I think it’s lacrosse has
not been a Mario game, right? Yes, I actually haven’t played
Mario basketball, though. I’m not gonna lie. Call of Duty came out
before Medal of Honor. True or false? Call of Duty’s like a
whole series of games that I feel like has
been around for a while. What’s Medal of Honor? I’m gonna say true. Oh, okay. (laughing) I had literally a 50-50 chance. Okay this is not English to me right now. Trent Reznor of Nine Inch
Nails created the soundtrack for which of the following video games? Quake, Doom, Metroid, Halo? I legitimately have no idea. I don’t even know what the game Quake is, but I’ve heard of the other three. So that’s a start. Doom is like a really
scary game, I feel like. Is this a scary song? Does Halo even have a soundtrack? Do any of these games have soundtracks? One of them must. Okay, I’m gonna say Halo just
because it’s a popular game. Oh, it was the game I
didn’t know and I would have never picked it because I didn’t know it. I just would have never. Okay I’m really sweating
here, really sweating. I think I have an F, I think I have an F. Which of the following 80s action stars inspired the Mortal Kombat
character Johnny Cage? I have no idea. A, Arnold Schwartzenegger;
B, Sylvester Stallone; C, Carl Weathers; D,
Jean-Claude Van Damme. I don’t even know who Johnny Cage is. He looks pretty buff. I mean they all are, but
specifically this picture which I wonder if that’s like a fake out. I’m gonna guess D. I got it right, yeah! Wow, luck was on my side. Rank the follow games
from oldest to newest. Another one of these. This is gonna be awful. Donkey Kong, Pac-Man, Mario Brothers, Street Fighter, Mortal Kombat. All of these games are old. I’m gonna say Street
Fighter is maybe the oldest? No one’s helping me here, this is awful. Normally you’d have someone
to cheat off of, right? Um I’ll put Pac-Man, two. Feels like a very simple game. I’m gonna do Mario Brothers, three, because I feel like I’d put that last, like it’s the newest one. But I feel like it might trick me. Four, five. Four, Donkey Kong; five, Mortal Kombat. It’s wrong. I got two right? Okay well it could be worse. Me throughout this
entire video just saying it could be worse. Which video game-based film
received major backlash from fans? I know the answer to this. I don’t even have to finish the question. But I’ll finish the question. Received major backlash from
fans for its character design prompting the studio to
push back the release and rework the visual effects? A, Sonic the Hedgehog; B, Angry Birds; C, Super Mario Brothers; D, Warcraft. Sonic the Hedgehog. Everyone bullied the
studio until they redid it. Which of the following
celebrities have appeared in a video game? Kiefer Sutherland, 50 Cent, Jimmy Kimmel, Jimmy Fallon, Jack Black, Kanye West, Stephen Colbert, Keanu Reeves. Okay, Kanye West could be
in Kim Kardashian’s game, her iPhone game. Or he could not be because maybe he’s like I don’t want to be in that. I’m gonna say that he is in it. I feel like 50 Cent is in some
sort of video game somewhere. I don’t know what game. Jimmy Kimmel and Jimmy Fallon, that’s so random both of them. Are they really in video games? So I’m gonna put Keanu
Reeves ’cause I feel like Stephen Colbert really, what game? Dammit, this is so hard. (laughing) This is so hard. I’ll put Jack Black in a video game, too. Honestly like you never really
know what celebrity is it. I feel like some celebrities
do the most random things in their careers. Maybe I should put one of the Jimmies. Kiefer Sutherland, I don’t know. I forget all the talk show hosts. So I have Kiefer Sutherland,
50 Cent, Jack Black, Kanye West, Keanu Reeves. I left out all the talk show hosts. Really, so Kanye’s not in a video game? Okay, I did maybe think he
was like leave me out of that. That is so, I was so close. I did say I wanted to
put one of the Jimmies. Okay so what did I get, an F? I didn’t study, I thought
it could go either way. Again, I’ve played like
a lot of video games but the type of games
that I’ve played are like Nintendo games, the
Sims, so yeah I got an F. I’m really sad about
it, really sad about it. So I obviously didn’t do too well on this quiz. But let me know how you
guys did in the comments down below and make sure to
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