– Hey we’re tuned in from France. – Welcome to a GCN show. – Welcome, to the GCN Show. – He’s back. This week, we are asking the question, just how bad is alcohol
for cycling performance? – And we’ve got an exclusive
look at the all-new 3T Exploro. – Not only that, we have got one to give away to one very lucky viewer. Plus, we’ve got a very
exciting announcement to make about our videos coming up
over the next couple of weeks. – And we’re celebrating Pi day. – And tech of the week, which
means we get to eat pie. – No, pi, like the number pi. – Pie. (upbeat music) (crowd cheering) – This week in the world of cycling, we learned that we at GCN are
as bad as we’ve ever been, at making predictions. – Or maybe, Dan, we just
learned that Milan-San Remo is still very hard to predict. – [Dan] Yeah that’s the one. – We also learnt that gravel
bikes are here to stay, and that they might end up looking very different to road bikes. – Yeah, very different, don’t they. Very different to anything
out there obviously. And finally, this week we learnt, or at least I did, that Belgium, well they make some
fantastic beers don’t they? – [Tom] All these years, and you just learned that last week? – True, I was really reminded of how good the Belgian beers are last week
because Matt and I were over in the Flanders region of Belgium, doing some content for the
Cobbled Classics campaign, which is upcoming, and each evening, we had a beer or two, to relax,
and that got us discussing, just how bad is alcohol for
our cycling performance. – I do like a good creamy head. – Same here. – Before we take a deeper dive
into this subject though Dan, let’s just clear up that
what we’re not talking about is drinking and then riding drunk, or drinking and then riding, that’s something that
we don’t condone at all. But what we actually
wanna have a think about, is what’s the effect
of occasional drinking, on your athletic performance. Will it slow you down in effect? – Well I for one, am not
riding as fast as I used to, and I am drinking a little
bit more than I used to. So perhaps the proof is in the pudding. – You know I don’t think
we should boil it down to one factor, Dan, you know
there are others at play. Age, you’re training less. – Can’t be that nasty,
viewers might’ve missed it, but I’m not sure I did. – Well I’m sorry, but
not really that sorry. I think though Dan I can speak for us both when I say that we each
enjoy the occasional beer in an evening.
– Very true. – Or a nice glass of red
wine or something like that. So the question is, is
that slowing us down? – Well, there is no doubt
that there’s nothing quite like an ice cold beer for me, after I’ve finished a
long hot summer’s ride, but maybe I am in denial
about it’s effects. – You could well be, Dan,
because the list of detriments of the effects of alcohol is very long. Firstly, despite being rich
in calories alcohol effects your body’s ability to
convert glucose into glycogen, because your body prioritises
getting rid of the alcohol toxins rather than performing
that other important task. Secondly, alcohol also
takes priority in your body, which means that if you’ve
been eating fatty foods, which people are occasionally known to do when they have been drinking, your body will prefer
the alcohol as it’s fuel, meaning that you’ll store
the fatty foods as fat. Goodness knows how we look
so amazing, really, Dan. – Good genes, us I think, good genes. The list definitely does not
end there though does it. Alcohol is also a very
well known diuretic, which means that you need
to go to the loo more, which in turn affects
your sleep, which in turn, affects your body’s ability to
produce human growth hormone, which is a key component for
muscle repair and growth. Likewise, it can also reduce
your body’s testosterone levels and protein synthesis which
are also key components, for that muscle reparation. And on top of all of that, it also reduces your blood plasma volume. That means that your heart is
always having to work harder, which is why when you get back
from a big night on the town, and lay your head on the pillow, your heart rate sounds
about the same as if you were riding up Mont Ventoux. – [Tom] There’s no good news is there. – Not really. I still haven’t even finished yet. There’s also the fact
that in an alcoholic drink there is very rarely anything
that is any good for us, at all and not only that,
but it also can effect our absorption of some
key nutrients and vitamins that we get from the rest of our diet. It’s terrible Lasty, have
you got any good news? – I’ve got one bit of good news, Dan. It’s tenuously linked, I’m not sure it has any direct link to cycling performance, but a Dutch study found that
moderate red wine drinkers, bit of a tongue twister there actually lived on
average, five years longer than their abstinent counterpart. – That is good news, not
gonna make us any faster on that bike though is it? – No it’s not, I’ve got one
other piece of news Dan. – Yeah. – I feel like this one might
be damning with faint praise, which says that low alcoholic drinks aren’t detrimental to re-hydration. – [Dan] When you say low,
what are we talking here? – Two percent. – Two percent, that’s nothing, when does it become detrimental? – It becomes detrimental at four. – Four percent.
– Yeah. – Duvel is twice that. Ah, Duvel. – Yeah, so there really
are very few benefits to consuming alcoholic drinks, and alcohol is basically quite
bad, forward slash, very bad, for your cycling performance
and for your general health. – Yeah. – So, if you must consume alcohol, you are probably best to limit
it to a couple of drinks. – Yes, the evidence really is
quite irrefutable isn’t it. I guess though, the one thing
we might be able to say, is that there could be a slight negative psychological effect,
to complete abstinence. I mean what the experts
are basically saying is to be sensible with
your alcohol consumption, just as you should be sensible
with the rest of your diet. – Yeah I think the abstinence point and the negative psychological affects regarding dietary stuff
is quite interesting, because if you are so focused on, well we gotta talk about your
cycling goal its the GCN Show, if you’re so focused on that,
that you cut out anything that you believe to be
even marginally negative in this pursuit of marginal
gains and ultimate victory, I dunno personally I
found that that approach never really benefited me that much, I was much better, I was much happier, if I was socialising
and seeing my friends, which might’ve meant me not drinking even if we’d met at a pub,
and I found that by cutting that out I was a less happy person, and therefore not as fast a cyclist. – Yeah, I see where you’re coming from. There were points in my
career where I tried to be 100% healthy in everything
that I consumed, be it alcohol or cakes or
crisps or anything else, but generally I would
then crack, completely, after two or three weeks,
and have a complete binge, whereas if I allowed
myself every so often, to have something which
wasn’t great for you, I was generally alright for
an entire year at a time. Anyway, interesting thoughts,
we’d like to hear yours, if you can leave them in the
comments section just down below, how has alcohol affected
your riding the next day? It also seems like quite
an apt time, Lasty, to thank regular GCN
commenter Michael McDermott, for sending through 15
lovely Belgian beers, that we are now quite reluctant to drink. – Thanks Michael. We’ve got some very, very, exciting news, great news for all of you
Cobbled Classics fans, because between this Thursday, all the way out to Paris-Roubaix, we are gonna be running extended features on the Cobbled Classics
on GCN and GCN tech. – Yes, so you can look forward to videos such as a tyre weather test,
or a tyre pressure test, where we ride the last 100
kilometres of Paris-Roubaix, we find the five hardest
cobble climbs in Flanders, we’ve got a Tour of Flanders preview show, we’ve got a Paris-Roubaix preview show, and plenty more and it all
kicks off as Lasty says, this coming Thursday where
Matt’ll be explaining, what the Cobbled Classics are all about. – Here’s a quick preview. (upbeat rock music) That’s my favourite part
on the cycling calendar. – Yes, you’ve got to love the
Cobbled Classics haven’t you? And to go with this new theme
for the next couple of weeks, we’ve got a brand new logo,
and also, brand new t-shirts with said logo, which
you can find right now on shop.globalcyclingnetwork.com. There’s gonna be a link up
there on screen and of course, there’s a link down in
the description as well. – It’s now time, for cycling shorts. – We would like to start our
cycling shorts this week, by sending a huge congratulations from GCN to Lizzie and Philip Deignan. Last week, they announced
that they are expecting their first child this coming September. – Yeah amazing news. Obviously Lizzie is gonna sit out the rest of this cycling season, but
she says she’s gonna return in 2019 and 2020 with her aim being to win the world championships in
her home county of Yorkshire. – Can you imagine the cycling
genes that kid’s gonna have? Wow, anyway moving on,
a recent study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine, which, in our ranking of journals
is probably right at top, isn’t it, number one, we do
like reading that most days. Anyway this study showed
that riding and cycling is actually good for
women’s sexual health. – [Tom] The study, which surveyed over 2,000 female cyclists, showed that cycling doesn’t
have a detrimental affect on sexual function and found
that those who cycled the most, had better function than those who didn’t. – Hmm, interesting stuff. Now you know that we
do love a concept bike over here on GCN and this pi
bike, really caught our eye. The bike was designed to celebrate pi day, which was on the 14th of
March, and it is shaped, well it’s the symbol pi basically, but it is still fully
functional, and I’m quite a fan, I think that’s a very
interesting concept bike. – Yeah I think interesting is probably the best word for it then. Now, Velon, who’s aim is to
make professional bike racing more interactive, entertaining and also just to provide more information, have welcomed seven new partner teams. – Yeah they have, one of
those is a World Tour score, the South African team, Dimension Data. But they also brought six
professional Continental teams into the fold as well,
and what that means, is more rider data and
more onboard camera footage for us in 2018 and beyond. – Now as you will all likely know, the Cobbled Classics season is
about to get into full swing, but before Gent-Wevelgem
this coming Sunday, New Zealand under-23
chamption, James Fouche, lay a wreath at the Menin Gate. – Yeah, that race in particular actually has a lot of history
surrounding it, doesn’t it, because it passes through
towns such as Ypres and Mesen which saw some of the worst
scenes from World War II. And actually New Zealand, in particular, lost a lot of troops in
that particular area, including some of the New
Zealand Cycling Corps. – [Tom] This commemoration
is now an annual event for riders from New Zealand,
which I think is a great thing. – [Dan] Definitely, yeah. – We’re gonna finish
cycling shorts now, Dan, with a check-in from Omar Di Felice. You might remember he was
trekking across Iceland when we last saw him. – Where is he now? – Well, he’s just
completed his ride across the Arctic highway in Canada. – [Dan] Yeah, apparently
he’s the first rider ever to do so, and if you
look at his Strava file, a total 1,380 kilometres over 10 days, with a total of 60 hours ride time. And some of the photos
that he got from his trip, are really quite incredible. Not least this picture
of the Northern Lights. It might’ve been minus 23 degrees C, but it looks like it was worth it. – [Tom] That’s amazing. Tech of the week now, and it is the moment you’ve all been waiting for. It’s your chance to win an
amazing gravel bike frame set. – It is, it is the 3T Exploro, which has just received a new update. And it’s that updated
version which you have a chance to win here through GCN. Now the Exploro was first
released back in mid-2016, and it’s a bike that is
designed to be capable of taking off-road sections,
whilst also being super fast, when you’re on the road. – How, you might ask? Well, it’s an incredibly
versatile frame set. So you can choose to use 700C
wheels, probably with slick, so you’ll prefer cyclo-cross type tyre, or you can opt for 650B wheels, and go for tyres with a larger volume. – And the aerodynamics,
well that all comes from the Sqaero technology which is
used on a number of tubes. And that is designed
to make this bike fast, in real-world conditions
where you can get muddy, and you’re probably going slower, as opposed to just wind-tunnel conditions, which are generally quite perfect. And the claims really
are quite impressive. So a 3T Exploro complete with
40 millimetre knobby tyres, two bottles, and covered in mud, is aerodynamically faster
than the equivalent round-tube road bike with 28 millimetre tyres, completely clean and without any bottles. – Impressive stuff, and like we said, 3T have updated the frame set, so it’s now called the
Exploro Limited, LTD, and, they’ve changed it, so previously it had post mount brakes, it
now has flat mount brakes. They’ve also tweaked the
carbon lay-up of the frame, which has saved 50 grammes. At the front end, on the
fork, they’ve added integrated brake mount and again,
tweaked the shape of that, making it sleeker and more aerodynamic, which saves 25 grammes. – It’s an impressive prize isn’t it, and one of you is going to get
your hands on this frame set, but not just the frame
set, they will also receive a 3T Apto superstealth Stem, and a 3T SuperGhiaia,
superstealth set of bars, all you need to do to
enter, is click on the link which is in the description
below this video. All that leaves us to say, is good luck. – Yeah, quite the prize. (upbeat music) – Saturday’s Milan-San
Remo marked the first of the major one-day events of 2018 and we were treated to a thrilling finale. We’ve covered all of the
race in the raceview show. – Yes we have. This year, more than
any other year I think, there were more voices calling for a change of course at Milan-San Remo. We asked your opinion about this actually, over on our twitter @gcntweet, and 80% or more of you came
back and said leave it as it is. And I am definitely
inclined to agree with you. Particularly, after Vincenzo
Nibali showed on Saturday, that a climber can win Milan-San Remo. – Yeah I absolutely agree with that, because I think what
you need to separate is, a really hard course
producing good racing, and hard racing producing good racing. And hard course and hard racing aren’t always the same thing. – No you can’t predict how
exciting a race is gonna be, from the route profile can you? And as it stands, we have five monuments, two for the Classics hard men
and women over the cobbles, two for the Climbers, Liege and Lombardy, and then one just kind of
in between, it’s perfect. – Yeah I think it’s great. The race was also marred by a
number of quite large crashes. Now despite the length of the race, the riders actually hit
the final two climbs, relatively fresh and
also very close together, there’s usually a big peloton
going into them right, and the riders who suffered the crashes, included Andre Griepel, Simon
Clarke, and Mark Cavendish. So we wish all of them a speedy recovery. – We do, they looked
particularly nasty actually, didn’t they, and actually
the aftermath of this crash, at another race called the
Handzame Classic off in Belgium, was one of those really good
sporting stories I thought. This was a screen grab
from Euro-sports coverage taken by Vital Concept, neither
of the riders involved were from their team, but they
were from two different teams, however both riders involved in the crash helped each other up, shook
hands, and got on their way. – [Tom] Yeah it’s great,
that’s what sports’ all about. – It is, yeah, right back to
San Remo for a few moments. How good was it to see Vincenzo
Nibali take that victory? I for one, did not predict that result. I just thought that the
race was too hard these days for pure climbers. – You actually told
your mate specifically, not to bet on Nibali. – I did, yes, my friend Dean
who texts me the night before, saying he’s a 150 to
one, what do you think? I said well he’s been up there before, but he’s not going to win. (sad trombone impression) So I was obviously in his good books, but I just didn’t think it
was possible, these days, in the modern peloton, for
a climber to be able to make enough of a difference
against the likes of Julian Alaphilippe, Peter
Sagan, Michal Kwiatkowski, all great climbers who’ve
also got a great sprint. – Yeah but Nibali is just
an incredible rider to watch though you’ve touched on, he’s
got great racing instinct, that he’s not afraid to go by, which is good to see, he
is a phenomenal climber and a phenomenal descender to match, all without being too calculating. He’s just a great rider to watch. – He is, he’s right there. Was he on our seven riders
to watch at Milan-San Remo, of course he wasn’t, that’s why he won. It’s time now for hack/bodge of the week. Don’t forget if you would like
to contribute to this part of the show all you’ve got
to do is put your photos up on social media with
the hashtag GCNHack, and the first person who
did that for us last week, was Joff Davies, he cycles every day, and he runs once a week,
he was considering buying a running watch, but as
they’re quite expensive, he decided to just make, basically, a bracket for his wrist
for his wahoo element bolt, which will do the job
perfectly won’t it Lasty? – [Tom] Yeah, that’s a
solid hack for me Dan. – [Dan] Yeah, hack for me as well. Total cost, 15 quid, he says. – Next up, Lewis Donovan, who said, check out the tyre patch I used to replace my laptop’s missing rubber protector. Is this a hack or a bodge? – [Dan] Bodge. – [Tom] Oh I was gonna
side with hack there, I think it’s ingenious, it’s
ingenious at least isn’t it? – [Dan] Yeah, alright, hack. Hack or bodge, it’s in the middle. Alright, next up, from Stewart Akkers, he’s had a broken carbon fibre wheel, but he’s managed to make
three hangers out of it, and on it he’s got a GCN t-shirt, so that’s definitely a hack isn’t it? – [Tom] Definite hack. Next up is Jamie Pocock, who says, my super six with PZracing clip-on bar attached to my Python two,
compact aero drop bars, via custom clamps that
follow the aero profile of the handlebar, where
the bars flare out, and are also moulded to
the bottom of the TT bar, making for perfect fit. So I’m presuming Jamie has
custom made 3-D printed something his brackets– – Well yeah it is very hard
to get anything mounted onto aerobars sometimes, isn’t it, even your head unit can
be a pain if the aero part goes right in the way of your stem, so I say that was a hack. – [Tom] Yeah definite
hack, well done Josh. – [Dan] That’s ridebars
though aren’t they? – Yeah, would we class, they
are those ITU draught legal– – Leave it as a hack anyway. Next up, alright so that’s
so Nathan, Nathan Hibbott, has said, he’s got his hands
on the new Canyon gravel bike, the Grail, rides pretty well,
see what you did there Nathan, but I’m gonna withhold judgement
on this double bar scenario, until I’ve had a chance to ride it myself. – Caption of the week time now, where it’s your chance
to win a GCN waterbottle by Camelback, and Dan, I
think you’ve chosen not one, but two winners this week. – I have yeah, because we
had two very good entries, last week underneath the show. This was the photo, and the
two winners are firstly, Ed Markey, who put, “No
thanks, I’m already two-tired.” And secondly, Gijs Grimbergen, “Kwia, don’t go so fast, I’m
trying to hold your wheel!” I thought they were
both brilliant actually, so well done to both of you, get in contact on Facebook
with your address details, and we’ll get one of
those out to you each. This week, it’s a picture of Tiesj Benoot in the final time show
of Tirreno-Adriatico, shall I get them started Lasty? – You should Dan. – [Dan] That’s got to be an e-bike. – I can’t see you being
beaten with that Dan. – Absolutely terrible, couldn’t
think of anything better, but given your performances last week, I’m sure you lot will, so do your best in the comments section below this video. It is that time of the
show where we read out a couple of our favourite
comments from the past seven days, and we tell you what’s coming
up, over the next seven. – Yeah, so I really
like this comment, Dan, it’s from Nancy Lai, who says, I’m a return viewer, ever
since Emma joined GCN, I literally watch every video
as soon as they upload it. – Mmm, Hizokuto put, I thought
the shot was overexposed until I realised that Emma
is tanned, and Si is waiting for winter to just end already. And in fact we’re still
waiting for winter to end already now aren’t we? It’s absolutely freezing
outside here in the UK. Right, coming up on the channel this week, on Wednesday we have got how
to pace a climb from Emma, so Nancy we know will be watching that as soon as that comes up. – If you’re riding with a
bunch of others, you’ll notice that many people will set
off too fast, and blow up. You alright mate, I thought you went a bit fast at the start eh? – Wait! – And on Thursday, our
Cobbled Classic theme begins, now as mentioned, Matt
is going to be explaining what the Cobbled Classics are all about, and then Friday, a special
Cobble-themed edition of ask GCN anything, so if
you have got any questions that you would like to ask on that theme, leave them below this video. – Part two, on Saturday,
of Emma’s training series, this time Emma’s gonna focus in on fasted training rides for endurance, so I very much look
forward to seeing that. Another one I’m really looking
forward to is Sunday’s video, where we visit a company
called Informed Sports, who test supplement and sports
nutrition brands products, to see if they contain
any banned substances. – [Dan] Yeah, that should
be really interesting. – [Tom] To make sure they don’t. – Monday is of course, a GCN race show, where we wrap up the last
seven days of racing, and then we’re back in the set on Tuesday, for the GCN show. – Episode 272. – Whoa, that’s over five years. We’ve only aged ten. It’s the end of the show and that means, it’s extreme corner time. Now, we’ve got the answers to the question we were all asking ourselves
earlier, did Matt crash? Yes he did. (upbeat rock music) (playful circus music) You just never learned Matt, will he, to ride a bike properly. He was trying to get back
onto the lip of the cobbles and failed, as you can visibly see. But he was alright, and managed
to ride the last 100 k’s of Paris-Roubaix the following day. – As we mentioned back
at the start of the show, we’ve got some very special
content coming for you, all about the Cobbled Classics. And to celebrate that, you
can get a Cobbled Classics t-shirt in the GCN shop,
there’s a link just up there now and down in the description too. – Great second plug there Lasty. Alright well that’s the
end of this weeks GCN show, we’ll be back at the same time next week. In the meantime, if you’re yet to catch up on our free speed video, you can find a load of tips
and hacks just down here. – And to subscribe to
GCN, just hit our logo, which is onscreen right now. Don’t forget to give this video
a thumbs-up and share, too.

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